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Please note:  The swimmers listed below do not have to be swimming in college to be on this list.  This is an evolving document.  PVS Clubs are requested to submit their information periodically to the PVS Administrative Assistant as their PVS Senior high school athletes finalize their decisions.  The list will be updated as new information is received. 

Last updated:  11/21/08

Class of 2008    
Swimmer PVS Team College
Rachel Arzadon MAKO Cleveland State University
Austin Auger MACH Washington College
Carly AullYORKJohns Hopkins University
Annie Beddoe YORK University of Arizona
Laura Benevento CUBU University of Toledo
Kelsey Blair SNOW University of Virginia (Wise)
Sean Bourne CUBU University of Arizona
Derek Bui PM College of William & Mary
Sam Bullard-Sisken RMSC Swarthmore College
Kasey Bushmire OCCS University of Virginia
Kate Chalfant FBST Old Dominion University
Tyler Carlson RMSC United States Military Academy (West Point)
Jon Christensen CUBU Princeton University
Austin Clark SDS University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Chris Clark CUBU University of North Carolina (Wilmington)
Robert Coe RMSC Princeton University
Jack Collins AAC College of William & Mary
Aidan Considine RMSC University of Pittsburgh
Ashley Danner SDS George Mason University
Katherine DeCrosta CUBU Franklin & Marshall College
Tracy DeMocker SDS University of Virginia
Heather Denman FGAC San Jose State University
Laura Dillon CUBU Vanderbilt University
Chris DunckelTIBUUniversity of Miami (Coral Gables)
Molly Emery CUBU College of William & Mary
Daniel EmoryCUBUGeorgetown University
Stephanie Falcone HOYA Loyola College in Maryland
Stephen Fay HACC College of William & Mary
Nicolas Fernandez-Arias SDS Princeton University
Emily Ferguson PM Virginia Tech
Jenna Ferrari FAST East Carolina University
Meghan Fillinger CUBU Marshall University
Jeremy FreedmanCUBUIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Eric Friedland RMSC University of Texas
Melanie Friedrichs SDS Brown University
Matt Friedrichs SDS University of Michigan
Hillary Fritz CUBU University of North Carolina (Wilmington)
Courtney Gaddi FGAC Mount St. Mary's University
Steven Gasparis CUBU University of North Carolina (Wilmington)
Nadine Gibson SDS Virginia Tech
Katie Goins YORK Virginia Tech
Jessica Goodman SDS University of Richmond
Jonathan Gordon RMSC Johns Hopkins University
Carolyn Gray OCCS Pfeiffer University
Michaela Guild FAST York College
Thejs Heath YORK VCU
Emily Heldman TIBU Brandeis University
Taylor Hendley FAST University of Maryland
Michael Hepp RMSC United States Air Force Academy
Hailey Hewitt CUBU College of William & Mary
Mo Hummel PM Virginia Tech
Temara Jordan CUBU Howard University
Katie Kiang RMSC Towson University
Alex Kim RMSC Johns Hopkins University
Octavia Kingsland CUBU Florida A&M University
Matt Krebs CUBU College of William & Mary
Mary Ashley Krogh SDS Savannah College of Art and Design
Shannon Landers CUBU Boston College
Callum Lawson SNOW College of William & Mary
Sarah Levine MAKO Eckerd College
Ryan Lichtenfels CUBU Amherst College
James Lilly FAST Gannon University
Maggie Macedonia AAC Towson University
Morgan Maneely RMSC University of Connecticut
Caitlin Marsilii FISH East Carolina University
Katie Martocci SDS Marymount University
Patrick McCormick CUBU University of Notre Dame
Kelley McGrath MAKO Wake Forest University
Mark Meyer RMSC United States Naval Academy
Scott Miller CUBU Loyola College in Maryland
Lucy Mills  MSSC Lock Haven University
Ross Mills FAST Washington College
Dana Monsees RMSC Middlebury College
Stefan Moore OCCS James Madison University
Kara Morrill RMSC Catawba College
Kelly Murphy RMSC Ithaca College
Helena Nannes SDS Williams College
Suzanne NelsonSNOWBYU (Idaho)
Kenny Newcomer YORK Brown University
Stephanie Nguyen MAKO University of Florida
Billy Norfolk YORK University of Mary Washington
Caitlin O'Brien YORK Virginia Tech
Heather Parmelee HOYA Bucknell University
Timothy Peng RMSC Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Matthew PizerTIBUTowson University
Caroline Plaine ASA Vanderbilt University
Andrew Relihan RMSC University of Maryland
Vanessa Reyes RMSC Towson University
Katherine Richards SDS Brigham Young University
Kasey Richardson RMSC University of North Carolina (Wilmington)
Raymond RielingHACCColby College
Adam RizzoSNOWOld  Domininon University
Mac Routh CUBU Bowdoin College
Katie Russell RMSC Tufts University
Flora Samis HOYA Oberlin College
Erin Schwartz FGAC Washington & Lee University
Robyn Schwartzman ASA Duke University
Suzanne Schwee CUBU University of Alabama
John Segars TIBU Lafayette College
Marty Selgas YORK Virginia Tech
Marshall Severin HACC Christopher Newport University
Sjrsten SiegfriedMAKOMary Washington University
Meghan Silsby MAKO Virginia Tech
David Somers TIBU Kenyon College
Walter Smith YORK Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Cody Solberg SNOW Virginia Tech
Daniel Sologuren ASA University of Maryland
Elena Spak RMSC University of Pittsburgh
Sean Stewart RMSC University of Maryland
Gene SunTIBUUniverseity of Maryland (College Park)
Nic Sung SDS Boston College
Nicholas Swinimer SNOW West Virginia University
Lindsey  SzmczakTIBUCornell University
Sheritta Thomas CUBU Frostburg State University
Bianca ThompsonDCPRUniversity of Maryland
Kevin Thompson SNOW George Mason University
Meghan Thompson MAKO North Carolina State University
Macy Truluck ASA University of South Carolina
Ben Tuben PM Duke University
Max Tyburksi CUBU George Mason University
Christoff Visscher RMSC Hope College
Emily Voreas SNOW University of Virginia
Zach Wheatley AAC University of California at Irvine
SJ Whitcher SDS College of William & Mary
Tim Wingert MAKO Penn State University
Emily Winland CUBU Virginia Tech
Nicole Wright SNOW University of Miami
Yang Yang HOYA Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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but it does not officially endorse any particular recruiting websites.
Ryan Spoon is the owner of beRecruited.com formerly swam in Potomac Valley for for Curl-Burke Swim Club.

NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete

Class of 2007    
Swimmer PVS Team College
Ian Alexander TIBU The Citadel
Mike Allen AAC Virginia Tech
David Allsopp CUBU University of Maryland
Sarah Barham AAC University of Virginia
Cortney Barry FAST University of Delaware
Zach Barone MAKO Potomac State College of West Virginia University
Sarah Bartoletta PM University of South Carolina
Ross Barthold RMSC Washington University
Steven Berry CUBU Harvey Mudd College
Andy Brake CUBU University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Lisa Brooks MAKO Catholic University of America
Cole Brown RMSC University of Rochester
Joseph Bruno OCCS University of Delaware
Meredith Budner RMSC Towson University
Mark Bumiller CUBU Old Dominion University
Daniella Burgos AAC College of William & Mary
Kevin Callanan TIBU Syracuse University
Sam Celotto RMSC Dusquene University
Kellie Chang CUBU Case Western Reserve University
Sally Chang RMSC Swarthmore College
Christine Chuang RMSC Georgia Tech
Michelle Clark PM Washington & Lee University
Stephen Clendenin BWST University of Mary Washington
Lane Cobb FBST University of Virginia
Amy Crider OCCS Virginia Tech
Megan Decker CUBU Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Michael Dickerson CUBU University of Mary Washington
Matt Dietz MAKO University of Mary Washington
Pete Donahue HOYA United States Naval Academy
Stephen Doore FAST Dusquene University
Michelle Dunleavy OCCS Marymount University
Courtney Dunne OCCS Northern Virginia Community College
Meg Emery CUBU Lycoming College
Sarah Erickson CUBU Wingate University
Jake Eshelman PM Trinity University
Rosina Falcone HOYA Loyola College in Maryland
Chris Fay HACC Marist College
Robert Feasley RMSC University of Pittsburgh
John Fields CUBU United States Merchant Marine Academy
Kristin Fimian MACH College of William & Mary
Joe Finn RMSC Springfield College
Wayne Fleuchaus FBST Bowdoin College
Charlotte Floria RMSC Johns Hopkins University
Kelly Foebler AAC James Madison University
Chris Foley FAST University of California - San Diego
Joey Frampus HOYA St. Louis University
Brian Freedman BWST George Mason University
John Gackstetter CUBU University of Colorado
Rachel Gang HOYA Bowdoin College
Casey Gemunder RMSC Davidson College
Chris Gibeily RMSC St Louis University
Carly Gibson CUBU University of Miami (Ohio)
Megan Giroux CUBU Villanova University
Rachel Glasser FAST Washington College
Cameron Gledhill CUBU Virginia Tech
David Goode ASA Cornell University
Thomas Graham ASA Georgetown University
Michael Gray MAV University of Maryland
Kristen Griffin MAKO Rhodes College
Robert Grimmett-Norris CUBU University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Max Gustafson SDS Carnegie Mellon University
Colleen Haase RMSC University of Georgia
Josh Hafkin RMSC University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Trey Hagy SDS Old Dominion University
Chris Haibel RMSC Rochester Institute of Technology
Patrick Haley RMSC University of Maryland
Thomas Hale-Kupiec CUBU University of Virginia
Christina Hancox BWST College of William & Mary
Katura Harvey RMSC University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Kristen Haudenschild CUBU Georgia Southern University
Nicole Herrera CUBU University of Virginia
Frani Hess PM United States Naval Academy
Nicole Higginbotham PM Christopher Newport University
Katy Hinkle AAC Harvard University
Steven Hoisington MAKO Potomac State College of West Virginia
Zachary Holmes MACH Virginia Tech
Deborah Howell MSSC Rochester Institute of Technology
Kelly Hurley CUBU Loyola College in Maryland
Lauren Jacoby CUBU Southern Methodist University
Hans Johnsen CUBU Boise State
Maggie Johnson FAST University of Maryland
Guillaume Judes ASA Toulouse University
James Kapaldo MAKO Illinois Institute of Technology
Zack Kearns MACH Old Dominion University
Emily Kelly RMSC Colgate University
Cody Kendall MAKO Old Dominion University
Joe Knecht RMSC Clemson University
Kevin Koon RMSC Montgomery College
Mary Kozlowski CUBU Johns Hopkins University
Thea Kromer MACH Georgia Tech
Naomi Laporte ASA Pomona College
Joseph Lau FAST University of Maryland
Matt Leegan CUBU United States Military Academy
(West Point)
Katie Lesniewski MAKO Clemson University
Bertram Lewis BWST Northern Virginia Community College
Caiti Lewis RMSC Georgia Tech
Molly Lincoln RMSC Gettysburg College
Peter Linnehan RMSC University of Michigan
Ben Lucas CUBU Davidson College
Francesca Macri ASA Case Western University
Nina Maudlin-Jeronimo RMSC University of Mary Washington
Tom Maxwell OCCS Lake Forest College
Melea McCreary MAKO Central Florida University
Brandon McDowell CUBU Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Andy Mears CUBU University of Maryland
Ben Mechak RMSC North Carolina State University
Carmen Menendez MACH Rider University
Haywood Miller HOYA University of Maryland
Benjamin Mindes RMSC Boston College
Rachel Miskiel TIBU Marymount University
Kristen Moores CUBU University of Virginia
Orlando Morel RMSC United States Coast Guard Academy
Stephen Moreland CUBU Virginia Tech
Brendan Murphy MACH United States Military Academy
(West Point)
Christopher Nagy CUBU University of Mary Washington
Catelyn Nelson CUBU University of Virginia
Danielle Nesmith TIBU George Washington University
Charlie Nguyen MAKO University of Florida
Dan Nichols PM University of Chicago
Kevin Nichols MAKO Penn State University Park
Kelsey Nieves PM Old Dominion University
Frank Olechnowicz FBST Carnegie Mellon University
Martin Opsahl RMSC Hiram College
Eileen Palmer PM Bowdoin College
Nicole Poltash BWST University of Virginia
Jonathan Pool CUBU Johns Hopkins University
Alyse Prawde RMSC College of William & Mary
Miguel Puentes PM Old Dominion University
Taylor Putnam MACH Dickinson College
JP Reilly AAC West Virginia University
Melissa Reynolds SDS Duke University
Josh Rhodes PM University of Mary Washington
Morgan Ribar RMSC St. Bonaventure University
Lauren Ritter FISH Virginia Tech
Jared Rubin SDS College of William & Mary
Meredith Rubin MACH University of Delaware
James Schempp OCCS Virginia Tech
Brian Schmitt AAC East Carolina University
Caitlin Shaw AAC University of Virginia
Cate Sheerin RMSC United States Naval Academy
Andrea Shen HACC Virginia Tech
Ryan Shipley MACH United States Naval Academy
Alexis Smith ASA University of Vermont
Sofia Sokolove HOYA St. Mary's College
John Stodter RMSC Loyola College in Maryland
Hailey Szymczak RMSC Davidson College
Aiden Temme TIBU United State Military Academy
