Administration Division Report
April 23, 2003

1. Office Space The issues of location, size, lease options, physical arrangements and shared services will be discussed using real offers of space.
2. Administrator Decision Option that we need to consider include number of hours, task descriptions, qualifications of the staff members, and priorities.
3. Registrar Review of current agreement; consideration of supplemental work
4. Marketing Team Promotion (brochures, ads, booths, etc.) Athlete Identification (decals, tags, credentials, etc.) USA-S / PVS Brand Development (signage, promo items, etc.) Events (pageantry, public relations, quality control)
5. Volunteers Officials Recognition (reduced fees, pins, whistles, bells, etc.) Officials Travel (nat'l meets, etc.)
6. HoD Plan for House of Delegates is in place; contact will begin next week.