Administration & Registration Report
January 2000

    Registration: General: A proposal for 2001 registration procedures will be provided under separate cover from this report.
  • As of December 20, 1999 all received and complete athlete registrations were entered. All ytd athlete reports and cards were mailed on or before January 6, 2000. All recently received athlete registrations (approximately 1000 athletes) will be entered before the BoD meeting.
  • All registrations were tracked by date received and were entered prior to running any individual Meet Recon Reports.
  • Per the Finance Division Chairman all registration checks are deposited upon receipt.
  • As of December 31, 1999: 4,558 athletes were received and entered into the LSC Data Base.
  • An updated registration number with all received and entered athletes will be provided at the meeting.

  • Non Athletes
  • As of December 31, 1999 222 non-athletes had been entered and processed.
  • Large quantities of non-athlete registrations were received during the month of December and all have been processed and mailed as of Jan 10, 2000.
  • As of January 10, 2000: 333 non athletes have been entered, processed and mailed
  • Clubs and coaches are still having some difficulty understanding the requirements of copies of all their certifications.
  • Approximately 40 % of all coaches' applications must be returned for incomplete data or certifications.

  • Clubs
  • As of December 20, 1999: 13 clubs had submitted club registrations for 2000.
  • Any club not having submitted their club registration will receive a letter or email regarding their delinquency no later than January 15th.
  • As of January 10, 2000: 32 clubs total have submitted club registrations.
  • YTD there has been one name change (FSST to WARD) 2 new clubs (DESI & GMU)

  • Meet Recon
  • USA Swimming Meet Recon is a meet reconciliation program that verifies the registration data base against the meet entry report. Meet Recon, as discussed at the October and November BoD meetings, was used for registration reconciliation for the seven meets noted on the attached report. Multiple notifications were published prior to the start of this process.
  • Twenty-four letters were sent certified mail detailing the exceptions as noted by the Meet Recon program. Meet Recon was run on all meets occurring after November 15th.
  • For the seven meets listed in the attached document, registrations were entered as of the date received. If registrations were received the day prior to the meet they were entered prior to Meet Recon being run. In the future all registrations will be entered as of the date received with the cut off being the entry deadline of the meet. This means if a club enters an unregistered athlete in a meet the PVS Administrative Office prior to the published entry deadline for that meet must receive that athlete's registration, as per Policies and Procedures. All registrations received after that date would NOT be considered when running the Meet Recon.
  • Meet Recon will be run after each PVS Sanctioned meet. The Meet Recon Exception reports will be sent as soon as reconciliation of the meet is complete. We are downloading version updates for the Meet Recon program, as they become available. The office has been working diligently with all clubs that received exception notices to clear any and all registration issues.

  • Administration
  • The month of December was consumed primarily with registration issues. The Long Course Bid packages were mailed earlier this fall and the SCY 2000/01 bid packages will be going out.
  • Planning in well underway for the Zone meeting scheduled for May 13, 2000 at the Embassy Suites in Crystal City. Meeting registration forms will be going to all Zone LSC's.
  • To resolve communication issues the main admin office will be adding an additional line to free up the fax. Additionally voice mail will be added to the 1740 line to enhance communication.