(West Point)
Jeremy Tourish HOYA Franklin & Marshall College
Brittany Tulloch FAST Towson University
Christine Vu BWST George Mason University
David Vuong RMSC University of Maryland
Megan Waters RMSC Princeton University
Elizabeth Weiner TIBU University of Maryland
Ben Wilson PM University of Virginia
Kristen Wolla MACH James Madison University
Brian Wong PM Columbia University
Class of 2006    
Swimmer PVS Team College
Heather Alvord RMSC Catholic University of America
Michael Arbuckle CUBU University of Texas at Austin
Ashley Arzadon MAKO University of Tampa
Andrea Balint CUBU University of Pennsylvania
Meghan Balk RMSC University of California (Davis)
Kristin Beales CUBU University of Florida
Ethan Benjamin ASA Dartmouth College
Danielle Bernstein RMSC Pepperdine University
Drew Bollea CUBU Miami University of Ohio
Ellen Boryan AAC University of Mary Washington
Ellen Bower PM Lynchburg College
Danielle Bragg MACH Harvard University
Lauren Brandes ASA University of Pennsylvania
Cameron Buckingham RMSC St. Mary's College
Will Butterworth CUBU Old Dominion University
Sean Callahan MACH University of Virginia
Paul Campanella AAC Virginia Tech
Josh Carden CUBU George Mason University
Kimberly Case SDS Rutgers University
Nyrel Cederstrom SDS United States Coast Guard Academy
Zac Chadsey AAC University of Virginia
Alexander Chen MSSC Ohio State University
Mei Christensen CUBU University of Virginia
Courtney Cook MAKO Limestone College
Lauren Cook MAKO Old Dominion University
Jason Cross RMSC Emory University
Jennifer Cutrona AAC University of Mary Washington
Kara Cutrona AAC University of Mary Washington
Kyle Daniels FAST University of Maryland
Kelsey Dean RMSC New York University
Julienne Denecke MAKO George Washington University
Emma Denvir ASA Georgetown University
Tylisha Deshields RMSC Salisbury University
Jason Dietz HACC Jacksonville University
Claire Dufek CUBU Connecticut College
Brian Durazo SNOW Duke University
Greg Edmonds CUBU United States Air Force Academy
Polo Edwards RMSC Howard University
Solongo Erdenekhuyag RMSC Catholic University of America
Bryan Erickson RMSC Hamilton College
Laura Eull RMSC Lehigh University
Julia Farnham CUBU Washington and Lee University
Drew Finelli CUBU University of Alabama
Collin Francis FAST University of Delaware
Molly Frantz FAST Towson State University
Paul Gannett MSSC United States Air Force Academy
Catherine Gerlach MSSC University of Maryland (Baltimore County)
Rachel Greene CUBU University of Delaware
David Hahn CUBU Duke University
Ellie Hall SDS College of William & Mary
Jill Hamilton CUBU College of William & Mary
Samantha Hatfield RMSC George Mason University
Kelly Henderson MAKO University of North Carolina (Wilmington)
Chris Hepp RMSC United States Coast Guard Academy
Laura Hermann CUBU College of William & Mary
Philip Hinrichsen CUBU Stanford University
Alex Hubbard MACH Queen's University
Peter Humphries FAST University of North Carolina (Wilmington)
Carol Hutchison CUBU Randolph-Macon College
David Iselin RMSC Bucknell University
Chris Jarvis CUBU McDaniel College
Michael Jasper RMSC Clemson University
Daniel Jiminez CUBU Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Caylin Jones FISH Northern Virginia Community College
Andre Joutz RMSC University of Maryland
Zachary Kazzaz SDS Duke University
Liz Kemp CUBU University of Florida
Dan Killeri AAC University of Hawaii
Susan Kim RMSC Yale University
Josh Klotz ASA James Madison University
Joshua Korth RMSC New York University
Colleen Law CUBU University of Virginia
Lindsey Leake MAKO Princeton University
Brian Lee RMSC Salisbury University
Mihan Lee CUBU Yale University
Kristen Leonard HACC York College
Stephanie Lidd FAST University of Maryland
John Mastapeter BWST University of Virginia
Maresa Like-Mathews RMSC North Carolina State University
Jason McCormack MAKO University of Mary Washington
Erin McCracken AAC University of Mary Washington
Katherine McDonnell SDS University of Virginia
Heather McKenzie SDS Ohio University
Jimmy McLaughlin HACC Virginia Tech
Matt McLean CUBU Auburn University
Simone Melillo CUBU Harvard University
Adam Meyer RMSC United States Naval Academy
David Miller ERSC Howard University
Joshua Miller HACC Pennsylvania State University
Scott Miller ERSC Howard University
Emily Milliken CUBU Randolph Macon College
Kathryn Mills MSSC Catholic University of America
Hunter Mims MACH Amherst College
Jesse Mudrick HACC Princeton University
John Murphy CUBU United States Merchant Marine Academy
Patricia (PJ) Naber PM James Madison University
Kelly Nakazawa HACC Virginia Tech
Tad Ogren CUBU George Mason University
Liam O'Reilly HOYA University of Maryland
Chris Passmore FAST United States Marine Corps
Mary Agnes Patterson MACH University of Virginia
Jordan Perlman SDS Cornell University
Grant Pettrie AAC Ohio University
Leigh Psaris SNOW Emory University
Katie Radloff AAC College of William and Mary
Gregory Raglin ERSC Howard University
Britney Richardson RMSC North Carolina State University
Krystalese Robertson-Rivas ERSC Howard University
Will Rowcliffe AAC Virginia Military Institute
Kristin Ruben RMSC Wellesley College
Ryan Rubush MSSC Towson State University
John Schumacher PM Valparaiso University
Thomas Scott TIBU Virginia Tech
Laura Segars TIBU Elon University
Andrew Setter MAKO University of Notre Dame
Amilee Smith RMSC Indiana University
Colin Smith MACH University of Mary Washington
Kate Somers TIBU University of Pittsburg
Garrett Stevens-Palmer CUBU University of North Carolina (Wilmington)
Michelle Stiles MACH North Carolina State University
Geoff Stupay ASA Southern Methodist University
Caroline Sullivan ASA Miami University of Ohio
Leigh Swiger CUBU United States Naval Academy
Leslie Swinley CUBU University of Virginia
Sonni Szymczak RMSC Trinity University
Molly Tannen FAST University of Maryland
Andrew Thompson YORK University of Hawaii
Giacomo Tinarai RMSC Carnegie Mellon University
Paul Trampert PM Virginia Tech
Mark Trigonoplos RMSC University of South Carolina
Justin Uratani FAST Pennsylvania State University
Delghi Urubshurow RMSC Columbia University
Jamie Way CUBU Minnesota State University (Mankato)
Claire Weems CUBU George Mason University
Daisy Weill FISH College of William and Mary
Sean Whipkey SDS Villanova University
Tyler Wilchek RMSC University of Miami
Caitlin Wilson MACH Longwood College
Alina Yang RMSC Yale University
Rachel Yost FISH Virginia Tech
Kate Ziegler FISH George Mason University
Jill Zung RMSC University of Maryland


