Administration Report
November 20, 2002


Sumie Emory assumed the responsibilities as PVS part-time Registrar on October 1. With strong assistance from General Chair Thirl Crudup, Sumie has assumed full responsibility for processing all athlete and non-athlete registrations. Currently, she is processing properly submitted applications within 48 hours of receipt. Approximately two-thirds of the expected registrations for 2003 have been received.

The new registration procedure has been full of discovery. Primarily, we are finding unacceptably high numbers of discrepancies between current registrations and meet entries. Part of the problem is with the PVS database. However, many of the errors are the result of sloppy administrative work by the clubs. Current estimates indicate that it will be in the spring of next year before these discrepancies can be resolved. The process will consist of returning a list of discrepancies to the clubs for them to research and resolve. Then, the PVS database will be corrected as necessary. The most common mistakes appear to be birthdates (year), middle initials, and poor spelling.

Administrative Assistant

Ads and job descriptions were posted on the internet and the PVS web site and a large number of responses were received, including many well qualified candidates. However, during the period without a paid administrator and the work being handled by PVS volunteers, the sense of the job description began to change. This discovery of the actual amount of time necessary to accomplish specific tasks led to a re-thinking of the skills that will be most valuable in this position.

In addition to the re-thinking of the type of person who will be best qualified for this position, the volunteers performing this work determined that many past problems need to be resolved prior to handing the duties over to an inexperienced employee. Therefore, the search for an administrator is on indefinite hold until the association has a better understanding of how best to resolve this need.

Business Office

The events since mid-summer have reinforced the need for a business office. Not only will the physical presence be valuable for image and growth, but the availability of a fixed location for business records, information, etc. will enable our volunteers to perform their duties more effectively and more efficiently.

The association's goal is to share office space with a larger organization that can provide us with access to a meeting room, break room, reception, etc. Several possible alliances have been investigated, but none have matched our needs. The search continues with the hope of being in new space within 90 days.

Additional Functions

The Administration Division sports a large umbrella that covers a wide variety of issues, largely focused on the business operations of the association. Frequently, these areas of interest overlap with responsibilities of the Operations and Finance Divisions, while they also have a direct impact on the competitions and other activities.

These issues and activities are being organized as part of a business plan for the association. The plan will include responsibilities for the PVS Administrator as well as for volunteers. When complete, this plan will help determine the job description for the administrator as well as the need for committees and other volunteer structures.


Two committee chairs have been appointed:

  • Tyanna Ertter, Chair, Records and Top 16
  • Lyn Hellmann, Chair, Awards