The Board by electronic vote initiated on February 15, 2006 APPROVED the following:

Issued a sanction to FISH to host an Age Group LC Meet at GMU (FFX) on June 17-18, 2006.

In addition to the need to sanction all meets involving four or more teams, special authorization was needed since the request involved issuing a sanction on the same date as the PVS LC Distance Meet is being held.

The Board had previously discussed the matter at its January 18, 2006 meeting and voted not to approve the request. It was subsequently discussed again at the February 8th Board meeting. The Board tabled further action on the matter in order to allow additional time for FISH to consult further with the teams that would be most directly impacted since they would be hosting meets immediately prior, during or immediately after this requested meet.

That consultation has now taken place and parties directly impacted have agreed to support the FISH request for a sanction.. FISH has further agreed to attempt to invite as many non-PVS teams as practical and the clubs hosting meets for PVS in proximity to this meet will also be supported in their efforts to invite non-PVS teams in order to minimize any adverse impact from adding this meet to the schedule.

Voting in Favor:  Jim Garner, John Hirschmann, Don Jacobs, Bill Marlin, Don Riedlinger, Bill Stephens, Ron Whalen 

Voting Against:  None

Not Voting:  Frani Hess, Jim Van Erden, Greg York