Class of 2005    
Swimmer PVS Team College
Tim Allen AAC Rensselear Polytechnical Institute
Warner Allison CUBU United States Military Academy
(West Point)
Sarah E Baker CUBU Pennsylvania State University
Tara Baris RMSC McGill University
Kyle Barrett CUBU Duke University
Jennifer Basel AST Southern Methodist University
Jessica Batterton YORK University of Virginia
Yolanda Baylor CUBU Florida A&M
Matt Bell CUBU Ohio University
Caroline Bellis CUBU University of Missouri
Sarah Binder CUBU Emory University
Christopher Blau FAST University of Maryland (Baltimore County)
Ben Bodurian HOYA Williams College
Jonathan Bragg MACH Harvard University
Rebecca Brofft PM College of William and Mary
Whitney Broten CUBU Auburn University
Brad Buckley RMSC Salisbury University
Spencer Butt AST United States Air Force Academy
Daniel Calderon MSSC Pennsylvania State University
Tommy Chandler CUBU Boston College
Abby Clark FISH Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Katie Connor CUBU University of Mary Washington
Nick Conrad RMSC University of Connecticut
Anna Conroy CUBU Fordham University
Dana Constantino CUBU University of North Florida
Kacy Cribbs PGKS McDaniel College
Kristin Cunningham CUBU Johns Hopkins University
Jack Curran RMSC United States Naval Academy
Daniel DeFreval HACC University of New Mexico
Elizabeth DeOrnellas MAKO University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Lysette Deshields RMSC Rutgers University
Gerrie Diamond RMSC United States Naval Academy
Keith Diggs SDS Emory University
Dana DiRenzo SDS Towson University
Ellis Domenech AST George Mason University
Colleen Donohoe SDS University of Virginia
Josh Dow AAC George Mason University
John Dragelin CUBU Columbia University
Jackie Emr TIBU Skidmore College
Marina Falcone HOYA College of William and Mary
Matt Fifer HACC University of Virginia
Katherine Finegan PM University of Southern California
Paul Finelli PM University of Tampa
Ryan Fisher CUBU University of Cinncinnatti
Kate Fitzsimons FAST North Carolina State University
Bryan Flaherty CUBU University of Florida
Scott Frantz MACH Davidson College
Udit Garg HOYA Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jason George CUBU University of Maryland
Ben Gordon RMSC Cornell Univesity
Nick Guevremont MACH United States Naval Academy
Andy Hahn MACH Clemson University
Morgan Hall CUBU George Mason University
Ari Halper-Stromberg RMSC University of Maryland
Sarah Haney JFD Hood College
Max Harper MACH Carnegie Mellon University
Matt Harris RMSC Kenyon College
Emily Heath YORK Radford University
Marissa E Heebner CUBU Western Kentucky University
RJ Hess PM Old Dominion University
Kyle T Hooker CUBU United States Naval Academy
Laura Hoopengardner ASA West Virginia Wesleyan College
Bryan Hsu RMSC University of Maryland (College Park)
Michael Kapaldo MAKO College of Charleston
Emily Kelly SNOW Duke University
Nick Keune TIBU Occidential College
Eleanor Koerner TIBU St Mary's College (of Maryland)
Will Kozlowski MAKO Northern Virginia Community College
David Kraft PM Pennsylvania State University
John Kreitler PM United States Military Academy
(West Point)
Kassy Kugler RMSC University of South Carolina
Nick Langley HACC George Mason University
Jill Lau FAST University of Maryland
Ben Leach TIBU Grove City College
James W Lee CUBU Virginia Tech
Stephen Leonelli SDS University of Virginia
Sherri Liang TIBU Grove City College
Nick Macedonia AAC University of Virginia
Christy Main TIBU Southern Connecticut State University
Kenisha Marks SDS Claremont McKenna College
Michael Marquart HACC College of Holy Cross
Emily Mashack AST Virginia Tech
Maria McElwain ASA University of Chicago
Patrick McGee SDS United States Military Academy
(West Point)
Julian McMorrow MAKO Virginia Tech
Jon Meloul YORK Boston University
Daniel Mengering RMSC Clemson University
Ben Miller CUBU Virginia Tech
Rebecca Mobley PM Fordham University
Ari Molina CUBU United States Naval Academy
Danielle Mortensen CUBU University of North Carolina (at Wilmington)
Paul Moskowitz ASA Princeton University
Meaghan Moynahan AAC Indiana University
Jennifer Morris CUBU James Madison University
Mary Murphy MACH College of William and Mary
Sam Murphy HACC Viginia Tech
Andrea Nadal YORK Virginia Tech
Marshall Nannes SDS Amherst College
Bethany Natoli AAC Goucher College
Chrissie Nelson FISH Lawrence University
Megan Newell CUBU Virginia Tech
Ryan T Newmeyer CUBU United States Coast Guard Academy
Chirstine Nichols CUBU University of Michigan
Ketrin Nielsen FAST Towson University
Scotty O'Bryan YORK George Mason University
Michelle Parkhurst MACH Clemson University
Bradford Patterson MACH University of Alabama
Nicole Pedersen CUBU Virginia Tech
Felice Physioc CUBU Emory University
Victor Policarpio MSSC United States Merchant Marine Academy
Christopher Pool CUBU Yale University
Katie Powell PM East Stroudsburg University
Joey Quase CUBU St Mary's College (of Maryland)
Laura Rainey AAC Swarthmore College
Nick Raithel CUBU University of Massachusetts (Amherst)
Alanna Ream FISH Davidson College
Mitch Reiners YORK Pennsylvania State University
Jamie Reutershan RMSC Colgate University
Vincent Reydams AAC Pennsylvania State University
Nancy Richardson CUBU James Madison University
Alison Robinson HACC Virginia Tech
Quinton Saum ASA Methodist College
Anna Scharfen CUBU Pomona College
Stephen Scheren PM Auburn University
Kristyn Schomp OCCS Duke University
Chris Schwindt MAKO East Carolina University
Rachael F Shumaker CUBU Marymount University
Allie Smith FISH George Mason University
Christine Soldner YORK University of Illinois
Ben Solomon RMSC Cornell University
Raienne South TIBU Salisbury State University
Lauren Southard CUBU Univesity of Delaware
Matt Spencer AAC James Madison University
Tyler Spindel RMSC Pennsylyvania State University
Jonathan Spring SDS Carnegie Mellon University
Amy Stark MACH College of Charleston (South Carolina)
Alexander St Claire RMSC Bucknell College
Melanie Stephens SDS Tulane University
Allison Stevens FAST Miami Univesity (of Ohio)
Colleen Stewart RMSC University of Delaware
Melanie Stone JFD University of Mary Washington
Rafi Swann MACH University of Southern California
Brian Todrella PM James Madison University
Hannah Varner RMSC University of Maryland
Stephen Vu PM Carnegie Mellon University
Ian Wandner CUBU Bowdoin College
Lauren Walter CUBU University of Virginia
Tiffany Wattenbarger MAKO George Mason University
Steven Wilkinson MAKO James Madison University
Andrew Wingert RMSC James Madison University
Rochelle Zarzar YORK Duke University
Megan Zepp RMSC Villanova University

