AS SUBMITTED at the Competition Committee Meeting -- May 16, 2006


May 13, 2006


March 8-11, 2007
Eastern Zone Northern Sectional
Blodgett Pool Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Sponsored by Mass Bay Marlins (NE Swimming)

March 15-18, 2007
Eastern Zone Southern Sectional
Germantown Aquatic Center, Boyds, MD
Sponsored by RMSC (PV Swimming)

March 29-31, 2007
Eastern Zone Age Group SC Championships
Erie County Community College, Buffalo, NY
Sponsored by STAR Swimming (NI Swimming)

*Eastern Zone Supersectional (LC)
July 19-22, 2007
St Mary's College St Mary's City, MD
Sponsored by CBAC (MD Swimming)

*Eastern Zone Age Group LC Championships
August 8-11, 2007
Erie Community College and University of Buffalo
Sponsored by STAR Swimming (NI Swimming)

*Previously Awarded

Long Course Zone Meets
• No changes made

Short Course Zone Meets
• Events Added
Added the 13/14 and 15/18 200 Yd Medley Relay to be swum as the last events on Friday evening. 200 Free Relay moved to first events on Friday evening. (200 Med Relay for 11-12 remains as last event on Sat evening.
• Changes in Order of Events on Day 3
Previously Numbered Events 111-116 (200 fly/100 fly for 11-12) reversed in order of swim with Events 105-110 (100 free/50 free for 11-12) -- in both prelims and finals.
• New Qualifying Times
Qualifying Time to be set for 10/U, 11-12, 13-14 based on faster of 8th place in prelims or last place in finals in prior year. Any LSC having more than two swimmers who all meet this QT may enter all swimmers having this QT. LSC’s are no longer limited to 2 entries per event if all entered swimmers meet the QT. Current rule allowing each LSC to enter two swimmers in each individual event regardless of entry time remains. NFT rule and national meet participation rules remain in effect. Qualifying Time for 15-18 will be set based on analysis of how the above QT's for other age groups compare to T16 Reportable Times.

Long Course Zone Meets
• No changes made

Spring Sectionals
• Spring 2008 Sectionals (both North and South) will be a LCM meet
• Each Section was granted authority in Sept 2005 to set its own time standards starting in March 2007. North adopted tighter standards. South elected to not change their time standards from those used in March 2006.
• Each Section may now set one of two bonus rules: either previous rule (1 get 1, 2 or more get 2) or new bonus rule (1 gets 1, 2 gets 2, 3 gets 1, 4 or more gets 0) North elected new bonus rule, South is staying with previous rule.
• Each Section may adopt one of two rules regarding swimming relays on Sunday: (1) -- retain current rule where fastest 16 (2 heats) swim in finals or (2) adopt new rule where each relay team by Saturday check-in may declare for AM or PM swim. Up to 16 relays per event (based on seed time) will be permitted to swim in PM and all wishing to swim in prelims may do so -- new “Sunday Relay Rule”. Both North and South elected to follow this new rule.

Summer Sectionals
• Supersectional will adopt new “Sunday Relay Rule” effective July 2006.
• Time standards for summer 2007 will be set based on the following objectives:
50's and 100's -- 10 heats
200's and 400's -- 8 heats
800's and 1500's -- 6/7 heats

Approx 70% of swims from LCM times, 30% SCY -- SCM QT's will be set consistent with LCM after adjusting for additional turns.

Sectional Records
EZ Sectional records will be established with an attempt to recognize all swims back to 2001. Records will be maintained for LC and SC meets, however, no separate records will be kept for the North and South Regions.. The March 2004 (and 2008) LC Sectional meets will be considered for LC records.