Registration & Administration Report
November 21, 2000

Submitted by:
Kit Mathews
Irene Millman
Linda Edmunds


Electronic athlete registration is going well. A breakdown by club will be available at the BoD meeting for both athletes and non-athletes. However, we are still without many of the club information packages and the club membership renewals. Club's failure to return these forms in a timely fashion severely hampers the Administrative Staff's ability to update files, register clubs with USA Swimming and provide accurate and timely communication. Multiple reminders have been sent to all clubs.


Meet Recon: PVS will be the beta site for the Meet Recon upgrade. This upgrade will provide for interface with Access 2000, which the current version does not support.

In running post-meet Meet Recon we have discovered a slight problem. An unattached athlete deck entered the October Open. This athlete was not registered. We have no idea how to reach this athlete. We therefore request the BoD to require Meet Directors to get name, address, phone numbers on any unattached athletes or have them show their membership card. This information would then be forwarded to the Administrative Office with the meet reports.

Aquatics Guide: As stated above many of the clubs have failed to provide their club information packages to update the administrative files, the Aquatics Guide and the Web Page. This is slowing the process immensely. However, the balance of the guide's editorial process is going fairly well.

The pre production/editorial process of this document has consumed a tremendous amount of the Admin staff's time, even with input from the various BoD and Committee Chairs. No orders from clubs have been received to date, therefore only 500 Guides will be printed. The Administrative Division will evaluate the necessity of annual publication of this document in it's current format later this year.

Excess Guides will be made available for sale at various meets following delivery of the guides to the Administrative Office and subsequently to the clubs.

Meets: In processing post-meet reports, two clubs have had issues. One club failed to pay the appropriate amount; they paid the $75.00 flat splash fee instead of the $0.75 per splash amount for meets over 200 splashes. Upon notification, this club promptly took care of the oversight. They have asked the BoD to consider changing the splash number when the flat fee is not paid to a number higher than 200 to allow clubs running small meets to have a better financial outcome.

The second situation was a club who failed to provide a complete report excluding all income numbers as required by USA Swimming. The income number was penciled in based on the number of entries X the meet entry fee. The club was notified this action was taken and that future reports need to include the required information.

Organizational Structure: This document is currently posted on the PVS Web Page and sorely out of date. It was originated from the Aquatics Guide and described basic "job descriptions" of members of the BoD and other PVS Committees and programs. It has been edited to be brought in line with the PVS By-laws, and Policies and Procedures Manual.

Although some committees have been dropped from the document they have not been eliminated, they are just not being published because they are currently vacant and or perform no function. A draft of this document has been attached for your review. Please direct any comments to the Administrative Office.

Pool Rental: Rental of facilities for the 2001 LC season are well underway. Confirmation of availability received from three venues that will be hosting 10 of the 12 LCM meets.