AS SUBMITTED at the Competition Committee Meeting -- May 16, 2006


Selection Criteria for PVS Athlete of the Year
(based on point system)

The PVS Athlete of the Year will be selected on the following Criteria and Point System:

1. Their end of season IMX Score.
2. USA Swimming Top 16 - Actual Rank
3. Their event rank with in PVS
4. Meet Qualification
5. Records

IMX Scores:
Top Ten PVS IMX Scores will count.
10 pts will be awarded to the athlete with the top IMX score,…1 pt will be awarded to the athlete with the 10th highest IMX Score.

Top 16 Ranking:
Points will be awarded for 1st thru 16th place based on athletes actual top 16 ranking.
20 pts for 1st, 17, 16,15,14,13,12,11,10,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,
(1 pt will be awarded for a top 16 reportable time that does not make the final top 16)

PVS Event Ranking:
Athletes will be awarded points for each event that they are ranked in the top 10 in PVS.
10 pts for #1 ranking…1 pt for #10 ranking

Meet Qualification:
Athletes will be awarded points for meets they qualify for. The higher the level of the meet, the more points are awarded. Athletes only get points for the highest level meet they qualify for.

13 & Overs:
Olympics – 50 pts
US Nationals / US Olympic Trials – 40 pts
US Spring Champs / US Open – 30 pts
USA Jr. Nationals – 20 pts
Eastern Zone Sectionals – 10 pts

12 & Unders:
PVS Zone team – 15 pts
Sectionals – 10 pts
14 & U JO’s – 5 pts


Per event points:
Top 3 finish is worth 2 pts
4th – 8th is worth 1 point
9-16th is worth .5 pt

PVS Resident or Open Record – 10 pts
NAG – 20 pts
American Record – 30 pts
World Record – 50 pts

Program starts September 1st and ends on Aug 31st of each year.
SCY swims will be considered from Sept 1st 2006 – April 2nd 2007 (or the end of the SCY Eastern Zone Championships
LC swims will be considered from April 1st, 2006 - Dec. 4th, 2006 (or the end of the US Open).

If there is a tie in any age group, two awards will be given.

We hope to have a running list on the web site to generate some interest and to keep it exciting. (Need volunteer to compile results 2-3 times per season)

This list could potentially be updated 1-2 times per season???

Awards will be given out at PVS Age Group Champs & PVS Sr. Champs
(or it could be given out at PVS Oct. Open) Waiting 6 mo. For an award you win seems like a long time to wait.