Class of 2005 List Maintained by USA Swimming

Class of 2004    
Swimmer PVS Team College
Jared Adler AAC Colby College
Jason Adler CUBU Ohio State University
Caryn Albert RMSC Drexel University
Matt Anderson RMSC Salisbury University
Melisa Arnold RMSC Vanderbilt University
Susanna Ashley SDS University of Tampa
Genna Beier AAC Pomona College
Brian Brett CUBU University of Southern California
Alison Buki SDS Stanford University
Ryan Burke TIBU University of Kentucky
Tara Burke TIBU University of Kentucky
Rebecca Burns CUBU Claremont McKenna College

Roger Carman

HOYA University of Delaware
Jessica Chasler RMSC College of William and Mary
Matt Clark CUBU University of Virginia
Austin Cobb FBST Randolph-Macon College
Liz Cobble AAC New York University
Arlen Connolly OCCS United States Naval Academy
Bess Cupido RMSC Georgetown University
Patrick Cureton SDS Virginia Tech
Mario D'Ambrosio RMSC University of Maryland
Daniel Davidson CUBU United States Military Academy
(West Point)
Emerson Davis CUBU University of Miami
Drew Donnelly HACC George Mason University
Lauren Donnelly HACC George Mason University
Matt Dugan CUBU Purdue University
Kyle Edgemon OCCS Old Dominion University
Theresa Edwards RMSC University of Maryland
Jon Eskow RMSC Brandeis University
Lindsay Erickson RMSC Washington and Lee University
Annie Ferguson SDS Williams College
Ellen Flader MACH Emory University
Sara Foncannon RMSC Clemson University
Tessa Foster CUBU Montgomery College
Alyssa Gagen FISH McDaniel College
Mike Galasso CUBU James Madison University
Rahul Gandhi RMSC University of Maryland
Alex Gilmore HACC University of Alabama
Katie Guida CUBU University of Notre Dame
Mariesa Hardin MAKO University of Tampa
Drew Hellman SDS Denison University
Robin Hernandez RMSC Temple University
Lars Hinrichsen CUBU United States Air Force Academy
Chrystina Ho MAKO University of Sciences (Philadelphia)
Stephanie Hobart MAKO University of Virginia
Katie Hodges CUBU Washington University
Rebecca Horning SDS Virginia Tech
Jacquie Howell HACC University of Virginia
Ryan Hurley CUBU University of Virginia
Paige Hulsizer RMSC Lafayette College
Shannon Hurkett RMSC Frostburg State University
John Hutchison CUBU United States Military Academy
(West Point)
Alex Jendzejec CUBU College of William and Mary
Gwen Jenkins HACC Christopher Newport University
Courtney Jones HACC James Madison University
Rianna Jones FISH Hollins University
Joey Kapurch OCCS University of Georgia
Emily Karel RMSC University of Connecticut
Amanda Kelley OCCS Coastal Carolina University
Kaitlin Kernan SDS University of Tampa
Allison Kight CUBU Mary Washington College
Alex Kim CUBU Mary Washington College
Ryan Kim HOYA The Johns Hopkins University
George Knoblach RMSC University of Florida
John Knoblach CUBU University of Tampa
Marianne Lalonde TIBU Case Western Reserve University
Matt Layne MAKO Univesity of North Carolina (Wilmington)
Sam Leake FBST Northern Virginia Community College
Kevin Leonard RMSC University of Maryland
Katie Lewis CUBU Bucknell University
Sarah Lindberg OCCS Mary Washington College
John Lyles CUBU United States Naval Academy
Tom Maddux SNOW United States Military Academy (West Point)
Andrea Martin SDS George Washington University
Laura McCray FAST York College
Hugh McGurk FBST Mount Union College
Alaina McMurray PM University of Queensland (Australia)
Joey Mechak RMSC Villanova University
Bonnie Meserve SDS Christopher Newport University
Arjun Mohoni MACH George Mason University
Christopher Moreland CUBU Miami University (of Ohio)
Lizzy Morgan CUBU University of Virginia
Julie O'Brien CUBU University of Maryland
Kim Ogren CUBU Dickinson College
Caroline O'Sullivan CUBU United States Military Academy
(West Point)
Alexandra Paparsenos RMSC Boston College
Virginia Paradis CUBU University of North Carolina (Wilmington)
Liz Penning OCCS Slippery Rock University
Christopher Pepper TIBU Villanova University
Andrew Portare SDS Christopher Newport University
Julia Renehan MACH University of Virginia
Sara Reynolds SDS Duke University
Tim Richard CUBU Virginia Tech
Roxanne Richardson RMSC Drexel University
Eileen Rife CUBU Texan Christian University
Lindsay Rogers RMSC University of Connecticut
Patrick Sanders MAKO Colby College
Tom Scanlon CUBU Fairfield University
Elisa Schrank RMSC University of Virginia
Charlie Scott CUBU United States Naval Academy
Jon Sessums RMSC Salisbury University
Margit Severin HACC Christopher Newport University
Lauren Short HACC University of Virginia
Megan Smith RMSC University of Maryland
Jill Southerlan MAKO University of Kentucky
Peter Sturke SDS Mary Washington College
Colleen Sullivan FBST University of Pittsburgh
Hugh Sullivan CUBU Yale University
Rob Swendiman RMSC University of North Carolina
(Chapel Hill)
Sadie Thompson MACH George Mason University
Nick Tierno CUBU Case Western Reserve University
Lauren Trinka FBST James Madison University
Kerry Urso OCCS College of William and Mary
Emily Verdin FBST University of California - Berkeley
Kara Verducci OCCS Virginia Tech
Felix Wang RMSC California College of the Arts
Luke Wang RMSC Columbia University
Matt Ward RMSC Clemson University
Colin Weick RMSC University of Maryland -- Baltimore County
Ryan Wing SDS University of Florida
John Yeany CUBU University of Maryland -- Baltimore County
Christine Yurechko SDS Yale University
Joshua Zalusky TIBU Boston University
Jordan Zarin RMSC University of Connecticut

