Administrative Items
July 22, 2003 Report
(prepared by John Hirschmann)

SWIMS Database
  • All 14 2003 PVS sanctioned LC meets were loaded into the new USA Swimming STARS database this past week. This includes the recently completed PVS Age Group Champs that was loaded Sunday night and whose results were generally available to all users by Monday morning.
  • Currently only times AA and faster are being loaded. USA Swimming plans to relax this requirement soon - perhaps in increments - with the intent of loading all times eventually.
  • Times load automatically unless an invalid USA Swimming registration is in the Meet Mgr file or the valid ID does not agree with the name in the national registration data base. In this case manual intervention (and some research) is needed to align the meet manager data with the national registration data.
  • Most "failures to load" can be attributed to about 30 swimmers for whom the registration number used to enter meets is different than what is in the national data base. Most are due to minor discrepancies in the values, inverted information, etc. There are also a fews cases of missing registration numbers. PVS will need to place more emphasis on using correct registration numbers to enter meets in order to minimize the effort required to load times into SWIMS. This will likely be greater as we enter a new registration year and as USA Swimming starts to accept slower times into the data base.
  • Only two swimmers have been identified who apparently swam as unregistered swimmers. The PVS Board should address whether they should be fined.
  • Four SC meets from 2002-03 were also loaded. A decision needs to be made whether names that did not automatically load will be researched.
Coaches Registration
  • A list of coaches currently properly registered with PVS as late June was posted to the PVS website in early July (as well as being publicized via FLASH MAIL.) Almost 40% of the coaches names were removed from the list before it was posted because they had one or more expired certs. The PVS Board may wish to address how it wishes to monitor the requirement that only properly certified coaches should be on the deck and coaching during a PVS sanctioned meet.
  • Sanctions were issued for the Nationals (including TT's and Open Water) and the Y National meet.