Administration Report
November 13, 2001

Submitted by:
Linda Edmunds
Kit Mathews
Irene Millman


Pool Rentals:
Issues regarding configuration of the pool set-up at certain PVS venue continues to be a problem. Don Smith had to deliver and set-up PVS Equipment at the PGS&LC site of the November Open to facilitate 10 lane configuration. The administrative Office would like board approval for compensating Don for his delivery and set-up fees that would normally be charged to the Meet Host since the facility caused this difficulty and not the meet manager.

We are finalizing the distance meet locations and starting the process for LC and next year's SCY facility rentals.

Administrative Office software upgrades have begun and are continuing to go smoothly. The Office has been working closely with Don to facilitate the purchases of new meet equipment.

An observed meet for UMD has been approved by USA swimming and subsequently sanctioned by PVS.

Off Schedule sanction requests continue to come in. There still seems to be issues regarding clubs holding to their original sanction format both for on and off schedule meets. This needs to be addressed from both the Administrative and Competition Divisions. The Administrative Office intends to advise all offending clubs directly in writing as well as post a reminder of the sanctioning process and procedures as well as policy regarding changing format after sanctioning.

Most officials have now submitted their registration applications although relatively few coaches have submitted. Of those coaches applications submitted they fall into two categories, "Clean and complete" or "not even close".

As of 5pm 11/13/01 all complete applications received through Monday 11/12/01 will have been processed and mailed. A list of current Coaches and Officials will be posted on the PVS Web Page not later than 11/16/01

YMCA has contacted the administrative Office regarding their membership and has advised up that the Metropolitan Y will consolidate into one club with training sites throughout the LSC.

One new club has joined - American University has just submitted completed paperwork for becoming a USA Swimming club.

Meet Recon
Clubs have not been as timely about submitting MM files for Meet Recon. A reminder regarding this will be sent in flash mail to all clubs.