Age Group Report
January 2001
Submitted by: Bob Walker

Swim Meets

Christmas Championships was a great success. This meet was designed for swimmers who could conclude the first half of the year with a championship meet. Awards were given to those that placed 1 through 8 and also another award for a swimmer achieving their first 'A' time. Great job Chris Huott.

Warm-ups were done differently on the two days. I am not sure if this is overseen by the Meet Director. This did not propose any problems, but could present problems if allowed to continue at the meets.

Joe Jacoby Invitational was also a success. The meet attracted some outside clubs, along with our Potomac Valley clubs, made a fast meet. The 12-under sessions were LONG. Going well past 4 hours in length. On Saturday the prelim session was 6 1/2 hours long (including warm-up).

The Age-Group Swimmer-of-the-year Awards were not presented at the meet. An alternative plan should be discussed to get the respective athletes their awards.

I did not attend the Qualifying meets or the Mini Meet in December, but heard nothing from them.


With zones fast approaching the application is being revised and posted on the Potomac Valley web site. We should have plenty of time to turn-around the 12-under entry. With their last opportunity to qualify at the 14-under Championships. The 13-older athletes have a short turn-around time between Sectionals and when the entry is due.

The selection of the remaining zone coaches will be done at the 14-under Championships and at the Sectional meet.

The short time-frame between 14-under Champs and Zones might eliminate or alter the 12-under zone camp.