Administration Report
April 2001

Submitted by:
Kit Mathews
Irene Millman
Linda Edmunds


All Athlete, Non-Athlete and Club Registrations are current as of 4/1/01. Registration numbers are below. One new club, Machine Aquatic call letters of MACH.


Aquatics Guide
Copies have been distributed to virally all of the clubs and key members/volunteers within PVS. No additional orders were received. Relatively few copies were sold at the March Championship Meets. The Administrative Division does not recommend production of this guide next year. A limited number of documents with a more abbreviated content could be easily produced in house for key PVS staff, volunteers, Meet Managers, and board members.

Year to Date Statistics - As Of: 3/31/2001

Regular 6213
Season 1 19
Season 2 0
Total 6232

Individual 380
Family 1 29
Family 2 28
Sports Med 1
Sustaining 0
Life 6
Total 444

Regular 33
Organization 0
Season 1 0
Season 2 0
Total 33