Class of 2003    
Swimmer PVS Team College
Matt Aberg FAST University of Maryland -- Baltimore County
Stella Adhoot RMSC New York University
Sarah Allen FAST Shippensburg University
Aaron Amundsen FBST LaSalle University
Caitlin Auger MACH Washington College
Wint Aye PM Duke University
Michael Balint TCSD Cornell University
David Benjamin RMSC University of Michigan
Sara Berberich RMSC Lafayette College
Jason Blanken RMSC University of Maryland
Jamie Boelens FBST Trinity University
Stephanie Britten HACC Cornell University
Amanda Burke CUBU University of Maryland
Mindy Butterworth CUBU Virginia Tech
Allison Cameron PM College of William and Mary
Devin Carey RMSC Emory University
Sidra Carman RMSC Washington College
Mike Cartwright OCCS Boston College
LeeAnn Chang RMSC Harvard University
Sarah Chuzi TCSD Williams College
Molly Conlon RMSC Georgetown University
Matthew Cribbs PGKS Albright College
Stefanie Cromarty FGAC James Madison University
Janel Danchak OCCS James Madison University
Gary DeShayes RMSC University of Maryland
Will DeVar CUBU James Madison University
Christopher Dobson RMSC University of Pittsburgh
Chris Dufek CUBU Yale University
Stephanie Dunne RMSC University of Tampa
Mark Enterline MACH Mary Washington College
Jon Farrell RMSC James Madison University
Kevin Fisher CUBU University of Maryland
Nicholas Friedman OCCS University of Virginia
Alexis Gaines CUBU Amherst College
John Michael Gerlach MSSC The Citadel
Sarah Gordon RMSC Swarthmore College
Stephanie Grabarek RMSC Towson University
Ted Hamilton CUBU Emory University
Anne Harington FBST College of William and Mary
Charles Harris YORK Georgia Tech
Jennifer Heintz TCSD Cornell University
Joseph Henney CUBU USAF Prepartory School
Joe Hess CUBU United States Naval Academy
Walead Hessami RMSC Johns Hopkins University
Pam Hider HACC Virginia Tech
Lindsey Horne OCCS University of Virginia
Megan Hurd CUBU Boston College
Reed Inglee FBST La Salle University
Rebecca Jimenez CUBU George Mason University
Turan Kayagil CUBU Duke University
Thomas Koucheravy VSC George Mason University
Leo Lahat CUBU University of Southern California
Peter Laidlaw RMSC Dartmouth College
Emily Loux HACC James Madison University
Brett MacLennan OCCS Clemson University
David Madej CUBU University of Maryland
Joe Magnanelli CUBU Salem International University
Jenn Martin RMSC Duquesne University
Moira McAllister RMSC Towson Universtiy
Ryan McCabe RMSC Princeton University
Karla McGough GAEL St Mary's College -- Notre Dame, Indiana
Chris Meleski CUBU University of Virginia
Andrew Mendelsohn CUBU University of Pennsylvania
Megan Minogue HACC Boston College
Stevie Mitchell HACC University of North Carolina (at Wilmington)
Kevin Mukri RMSC United States Naval Academy
Andrea Nakazawa TCSD University of Virginia
Kelsea Natoli AAC Mary Washington College
Erin Neill CUBU Catholic University of America
Maegan Olivos RMSC Middlebury College
Mike Ott CUBU Princeton University
Johanna Papa RMSC Western Kentucky University
Edwin Park CUBU Virginia Tech
Rachel Parker RMSC Miami University (of Ohio)
Abbey Peko-Spicer FAST St Mary's College
Andy Pelenberg PM Virginia Tech
Krissy Perrault HACC Virginia Tech
Jordan Pesses RMSC Millersville University
Ashley Petak RMSC Miami University (of Ohio)
Tim Peterson CUBU Northwestern University
Emily Pitler TCSD Yale University
Cabot Pitts CUBU Virginia Tech
Alexia Pool CUBU University of Rhode Island
Laura Rawson RMSC Juniata College
Alison Readler CUBU University of Wisconsin (Madison)
David Richards TCSD Brigham Young University
Liz Rossi CUBU Mary Washington College
Jen Rowen RMSC United States Naval Academy
Stacey Ruscher CUBU Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Samantha Sanders FAST Coastal Carolina University
Cory Sanderson RMSC University of Delaware
Christine Selzer RMSC Santa Clara University
Laura Shlesinger CUBU Old Dominion University
Kennard Smith RMSC Florida A&M University
Chris Soniak OCCS Virginia Tech
Ben Sonley CUBU Towson University
Brendan Spencer AAC University of Delaware
Sean Spencer RMSC Emory University
Stephanie Stephens TCSD College of William and Mary
Christie Stratchko PGKS Albright College
Jackie Streckfuss HACC Radford University
Erica Suguiyama CUBU University of Maryland
Sean Sullivan CUBU James Madison University
Carl Sylvester TCSD Loyola College (of Maryland)
Jennifer Tan CUBU College of William and Mary
Chris Tappis RMSC University of Maryland
Erin Tarpey PM Virginia Tech
Meghan Thiel CUBU American University
Rachel Tolbert RMSC University of Maryland
Annie Toro OCCS University of Chicago
Meghan Tracy CUBU James Madison University
Stacey Tuel FAST West Virginia University
Mason Walsh HACC Virginia Tech
Felix Wang RMSC California College of the Arts
Christie Weaver FAST Virginia Tech
Maritess Wessendorf CUBU University of Virginia
Dana West RMSC Georgia Tech
Alex Wetzler CUBU University of Maryland
Elizabeth White OCCS Iowa State University
Luke Wiedeman FAST Grove City College
Patrick Woodward FBST University of Maryland -- Baltimore County
Juliana Yano RMSC University of Maryland

Class of 2003 List Maintained by USA Swimming

Class of 2002    
Swimmer PVS Team College
Rachel Azaoff CUBU Kenyon College
Jay Beck YORK Mary Washington College
Brandon Belote TCSD Southern Mississippi University
Jacob Bennett FBST Florida Atlantic University
Anne Blaschke CUBU Christopher Newport University
Christina Boland CUBU George Washington University
Meghan Brake CUBU University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Adam Brenneman CUBU University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Katie Brinn YORK James Madison University
Kristen Braun YORK Florida State University
Sheila Brosnan YORK Radford University
Ashley Burbach YORK Clemson University
Rachael Burke CUBU University of Virginia
Christina Boland CUBU George Washington University
Michael Bryce OCCS Coastal Carolina University
Michelle Calanong CUBU College of William and Mary
Tim Cambell YORK George Mason University
Randy Carroll YORK James Madison University
Damenian Carter CUBU Florida A&M University
Jessica Case CUBU Princeton University
Meagan Cleary OCCS Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Jeff Cramp CUBU Villanova University
Katie Creel CUBU Center College
Tiffany Crudup CUBU Arizona State University
Scott Davis YORK Louisana State University
Robert Dawhurst CUBU Grinnell College
Peter Day HACC James Madison University
Jen Desrosiers YORK James Madison University
Trisha Dowley TCSD Georgetown University
Byron Drumheller RMSC University of Pennsylvania
Jon Dugan CUBU University of Maryland
Elle Durden YORK The Cooper Union
Catherine Dyson TCSD Columbia University
Rick Eddy CUBU Stanford University
Lauren Edmondson TCSD Williams College
Evan Elsaesser CUBU College of William and Mary
Courtney Felker PM East Carolina University
Alan Fishman UNAT Princeton University
Samantha Floyd CUBU Arizona State University
Matt Freund CUBU University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ross Gercenstein TCSD Brandeis University
Ryan Gerwig CUBU James Madison University
Chris Gibson CUBU University of California (Berkeley)
Kathryn Gold RMSC Syracuse University
Meghan Gollhofer YORK Rose Hulman Institute of Technology
Brett Goodwin YORK Universtiy of Virginia
Hannah Graf TCSD College of Wooster
Katie Gualtieri AAC University of Virginia
Lori Hall YORK Duke University
Brittany Harrington CUBU University of Maine
John Hassell YORK University of South Carolina
Lauren Havard CUBU East Carolina University
Diana Henderson YORK University of Delaware
Mary Alice Hewitt RMSC Franklin and Marshall College
David Hightrink RMSC The Citadel
Kendall Hollinger OCCS The University of the Arts
Wesley Hollinger OCCS Indiana Univesity of Pennsylvania
Luke Holman TCSD University of Virginia
Matt Horn AAC George Mason University
Julia Howard CUBU University of Pennsylvania
Jenny Hurley CUBU Miami University (of Ohio)
Margaret Jennings CUBU Boston College
LaTisha Jordan CUBU Marymount University
Rebecca Kadushin FAST University of Maryland
Amy Kapit RMSC Swarthmore College
Kevin Kelly CUBU St Mary's College
Cathy Kenworthy FISH Columbia University
Sean Kim RMSC Johns Hopkins University
Peter King YORK College of William and Mary
Joe Knight CUBU James Madison University
Seung Kyu Kong CUBU Harvard University
Jon Kaufman RMSC University of Pennsylvania
Sean Leaman RMSC Frostburg State University
Matt Lehman YORK Northern Virginia Community College
Jessica Lewis TIBU Catawba College
Ashley Majer YORK James Madison University
Cindy Mangan CUBU University of Virginia
Meghan Marmillion TNT University of North Carolina (at Chapel Hill)
Ashley Mathews AAC Ohio State University
Elana McDermott CUBU Pitzer College
Matt McGillicuddy CUBU George Mason University
Kara McKenna AAC Lehigh University
Jon Mengering RMSC Clemson University
John Merrill AAC George Mason University
Debbie Miller YORK Rice University
Katie Mims YORK Tufts University
Kristin Moats SNOW Frostburg State University
Clark Morgan OCCS Brigham Young University
Jimmy Morris CUBU Towson University
Chris Mudd CUBU Dartmouth College
Nicole Nadal YORK James Madison University
Jennifer Nam CUBU United States Military Academy
(West Point)
Pati Notario RMSC Georgetown University
Richard Olympia CUBU University of North Carolina (at Wilmington)
Joe Pascale CUBU Auburn University
Rob Persico RMSC Syracuse University
Jenny Piantedosi YORK James Madison University
Michael Pickup HACC Virginia Tech
Betsy Pike RMSC Dickinson College
Dan Potucek CUBU Duke University
Jake Quase CUBU St Bonaventure University
Josh Quase CUBU St Bonaventure University
Casey Quimby CUBU University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Ashley Razo OCCS University of Texas
Matt Reed YORK University of South Carolina
Matt Rodkey OCCS University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Alissa Rubin MACH University of Virginia
Lisa Ruffer YORK University of Notre Dame
Matt Russomano YORK Tulane University
Miriam Schive RMSC Princeton University
Rachel Scibek RMSC Southern Methodist University
Katie Shipko OCCS Virginia Polytechnic University
Steve Shomberger CUBU University of Notre Dame
Grace Shufelt YORK East Carolina University
Dan Slear CUBU Virginia Tech
Drew Strika CUBU University of Delaware
Meghan Sullivan YORK College of William and Mary
Erin Sympson YORK James Madison University
Rebekah Teague HACC University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Robert Thomas TCSD Santa Clara University
Steven Tongelidis YORK University of Virginia
Ashley Toth YORK George Mason University
Adrienne Trinka FBST University of Virginia
Laura Ullrich CUBU Arizona State University
Kelly Urso OCCS Clemson University
Daniel Velez RMSC Pennsylvania State University
Erica Verdin FBST University of California (Berkeley)
Danny Vogel RMSC Middlebury College
Ashleigh Walker CUBU Cornell University
Kevin Walter CUBU University of Virginia
Liz Wasilewski YORK University of Florida
Kirk Weldon CUBU Towson University
Scott Weldon CUBU Towson University
Samantha White RMSC Emory University
Diana Winings CUBU Boston College
Matt Wolff AAC College of William and Mary
Lindsay Young AAC College of William and Mary
Lindsey Zhao RMSC Yale University

