Age Group Report
April 2001
Submitted by: Bob Walker

The short course season for the year 2000-2001 is quickly coming to a close. With a few short course meets left on the schedule, the bulk of the season has concluded. A reminder to all coaches to double check their top-16 performances for the year and submit them to Mrs. Buck.

Mini Champs:
I did not attend Mini Champs. I have not heard any problems form the the meet. Any thought on the meet should be brought to my attention.

14-under Champs:
A great success in adding the 13-14 year olds to the meet. There were only complements. A look at the qualifying times might result in some minor time cut changes. But for the most part things look to remain similar for next year. Any requests, please forward them to me. Remember that the schedule will change from year to year on the placement of the meet. We control very little on when to place meets, everything starts with the nationals and works there way down to the age-group level. Please also consider any thoughts on adding 13-14 year olds to summer long course age group champs.

Spring Champs:
Also a great success. This was a very popular and well attended meet. With the 6 way meet going on in Virginia the same weekend, lots and lots of PVS swimmers utilized this time to swim. Any thoughts on Spring Champs should be forward to Chris Huott and myself.

Eastern Zones: We are the Champions. With support from our entire LSC, we steam-rolled into the zone meet and never looked back. The results are on the PVS web page. Thank-you to all the staff, volunteers and officials for a wonderful meet. We need to talk about a few items for future zone meets. What to do with the 8th place qualifying time for future zone consideration. (Since it will drastically change with the addition of the sectional swimmers. We will have only one year of results and nothing to base an 8th place time on.) We will have to look at traveling to zones, unless we are supporting hosting the zone meet again. We have to look at selecting our team. There is problems in swimmers withdrawing from events at the last minute, or swimmers with no intention on swimming that put in their applications.

Thank-you all for a wonderful short course season....It's long course time!