Registration & Administration Report
September 12, 2000

Submitted by:
Kit Mathews
Irene Millman
Linda Edmunds


Documentation With the assistance of John Hirschmann, the Club and PVS Services and Resource Guides have been updated and posted on the Web Page. The PVS Organizational Structure document is currently under revision. Clubs have been alerted to the posting of the quick reference list and have been asked to verify the information. As corrections come into the Administrative Office, they are noted and forwarded to John H for updating on the appropriate list.

Pending any P&P changes from the September meeting a current P&P, By-Laws and all the reference lists will be produced and distributed to the BoD. The current documents will also be made available to clubs upon request. An announcement at the HOD meeting in May, that a current version of the P&P was available on the PVS Web Page and from the PVS Administrative Office prompted no requests for the document to the Office.

BOD Meetings The BoD meeting schedule has been confirmed with Walt Whitman High School and we have been assigned room A218, the same classroom for our meetings as last year. Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm with the following exceptions:
September 12, 2000
October 24, 2000
December - No Meeting
March - No Meeting
June and July/August - Date and Location to be determined

As last year, the agenda will be approved by the General Chairman and published via email to the BoD before the meeting. We ask that Division Chairman, Committee Chairs, and Athlete and Coaches Representatives submit their reports electronically to the Administrative Office on the Monday, one week before the meeting for distribution to the BoD. This process when done correctly allows for more efficient communication between the BoD members and a more productive BoD meeting.

Meet Announcements The October Open, November Distance, January Distance, and all club meets held through Nov 30 have their meet announcements complete and posted. The November Open is expected to be posted shortly. Clubs with meets in December through the end of short course season should submit their MA for review ASAP. A reminder to those clubs will be sent. The Sr, Jr and AG Championship MA should be complete shortly after the September Competition Committee meeting and will be posted upon review.

Meet Director's Clinic Those Meet Directors hosting meets in the SCY Season that will be required to attend the MD clinic will be notified via voice or email not later than September 15th. The Meet Director's Clinic is scheduled for Wednesday, September 27, 2000 @ 7:00pm at River Falls.

Convention Convention planning is complete. Meeting Schedules will be distributed at the Sept BoD meeting.


PVS ended the 2000/01 swimming season/fiscal year with a 10.4% increase in Athlete Registrations. 6,650 Athletes, 464 Non Athletes, 37 Clubs

Direct distribution of the 2000/01 registration packages went well. 29 of the 37 clubs picked up their registration packages during the summer championship meets. Few questions have come up regarding the electronic registration procedures. We expect this process will enhance registration turnaround greatly.

In an effort to avoid the delays associated with incomplete Non Athlete applications the Administrative Office will be accepting and verifying coaches' applications at the October and November Opens as well as at least two other meets to be announced. The site and session times have yet to be determined for the Oct Open. Clubs may continue to submit their coaches' applications directly to the Administrative Office but should be aware of the delays associated with missing or outdated information.

The registration Database for 2000 has been closed and updated for 2001. No applications for 2000 can be accepted. We have had a very positive response regarding the posting of the Athlete and Non-Athlete registrations forms on the PVS Web Page. Clubs may now access these forms and print directly from the web page.