Class of 2002 List Maintained by USA Swimming

Class of 2001    
Swimmer PVS Team College
Christine Anderson RMSC Duke University
Michael Anstrom VSC Syracuse University
Katie Barker CUBU Brigham Young University
Anne Barrar CUBU University of Oregon
Ann Battle CUBU Georgia Tech
Matt Benedick RMSC University of Maryland
Angie Bertera YORK College of William and Mary
Robert Brofft VSC College of William and Mary
Jessica Brosch RMSC University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Rachael Brown PM University of Virginia
Ryan Brown MAKO Old Dominion University
Coco Buck YORK University of Virginia
Kelly Burke CUBU Virginia Tech
Ricky Burnett CUBU University of Tampa
Paul Burnsky RMSC Towson University
Dan Cardy CUBU University of Maryland
Karen Celdonia RMSC St. Mary's College
Adrian Coffey HACC Drew University
Emily Conlon RMSC Boston College
Casey Connor RMSC University of Maryland -- Baltimore County
Ryan Connor RMSC Hamilton College
Alex Cooper YORK College of Charleston
David Cooper YORK George Mason University
Christy Cousins OCCS Wingate
Brad Coyle RMSC University of Maryland
Lindsay Dawson YORK Undecided
Aaron Day-Nitkin CUBU Lehigh University
Molly Donelan RMSC University of California at Irvine
Sean Donohue YORK Mary Washington College
Katie Dunne RMSC St. Mary's College
Michael Emory CUBU Columbia University
Lindsey Ertter CUBU University of Georgia
Christine Filak CUBU Lehigh University
Ashley Finian PM James Madison University
Christine Flood VSC Towson University
Julie Frank VSC Virginia Tech
Kevin Furlong CUBU Virginia Tech
Michael Galindo YORK University of Michigan
Jeffrey Gilbert MSSC Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sam Gordon WARD Towson University
Nicholas Graham CUBU Cornell University
Dan Hammond CUBU Yale University
Brian Harrington FBST University of Virginia
Lillian Hnath CUBU St Mary's College
Alexa Horvath RMSC Washington University
Billy Howard RMSC St Bonaventure University
Caroline Hutchison HACC Virginia Tech
Thomas Huycke YORK Clemson University
Theresa Jewell YORK Undecided
Whitney Johnson CUBU Virginia Tech
Jeff Kelsey RMSC Yale University
Erin Kemp CUBU Towson University
Jae Khoury YORK George Mason University
Lindsay Khoury YORK Virginia Tech
Meghan Knepper CUBU University of Maryland
Allison Kravitz YORK Christopher Newport
Greg Landrum FBST James Madison University
Shannon Lewis FBST California Institute of Technology
Brant Leyden YORK Slippery Rock
Jennifer Lichtblau CUBU Indiana University
John Linnehan RMSC University of Pennsylvania
William Linnoila RMSC American University
Erin Lyons RMSC University of Chicago
Kim Magnanelli CUBU Shippensburg University
Tandi Mahn YORK Undecided
Olivia Malloy YORK Rollins College
Jennifer Makarsky VSC James Madison University
Stuart Martens CUBU Purdue University
Mary Colleen McAllister RMSC University of Maryland
Katelyn McCarthy RMSC Dartmouth College
Andrew McDonald FBST La Salle University
Kiera McGough CUBU Mount Holyoke College
Rachel Miles YORK Longwood College
Marcus Morgan CUBU United States Military Academy
(West Point)
Molly Newman HACC Longwood College
Peter Nguyen RMSC Georgetown University
Michael Orton CUBU University of North Carolina (Wilmington)
Akemi Parker CUBU Rutgers University
Xanavee Pangelinan OCCS Undecided
Amanda Paul HACC University of New Hampshire
Kristin Pawlowski AVST Lehigh University
David Peck RMSC Duke University
Kira Petruzzi YORK Mary Washington College
Holly Phelps CUBU Seton Hall
Anthony Portare VSC Marymount University
Jenny Powell CUBU University of Delaware
Michael Raab RMSC University of Virginia
Hank Ras RMSC University of Maryland
Emily Rawson RMSC Washington College
Buddy Reed RMSC Clemson University
Katherine Reid CUBU Swarthmore College
Colleen Rhoden CUBU St Peter's College
Billy Rinehart RMSC University of North Carolina (Wilmington)
Patrick Rush YORK Trinity College
Jennilee Russell OCCS University of Pittsburgh
Daniel Santin CUBU George Mason University
Arthur Schmidt RMSC University of Maryland
Kevin Schreiber CUBU Auburn University
Rachel Shipp CUBU Yale University
John Simmons OCCS Undecided
Lindsey Solarski YORK Pennsylvania State University
Nicole Somers RMSC Princeton University
Joe Tan CUBU Virginia Tech
Kate Tatman YORK Virginia Tech
Olivia Toro OCCS Swarthmore College
Jonathan Tremonte YORK Virginia Tech
Matthew Tremonte YORK Virginia Tech
Jill Vukmanic RMSC Georgia Tech
Sarah Ward RMSC Colgate University
Ryan Welch VSC United States Military Academy
(West Point)
Eric Wellington CUBU Pennsylvania State University
Doug Wharam HACC University of Virginia
Jean Wolfersberger YORK Christopher Newport
Shannon Woolard OCCS University of Virginia
Nick Wooters RMSC Loyola College
Rodrigo Yano RMSC Johns Hopkins University
Erin Zoller CUBU Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Class of 2001 List Maintained by USA Swimming

