AS SUBMITTED at the Competition Committee Meeting -- May 16, 2006


MARCH 29- APRIL 2, 2006

Potomac Valley had 92 athletes participate in the 2006 SC Zones.

Potomac Valley placed 2nd overall.

Potomac Valley Girls placed 4th with 414.5 points. Potomac Valley Boys placed 2nd with 492 points.

We had over 90% returns to finals each evening.
9/10 age group placed in top 8- 60% of the results

All relays were placed in finals.

Based on competitionís recommendation at the September meeting. The board approved keeping the zone cost per swimmer to $400.00. The estimated expense that the LSC paid for the trip was $28,500.00. This amount is AFTER the $36,000.00 that was collected by the LSC, bringing the total cost for the trip to $64,500.00.

This trip was considerably higher than Zone trips in the past due to the location of the meet. The cost for the future trips should come down due to the fact that the next 3 zones are in Buffalo, NY.

Potomac Valley has signed a 3 year deal with TYR to outfit the team. The swimmers will be outfitted with 1 suit/ 1 warm-up (per year)/ 2 caps/ 2 shirts/1 water bottle.

Paris Jacobs
Zone Team Manager