Administration Report
July 2001

Submitted by:
Linda Edmunds
Kit Mathews
Irene Millman


Attachment Issues:

We continue to have problems with clubs entering athletes attached prior to their attachment dates after a club transfer. These attachment problems are being caught when Meet recon is being run. Clubs have been notified via phone and email regarding this as well as the meet manager. In some cases the meet manager has been unable to change the attachment of an athlete prior to the program printing and for some reason it was not cleared prior to the results being processed either.

In most cases it has simply been a case of club entry person error, but when contacted regarding these issues they have not always corrected it for the next meet. The following is a situation that has occurred and needs action by the BoD.

Athlete swam as attached to Club 1 at the Early Bird Meet. Club 2 notified the office that the athlete swam as attached when the athlete should have been unattached. The office sent a general reminder email to all clubs to be attentive to attachment dates. The athlete again swam as attached to Club 1 at Maryland States. The office phoned the coach at Club 1 and reminded the coach to be mindful of attachment dates, the entry deadline for the AG 1 meet had already passed at the time of the notification. When Meet recon was run for the AG 2 meet, the athlete was again listed as attached to Club 1, in response to the email sent to Club 1, the coach apologized stating that he had not been able to contact his meet entry person to make the correction.

Club 2 has also requested "advice" on teams who enter athletes as attached when swimming in out of town meets.

The Administrative Division requests the authority from the BoD to automatically fine or sanction clubs for this infraction. Currently the Division brings these matters to the Board for review and frequently this occurs 30 days after the infraction. With new clubs popping up and more athletes transferring this has become a more prevalent issue of late.

Coach's certifications:

A report is being produced and mailed this week with all the expiration dates by club, by coach. This report does not email well and will be mailed hard copy to the registration chair for each club.

Registration forms:

We have not yet received the 2002 registration forms from USA swimming. Non-Athlete applications will be mailed upon receipt but athlete forms will not since all clubs must use electronic registration this year.

Athletes 6,418
Non-Athletes 448
Clubs 33

Most of the activity at this time on athletes is transfers. Three coaches have applications pending receipt of safety certifications or other information.


Technological problems continue to be a problem with both the main desktop computers. We have budgeted replacement of the desk top unit for Linda and after 4 months of replacement parts and numerous headaches with Irene's desk top unit as well it has been determined that will too will have to be replaced. This however will not have significant impact on the budget since the current system has new memory and hard drive and a name brand system will not be purchased. Several technicians have looked at the system and none can eliminate the intermittent problems and attribute them to proprietary software imbedded on the motherboard. The heavy usage of these systems seem to bring out the worst of what might otherwise be a reasonably acceptable system for moderate usage. The current systems will be maintained for use with the LSC data base program only, since any access to this program brings the system to a grinding halt and requires rebooting if you are lucky or loss of all unsaved information.

Further, we have been unsuccessful in locating (locally) a hard drive for the HP laptop that has now failed to the point that all data stored on the system is corrupted or inaccessible. Steps are being taken to correct this problem with the help of Don Smith and John Blaschke.

Problems with the voice mail system that occurred over the winter have reoccurred. And although we have been assured the problem has been corrected, my confidence in the system has seriously waned. Action will be taken to correct this situation by either further communication with the phone company or replacing the voicemail system with an electronic answering device.

Scholar Athlete:

Patti Brown indicated she has only 35 applicants for this year. New pins have been received and are being mailed to her. Please contact the Administrative Office if anyone is interested in taking over the Scholar athlete program, this will be Patti's last year administering this program.

Hospitality at PVS Sponsored Meets:

The Administrative Division respectfully requests the BoD to consider increasing the amount PVS contributes to meet hospitality from $50.00 per session to $75.00 per session.

We realize this is after the budget has been completed but after reviewing the summer meets it has been brought to the attention of the Administrative Chair that this amount is simply not sufficient.

Next year's BoD meetings:

Request for approval

September 25, 2001
October 16, 2001
November 20, 2001
December - No Meeting
January 15, 2002
February 19, 2002
March - No Meeting
April 16, 2002
May - HOD
June 18, 2002
July/August TBD

Meetings are requested to be held at Walt Whitman High School