Administration Report
January 22, 2003

1. Registration (See attached report)
Athletes - no problems
Officials - no problems
Coaches - many problems: confusion on application materials, on education requirements, etc;
2. Meet Reconciliation January meet test upcoming
Establish procedures for future meets
Establish procedures for PVS championship meets
3. Office and Administrator No report
4. Committees Awards - Lyn Hellman, TCSD, new chair; up to date
Records - Tyanna Ertter, CUBU, new chair, working with John H to get up to date
Scholar Athlete - Candy Fowler, MACH, new chair
Publicity - vacant
Insurance - vacant (probably will stay vacant unless an insurance pro volunteers)
5. Legal Review of December meeting with Don Reynolds, TCSD
Recommendation that PVS appoint as outside counsel, Joe Artabane, who has 20+ years of experience with the Amateur Sports Act and substantial experience with USOC and USA-S.
6. Marketing Officials - slowly moving toward marketing approach
Volunteers - sourced primarily from officials
PVS Meet Policies - Distance meets now using automatic timing equipment; other issues - separate distance champs, winter PVS championship (JO's - ?)
Athletes - reviewing branding and visibility items for '04