Administration Report
October 16, 2001

Submitted by:
Linda Edmunds
Kit Mathews
Irene Millman


  • Four of the Five Coaches Continuing Education Grants have been paid with the last one expected this week.
  • The network version of Meet Manager has been received and will be tested in the next couple of weeks.

To date the following have been received and are in process:

Athletes = 2,619
Non-Athletes = 168
Clubs =

There have been problems with the club registrars having complete information from Hy-Tek regarding the Team Manager II registration procedures. LSC Registrars were supposed to receive this information at convention but did not. We now have the information and believe the club registrars are on track.

We have spent several hours each day working through this process with the various club and site registrars over the phone. There are several new registrars that are unfamiliar with the program and process and we expect to be working closely with them over the next several weeks both over the phone and meeting with them directly.