Registration & Administration Report
June 19, 2000

Registration Report

Athletes 6,636
Non Athletes 463
Clubs 37

Registration Forms:

We are in the process of converting a Word file to pdf format that was received from USA Swimming that contains the current (2000) registration forms. These will be posted on the PVS Web Page for clubs to download as soon as we finish converting the file. Additionally we will have in the same format the 2001 registration forms, and they will be posted when the file is modified. The 2001 Athlete form changes slightly for registration year 2001 to include Disability Swimmer information. This form as with registration year 2000 form can be used for Athlete Transfers.

Posting these forms on the Web Page will enable clubs to print registration forms for both the current registration year and the upcoming registration year directly form the PVS web page. The hard copy registration forms will be sent by USA Swimming to the PVS Administrative Office by July 15. We expect to have all the forms available for pick up at the three Championship meets, at the same time as the Coach and Athlete elections take place.

Registration Year 2001

Detailed instructions on the electronic registration procedure are well underway. We are in the testing stage of the electronic upload of "Club Import". Instructions for the electronic registration process will be emailed or mailed to clubs before the 2001 registration forms arrive.

A schedule for processing the 2001 Non Athlete (coaches) applications will be published later this summer. Because of the high number of coaches submitting applications without proper certification we feel it is an appropriate use of resources to do the intake processing of the coaches applications in person at a meet(s). We hope this will eliminate the involved process if returning applications, or lengthy communications with administrative staff and coaches at the club level.

Coach Scan

A recent running of the "Coach Scan" utility in the LSC Win Database program yielded 15 clubs with 35 (1 unattached) coaches out of certification. Letters are being prepared and will be mailed to these clubs on Tuesday, June 20, 2000. Most are for CPR expirations.

Administration Report

P & P

No requests have been received from clubs for copies of the Policies and Procedures Manual as indicated was available at the HoD meeting. Copies of the P&P will be provided to all Board members at the July meeting.

Motion: To adjust the P & P manual section (Operations Section 6) on meet entry fees to reflect the current entry fees.

Entry Fee PVS Share Club Share
$2.75 $2.00 $0.75
$3.75 $2.50 $1.25
$4.75$3.50 $1.25
$7.25 $6.00 $1.25
$9.50 $8.25 $1.25

Pool Rentals

The Office will be finalizing SCY pool rental contracts upon approval of the 2000/01 SCY Schedule as modified at the June 13, 2000 Competition Committee meeting.


The Administrative Division will be conduction the elections for Athlete and Coach Representatives at the three Championship meets this summer: July 15, 2000 (SR Champs); July 21, 2000 (AG Champs); July 22, 2000 (JR Champs). A complete registration list will be present to confirm voting eligibility. Election results will be announced Sunday, July 23, 2000 @ JR Champs



BoD Motion: To deviate from the normal meeting schedule of the third Tuesday to the following dates: Monday, July 24, 2000, Tuesday, September 12, 2000, and Tuesday, October 24 2000. Return to the normal 3rd Tuesday with the November (21st) meeting.

This schedule will allow for the newly elected BoD members to attend in a more official capacity (July), schedule the September meeting prior to the swimming events of the Olympics, and allow a week as opposed to 2 days to return from Convention and properly prepare for the meeting.

Location for the July meeting to be determined. Locations for the 2000/01 meetings will remain Walt Whitman High School at 7pm.

Flash and Other Mailings

The 2000/01 Flash Mail schedule will be published in July.

Motion: Flash Mail will only be sent electronically effective August 2000. Any club wishing to receive a hard copy version of the Flash Mail may make a request for up to two copies per club of the mailing. No recipients of electronic version may receive a hard copy version.

This process will reduce reproduction and mailing costs, and reduce the time associated with the production of mailing a paper version of Flash Mail. This will also increase the efficiency in which information is communicated to the membership. Unlimited numbers of requests for electronic Flash Mail will be accepted provided they are requested from the club and via email.

Meet Announcements

The 2000/01 schedule for the SCY Meet Announcements will be published in July. It is expected that the first half of the season will be published in August and October. The second half of the season will be published in November and January.

Family Mail Subscriptions

Motion: Elimination of "Family Mail Subscriptions"

Less than 50 families subscribed this year and the cost of reproduction and mailing out weighs the income due to the reduced number of subscribers and the inability to use bulk postage.

Submitted by:

Kit Mathews
Administrative Vice Chair
Irene Millman & Linda Edmunds