Administration Report
February 2002

Submitted by:
Irene Millman


Reminders to the clubs/coaches have been sent regarding, Zone Team deadline; SCY Meet bid deadline; next Competition Committee meeting; verifications and certifications for Nationals; HoD meeting date and location, including HoD representative change.

Pool contacts for Summer Championships meets are forthcoming from UMD, and received from GMU. Confirmation from FCPA received on most requested dates for SCY 2002-03 meets. February & January dates are still under investigation of availability based on Snow dates & HS meets (times & dates).


Most club accounts have been reconciled. Three clubs still have errors on Athlete registration numbers but I am working diligently with club registrars to correct them.

Registration as of 2/15/2002:

Athletes: 5286
Non Athletes 379
Clubs 33

Clubs have received bills via email or will be receiving upon completion of reconciliation.

Coach's certification continues to be a problem with clubs/coaches sending in incomplete applications. Percentage of incorrect applications is still running approximately 40% of all submitted applications.

The LSC Data Base apparently has a bug in the system and when backed up and moved from one system to another records are incompletely indexed. They either appear in the database but not in the full transfer to USA Swimming (i.e. - it appears from the numbers they transferred but when loaded in Colorado Springs they are dropped), or they are deleted completely sometimes before cards are printed. I have discussed this issue with USA Swimming staff and a full system back up is being forwarded for them to review.