Class of 2000    
Swimmer PVS Team College
Quinn Amesbury CUBU University of Virginia
Jackie Arnold RMSC Virginia Polytechnical Institute
Greg Barnhart WARD Frostburg State University
Ethan Bassett CUBU American University
Chris Bassler TCSD Virginia Tech
Elaine Baum CUBU Virginia Tech
Tara Berrios RMSC United States Coast Guard Academy
Leslie Blaine CUBU Old Dominion University
Domenic Bourgeois CUBU James Madison University
Chris Briggs CUBU Undecided
Elizabeth Brookhiser YORK University of Virginia
Katie Brown RMSC Clemson University
Jerome Burke TCSD Holy Cross University
Alexis Cameron TCSD Kenyon College
Andrea Campbell OCCS Undecided
Brian Cayne CUBU Princeton University
Margaret L. Chadbourn FBST University of the South (Sewanee)
Kawika Chang RMSC Virginia Polytechnical Institute
Laura Chang RMSC University of Maryland - Baltimore County
Courtney Chiaparas MAKO Mary Washington College
Steven Clifford WARD Carnegie Mellon University
Lauren Cornet TCSD Duke University
Ruben Criscio RMSC University of Maryland
Elizabeth Davis TCSD Pomona College
Toni Davis MMSC Susquehana University
Lyndsay Delquadro OCCS University of Richmond
Elizabeth Devlin TCSD Davidson College
Dana Diehl RMSC Undecided
Will Djinis RMSC Duke University
Molly Durkin HACC Penn State University
Laura Eaton MAKO James Madison University
Jade Ellison MMSC North Carolina A & T University
Matt Emery UNAT Frostburg State University
Carinda Everson MAKO Old Dominion University
Kellen Failor WARD Salisbury State University
Bill Fournier MAKO Ohio State University
Mary Kathryn Fout PM Miami University (of Ohio)
Peter Garvin RMSC Bucknell University
Lauren Giel MAKO James Madison Univesity
David Gold RMSC Kenyon College
David Green PM University of North Carolina (at Chapel Hill)
Emily Greene CUBU College of William and Mary
Elizabeth Grzeda YORK University of West Virginia
Rachel Grossinger RMSC Connecticut College
Kevin Hanlon CUBU University of Virginia
David Hardy RMSC University of Delaware
Jeff Hicks CUBU James Madison University
Pat Hopkins YORK University of Virginia
Kate Howard HACC Longwood College
Laura Howell MAKO Clemson University
Todd Hutchison RMSC University of Pennsylvania
Lindzie Ingham RMSC Undecided
Tim Jensen CUBU Mary Washington College
Kevin Johnson RMSC University of Maryland
Susan Kasimer PM University of Virginia
Tim Kane YORK University of North Carolina (at Wilmington)
Patti Kearney YORK University of South Carolina
Ashley Kemezys RMSC University of Pennsylvania
Richard Kharman RMSC Undecided
Margaret Klag RMSC Undecided
Martyn Knowles YORK University of North Carolina (at Wilmington)
Tara Koff CUBU Columbia University
Katie Kuga CUBU Princeton University
Rachel Lewis OCCS Undecided
Chris Lindberg OCCS Virginia Tech
Sarah Littlefield RMSC Emory University
Motria Lonchyna MSSC Catholic University of America
David Lynch RMSC University of Texas
Kate Lynch CUBU Virginia Tech
Dan MacKenzie CUBU Princeton University
Lindsay Martin-McCormick TCSD Lewis and Clark
Giovanna Masci TCSD Yale University
Katherine McAdoo CUBU Univ of California at Berkeley
Jacob McGrail CUBU George Mason University
Amy McMullen OCCS University of Richmond
Michael Means HACC Ohio State University
Danny Miller RMSC Fordham University
Jessica Miller CUBU Old Dominion University
Tamara Molina CUBU University of California at Berkeley
Marie Monaghan YORK Seton Hall University
Katie Mooney YORK James Madison University
Kiera Murphy CUBU Virginia Tech
Adrian Nelson RMSC Kenyon College
David Newcomer WARD Lehigh University
Hillary North RMSC University of Pennsylvania
Annie Nussbaum CUBU Northwestern University
Zack Orchant HACC York College
Adam Orton HACC University of Virginia
John Park CUBU Princeton University
Jonathan Perkins MAKO Randolph Macon College
Mike Peterson CUBU Virginia Tech
Blair Piddington YORK George Mason University
Joey Piekarski RMSC Virginia Polytechnical Institute
Katie Pugh CUBU University of Virginia
Vanessa Rai RMSC Cornell University
Bryson Rand MAKO University of Colorado
Kirick Rawlings MAKO James Madison University
Dan Reed HACC University of Virginia
Linneah Riedlinger RMSC Universty of Maryland
Laura Rimkus YORK Notre Dame
Scott Rimm CUBU Holy Cross University
Markus Rogan CUBU Stanford University
Cynthia Roller CUBU University of Virginia
Colin Roussil UMCY Emory University
Paul Rukenbrod FBST James Madison University
Kevin Schaeffer FBST United States Naval Academy
Rachael Schaffner CUBU University of Virginia
Kim Schinnerer CUBU Yale University
Mark Schopmeyer RMSC Undecided
Maureen Selgas YORK Clemson University
Andrew Shin RMSC Syracuse University
Kevin Shortt YORK Tampa Bay University
Michael Sihler HACC George Mason University
Jason Somensatto YORK University of Virginia
Philip Stablein RMSC Universty of Maryland
Thomas Stevens YORK University of Vermont
Yuri Suguiyama CUBU University of North Carolina (at Chapel Hill)
Bruce Thomas TCSD College of William and Mary
Amanda VanHorn OCCS James Madison University
Matt Vincent RMSC American University
Ernest Waddell MMSC New York University
Kate Walker RMSC Clemson Universty
Marie Walters CUBU Loyola Marymount (Los Angeles)
Ryan White RMSC George Washington University
Caleb Wiedeman MSSC Grove City College
James Willhite CUBU Florida State University
Lara Wolf RMSC Rutgers University
Maura Yost CUBU James Madison University
Julio Zarate CUBU St Mary's College (MD)

Class of 2000 List Maintained by USA Swimming