March 4-7, 2004
Prince George Sports and Learning Complex

Meet Results

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We know from messages we are receiving that you are anxious to see these meet results as well as the zone team selection status updated. We are still waiting to receive the meet results for Sunday. When they are received, we will post the information as quickly as practical.
(posted 8:45am Monday, March 8)

We hope to get the results later this evening. Depending on the timing and the availability of the two webmasters (who have other commitments this evening) the results will be posted either late this evening or early tomorrow morning. We apologize for the delay. It is due to unforeseen complications in getting the meet file to us.
(posted 3:00pm Monday March 8)

We are still awaiting receipt of the results. We apologize for the delay.
(posted 11:45pm Monday March 8)

Meet data file was received at approximately 8:45am Tuesday morning. Sunday results have now been posted, files are now accessible and PVS searchable data base updated. Additional reports will be updated as quickly as possible.
(posted 9:30am Tuesday March 9)

ALL results as well as team and individual scoring have now been posted, in files are now accessible and PVS searchable data base updated. The person who has the files necessary to update the zone T10 files is in travel status today. It may not be possible to update those files until this evening.
(posted 10:50am Tuesday March 9)

Zone team selection status pages are now also updated .
(posted 1:35pm Tuesday March 9)

Thursday Distance
Friday AM WomenFriday AM Men Friday Afternoon Friday Finals
Saturday AM WomenSaturday AM MenSaturday Afternoon Saturday Finals
Sunday AM WomenSunday AM MenSunday AfternoonSunday Finals
Women Men Individual High Point Team Score
All Results All Results Complete
* All Results with Splits * All Results with Splits
* Women 10 & Under * Men 10 & Under 10 & Under
* Women 11-12 * Men 11-12 11-12
* Women 13-14 * Men 13-14 13-14

Files marked with "*" updated to include additional relay names -- 11:45am to 1:15pm March 15
* MM for Windows Data Base (now available)
* Commlink File Zipped (now available)