SUBMITTED to the Board by William Stephens


PVS Membership Trends and Analysis

At the beginning of 2006, PVS has registered 7021 swimmers representing 36 clubs. This is a 2.4% increase from this point last year when we had 6857 swimmers representing 35 clubs. This also is an 18.2% increase over two years. It is very pleasing that the Olympic year “bounce” has continued for an additional year. Most of the increases in registrations have come from the younger age groups and the good news is that we appear to be retaining most of them. Below are some highlights and comments from the registration data.

  1. 8 and unders total 1203 this year vs. 1242 last year, a 133% increase from the 515 two years ago.
  2. 9 year olds increased 10% from last year and 54% from two years ago, indicating that we are holding many of the new swimmers.
  3. After a 16% drop last year, our high school age swimmer registration is holding steady this year.
  4. The 187 swimmers of BWST are included in these numbers, but the 21 swimmers at DC Jets are listed as UN and the club is not included.
  5. The number of officials and coaches both held steady over the past two years.
  6. Several clubs show a significant change in registrations. The biggest gains are at MAKO, going from 385 to 622 over two years, CUBU from 707 to 954, FAST from 38 to 95, new team ASA from 0 to 54 to 124, and PM from 316 to 403. The biggest declines were SDS, from 731 to 531, OCCS from 377 to 205 and FBST from 104 to 61.
  7. USA-S reports that there are 18 clubs nationally with more than 500 registrations. Five are in PVS: RMSC, CUBU, MAKO, YORK, and SDS.

In other activities, the application of BWST to be a member of PVS was approved by the National VP for Local Administration in the first test of the new policy adopted last September. The application of the DC Jets is pending. The Jets head coach, James Tramel, has spoken with Pat Hogan and Ira Klein in regard to his application and he is preparing a paper to justify his request to be a member of PVS