Administration Report
January 2002

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Submitted by:
Irene Millman


Pool Rentals:
Requests and awaiting contracts for LC pools, incorporating changes of JR & SR Champs weekends. Received confirmation and contract addendum via Email on Thursday 1/17 from FCPA regarding LC meet dates are all OK. No confirmation from City of Rockville regarding the municipal Pool. UMD and GMU have both agreed to swap the weekend for the Junior & Senior/Age Group Championship meets, awaiting contracts.

SCY 2002-03 season pool requests have gone to venues expect to have contracts mid March to late April. Facilities have requested that our firm SCY schedule be to them by mid January for SCY and not later than December for LCM seasons. LC is not as big of an issue since fewer lesson programs are active at that time. By requesting SCY pools in January and not the early summer this alleviates the issues of Saturday water during High School Season, when fewer pools are available to PVS, and conflicts with lesson programs and other events can be worked out well in advance.

FCPA has informed the Administrative Office that the 2002-03 requested meets will not have final confirmation until after the FCPA planning meeting on February 7th

The issues regarding Pool Rentals for SCY 2001-02 season arose from three specific events.

  1. Facilities have changed their rental procedures and had not clearly relayed those changes to the Administrative Office. This includes the late summer (8/31) notification that Sunday rentals will no longer be available on major events weekends.
  2. The change in the format of an open meet as late as September made finding water a challenge at best since none had been contracted in May as others had due to the unavailability of SCM pools. Certain facilities were unavailable on Saturday due to HS meets and lesson programs planned as early as March of 2001.
  3. Facility went down due to mechanical problems less than 45 days out from the January Distance Meet, and cancelled February Distance due unforeseen February HS meets.

Corrections to these issues:

  1. Clearer understanding of time lines and current rental procedures through Face to Face meetings with two of our major rental facility organizations.
  2. Schedules and meet formats now being set at least one Competition Committee meeting earlier, and format changes will not occur after that schedule is approved by the BoD. Also the Committee gave the Administrative Office the flexibility to adjust meet weekends w/o affecting club meet sanctionability upon finalization of the Redskins schedule and other determining factors of facility availability.
  3. Use more reliable facilities or ones with alternate facility availability in the event of a mechanical failure
  4. .

Linda Klopfenstein has asked that The Office include the new forms (will be provided at the BoD meeting) for request of verification of official times with this report. These will be posted on the PVS Web Page as well. She has asked that coaches be reminded that when requesting times that all information on the form be completed, or if submitted via email all the information on the form be included in the body of the email, most specifically the meet date, name and if application the HS team for which the athlete competed.

Meets occurring outside this LSC should be requested from the sanctioning LSC.

US Open Travel:
Six clubs applied for US Open travel reimbursement for 26 athletes. Twenty-five athletes were qualified and by the Board meeting date of 1/22 will have mailed the club's checks. One was submitted as an appeal. All applications were received in a timely manner.


Athlete has been experiencing sever shoulder pain since July 2000. It has impacted his/her ability to train as well as his/her ability to perform and participate in meets. He/She has been working religiously with medical professionals including orthopedists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors. Unfortunately he/she still has challenges in this area.

During the summer of 2001. Athlete "participated" in four swim meets

Maryland States - swam 5 of 7 entered events
Quebec Cup - swam 4 of 7 events
Senior Champs - swam 1 of 4 events
Sectionals - swam 1 of 5 events

In each instance, his/her lack of participation was as a result of shoulder pain. Athlete has continued this level of participation in 2001-2002 meets. He/She has swum in the RMSC October and November Invitationals, the US Open, the Joe Jacoby Invitational, and the Beck's Import Invitational in Charlotte, but in each case his/her participation has required some reductions as a result of his/her injury.

He/She continues to make progress in training, and we are hopeful that he/she will soon be able to return to his/her full complement of events in most meets.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

The board approved (October 2001) the donation of $5,000 to a designated charity for the 9/11 tragedies. A check has been mailed to the Pentagon Assistance Fund administered by the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.


All Athlete registrations have been brought current. Reconciliation of Athlete registrations have begun working closely with team registrars to inure all submitted batches have been processed and registration payments are current. It is expected at this time that next season athlete registrations will continue much as they have this year with one exception, batches (with the exception of ones specifically pertaining to Meet Recon) will be mailed with the registration checks to avoid major reconciliation problems in the future.

Non- Athlete:
Non-Athlete registrations are current. Coaches' certifications continue to be a problem again this year. Coaches are reminded that just like your driver's license your certification cards must be on your person along with your membership card at all times while coaching or participating in an approved USA/PVS Swimming activity. In an attempt to assist the coaching community this year by requesting certifications be submitted on copy per page with their applications so they may be filed by coach in a binder was relatively unsuccessful. Only three certifications are required to be copied for first year and third year and on coaches, CPR, Fist Aid, and Safety Training for Swim Coaches, one certification card copy per page attached to the coach's application. Second year coaches are also required to submit a copy of their letter of passing from ASCA. Missing certifications, missing letters of Education, and certifications coming in separately from applications continues to be a large problem. A large number of coaches were out of cert for more than 30 days this fall, and many did not get their certifications brought current until after the first of the year. In general clubs were very late submitting coaches applications this year.

Several clubs were late submitting their registrations again this year - due in part to head coaches being seriously overdue in submitting their coach's applications. Clubs must have a designated head coach to be a club in good standing. When the head coach is not current with their certifications this presents an administrative problem. If the club is not current due to the coach, then those athletes attached to that cannot be registered. Coaches late on their certifications create a domino affect and a tremendous amount of follow up. This is not a PVS rule but a USA Swimming rule and the LSC Registration Data Base program will not permit athletes, or non-athletes to be registered to a club that is not current or one with a coach out of certification, thus creating a backlog of registrations for clubs, athletes and non-athletes.

A new club has been formed in PVS.
Hydro-sonic Tiburones Call letters TIBU
Jorge Silva from Ward's Wolverines is the Head Coach

Current Registration numbers as of 1/22 will be provided at the meeting.