AS PRESENTED BY MANGA DALIZU at the PVS Board Meeting -- February 8, 2006


This hopefully is a cleaner version of the original draft, and should we choose to do so, can be implemented with little or no modification.

New clubs, as I understand, need a registered coach and an athlete to become charter members, plus the $ 100 registration fee. The existence of member clubs generates its fair share of administrative work. My observation is that a small percentage of clubs contribute consistently and shoulder the majority of the work required within the LSC. Though change won’t happen overnight, I think we can begin the process by establishing, and enforcing, criteria for clubs to become members of PVS. Once a new club receives its charter we need to have criteria for that club to remain a member in good standing. The term, “…in good standing”, appears in many LSC’s By – Laws, yet there is no description of what it takes to be a club in good standing.

Clubs seeking new charters

  1. Registered coach

  2. 10 registered athletes.  NB having fewer than 10 athletes means a club will not be granted a charter.  That club can still be in existence in another form, such as a clinic.

  3. Identify a home base practice facility.

  4. Identify an existing member club, in good standing, to partner with for the clubs initial 18 months.  That club, obviously, has to agree to be a mentor club.  The purpose here is to provide the new club with a direct contact to help with navigating the LSC and its operation.

  5. 1 Stroke and Turn judge by the clubs 2nd year, and 2 S & T judges by the 3rd year.

In good standing. Defined

  1. Clubs must be represented at PVS scheduled meetings. There are currently 3 competition meetings and the annual HOD meeting

  2. Meet entry fees may not be more than 30 days past due.

  3. An active Officials chairperson. This person needs to understand that his / her job is to actively recruit parent volunteers for meets in which their club is participating. This person also needs to actively encourage club members to seek certification.

  4.  The Officials chairperson should attend any meetings scheduled by the LSC, or make arrangements to meet directly with our LSC Officials person.

  5. Appropriate number of certified officials, as determined by club size. Clubs falling below this number (graduation, kids transferring, no longer swimming, etc) will default to the new club requirements to bring this number back up to par.

  6.  PVS has a requirement of 1 timer per every 25 splashes. It needs to be enforced, and non complying teams assessed a fine of $100 per meet violation.

Clubs seeking to renew their membership

  1. Clubs must be in good standing, as defined above, to renew their membership.

  2. New Head Coaches from outside the LSC should be partnered with a Board member to help them learn the inner workings of PVS.

  3. Provide a tentative meet schedule to the Board so that initial logistics can be determined regarding meet management concerns. This should hopefully help our Operations chair get a feel for club participation earlier in the season.

Required officials based on team size.

  1. 2 S & T judges after the 2nd year, 3 after the 3 rd year.

  2. 4 S & T judges for teams with 50 – 100 athletes

  3. 2 S & T judges for every 50 athletes beyond 100.

Required officials at meets

  1. 1 timer per every 25 splashes is the current standard.

  2. 1 S & T judge should be substitution for 2 timers.

  3. 1 table worker should be substitution for 1 timer.

  4. A starter and / or Referee should be substitute for 3 timers.

What are the penalties for non compliance?

  1. A club that is not represented at 3 consecutive PVS meetings will be assessed a $ 500 club reinstatement fee. This fee should be applied to club development / education programs.

  2. Clubs that do not meet their timer requirement for meets will be assessed $ 100 per meet. Clubs that are $ 500 in arrears will not be permitted to enter subsequent meets until those fines are paid. This fee must be paid BEFORE a club can renew its membership.

    Manga Dalizu