1999 PVS Zone Team Camp

Saturday March 6, 1999
Oak Marr Recreation Center
1:00 to 3:00 PM

Potomac Valley is bringing together as many of the 1999 Short Course Team as possible as a way of getting to know each other and meet the coaches and team managers.

All 12 and unders who have been selected to the team and any potential 13 & overs. To be considered for this camp, a 13 and older swimmer must meet the following two criteria:

  1. Have submitted a zone team application prior to the deadline of January 22, 1999
  2. Be ranked in the top 6 in an event among all PVS swimmers who have submitted an application. This ranking will be based on times within the PVS database achieved between Sept. 1, 1998 and Feb. 7, 1999. This database includes results from all local meets and any outside meets that have been submitted to PVS. Times not appearing on the web page are not eligible for this CAMP. Clubs will be notified of their eligible swimmers as well as a final posting on the PVS web page at pvswim.org.

The PVS Coaching Staff and Team Managers believe that bringing together a large part of the team prior to departing for the meet will help to foster team unity and camaraderie. As PVS continues to become more competitive at the zone level, this type of preparation becomes crucial.

A swim suit, pencil and notebook.

NONE. This is a free camp supported by PVS.

No, the camp is not mandatory, however, we strongly encourage every qualified swimmer to attend. Remember, the PVS Zone Team is above all a TEAM! Hope to see you there.