AS PRESENTED at the PVS Board Meeting -- November 8, 2006

October 26-28, 2006 

The workshop, which was originally scheduled to start at 5:00 PM on October 26, 2006, was delayed until noon on October 27, 2006 as a result of a major snowstorm that hit Colorado Springs on October 26.  As a result the workshop agenda was compressed.  Originally 35 LSCs had registered at least one attendee but due to travel problems related to the snowstorm, only 23 LSCs made it to Colorado Springs. 

The workshop targeted LSC permanent office type personnel (paid employees or contractors) who are responsible for conducting much of the day-today business of the LSCs as opposed to Board’s of Director’s members who generally devote several hours a month as volunteers to oversee management and operations of the LSCs. 

The primary focus of the workshop was to promote programs offered to LSCs by USAS, particularly in the areas of club development and recognition programs, USAS field services, diversity programs, leadership and business management school, and pool construction consulting services.  

Workshop materials were distributed to attendees in a binder a copy of which is being turned over to Janet Auger.  It is recommended that all PVS Board members review the materials.   

Following are some of the more interesting subjects addressed at the workshop:

1.      Most LSCs conduct their day-to day business through paid employees or contractors.

2.      Some LSCs have permanent office space while others use a “work from home” approach.

3.      USAS strongly encourages each LSC to establish a Diversity Committee with a Diversity Chairman who regularly reports to the LSCs Board of Directors.

4.      Each LSC is encouraged to conduct an annual strategic planning retreat attended by Board members and other important LSC stakeholders. The strategic planning meeting should address LSC strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWAT). 

5.      Club development is an important aspect of LSC management.  LSCs should promote use of USAS conferences, workshops and other training in an effort to facilitate financially strong clubs, competent coaching and managed growth.

6.      USAS will provide extensive pool construction consulting services in situations where the sponsor/owner has a viable business plan for making the facility financially self-sustaining and where the facility meets USAS standards for swimming competitions.

Other interesting information:

1.      There are 5 LSCs in the U.S. with over 1,000 registered athletes.  PVS has two of these, namely RMSC and CURL.  The largest single club is Swim Atlanta with 1,600 athletes.

2.      The full-time Sports Development Director of Indiana Swimming made a presentation on the Indiana Swimming model.  The individual works closely with clubs and coaches to improve club business and program strengths and to promote continuing education of coaches with the objective of achieving a high level of athlete performance.  The individual who fills this position at Indiana Swimming is a former coach/club director but has no specific ties to any club in the LSC.  As a result the individual is viewed by clubs as being independent, impartial and is not viewed as having any incentive to favor one club over another.