A-8. Open and Resident Records

As Amended January 18, 2006

Potomac Valley Swimming shall maintain both resident and open records and may maintain meet records.

Resident - PVS Resident records are the best time achieved in an event by any swimmer who is registered with Potomac Valley on the date of the swim .A PVS resident record may be set using any time that is considered an Official Time for USA Swimming purposes. PVS swimmers that compete while representing a college or university in another LSC are eligible to establish PVS Resident records during that school's competition season. However, a swimmer previously registered with another LSC who registers with a Potomac Valley college or university team in accordance with USA Swimming rule 203.4 is not eligible to establish Potomac Valley Resident records until the completion of that school's competition season; and then must have fulfilled the requirement of 120 days without having represented any other LSC in USA Swimming competition.

Open - PVS Open Records are the best time achieved in an event within all PVS sanctioned competitions. They may be set by any swimmer registered with USA Swimming or another FINA member. They may not be set at approved meets or with swims approved for observation.

Meet Records - The Board will determine if meet records will be maintained for any PVS sponsored meets (e.g., PVS Senior LC Championship Meet, PVS Age Group SC Championship Meet, etc.) Clubs may determine if they wish to maintain meet records for club sponsored meets. All record times and times of record are subject to current USA Swimming rules and regulations regarding record times. The following procedures are established for reporting record times using the PVS forms provided:

PVS MEETS: The Meet Director shall complete a PVS official meet entry card for any record time achieved. This card must be filled out completely and signed by the Referee and Electronic Timing Operator in the spaces provided for record certification on the reverse side of the card. This card should be sent to the appropriate PVS Records Chairperson as soon as possible.

OUT-OF-TOWN MEETS: Secure a duplicate timer card from the Meet Director, have it signed by the Referee and Electronic Timing Operator, and send it to the appropriate Records Chairperson as soon as possible. Either duplicate cards or an official copy of the meet results are required for verification. No record times or TOP-16 nominations will be made without such verification.

NOTE: Relay record claims for all meets must list the first and last names of the four swimmers, their ages, and the order in which they swam.