Administration Report
February 2001

Submitted by:
Kit Mathews
Irene Millman
Linda Edmunds


All Athlete, Non-Athlete and Club Registrations are current as of 2/12/00. The current Coach List will be posted on the PVS Web Page shortly.

Incomplete coach applications continue to be a problem. All incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant with further instructions. Each of these applicants has been contacted and the application remains incomplete over 30 days. The time for f/u and management of the incomplete applications has grown out of hand.

Electronic registration continues to go well. The majority of the seriously delinquent accounts have been cleared. Registration numbers are attached to this report.


USA Visit
The Administrative Office was very involved with the coordination of the USA Swimming Sport Development Coordinator, Sue Anderson's visit to PVS in late January.

Aquatics Guide
The PVS Printer has promised delivery of the Aquatics Guide by the 25th of this month. I have viewed the blue line copy and a finished version of the cover. Arrangements are being made with clubs hosting PVS meets in March for distribution and sales.

Eric Moore has taken the position of Awards Chairman and has been in regular communication with the office regarding his responsibilities and immediate tasks.

Pool Rental
Three vendors have not yet finalized their 2001 summer or 2001/02 rental rates. We have been assured they are working diligently to finalize their rates, it is expected to be cleared by end of March. As of this date (2/12/01) NO contract has been executed for PGS&LC for the March 1-4 meet, the facility continues to have serious equipment issues.

Year to Date Statistics - As Of: 2/12/2001

Regular 6003
Season 1 19
Season 2 0
Total 6022

Individual 357
Family 1 25
Family 2 24
Sports Med 1
Sustaining 0
Life 6
Total 413

Regular 32
Organization 0
Season 1 0
Season 2 0
Total 32