Age Group Report
July 2001
Submitted by: Bob Walker

Age-Group Chair Report:

With all the PVS meets concluded, we had a great summer in Potomac Valley Swimming. Several records were broken, new venues were used and several of our swimmers traveled outside of Potomac Valley to other LSC's for meets.

Summer 2001:

Our one day Sunday meets were lightly attended, but combing them would have run the meets slightly past the four hour limit. Thoughts to combine and positive check-in all events could be a solution, leaving the meets as is and promoting them to our clubs or opening them up to outside LSC clubs could also be a solution.

Age-Group Champs was well attended. It pushed the brink of having the meet squashed in-between the Senior Champs. Looking to have it on another weekend is an alternative. There might also be an in interest next year in adding the 13-14 year old age group to the meet, this would definitely move it out between the Senior Champ Meet. The meet host needs to be addressed as to what happened the two weeks prior to the meet when entries were due, up to and including the week of the meet. Several e-mail messages were overlooked and an almost near disaster occurred. Thanks to John H. and his insight we got through the weekend. The date(s) of the meet seemed to work for our athletes and keeping the meet in the afternoon or evening (or off Saturday) looks to be the best choice.

A concluding meet for our age-groupers might be looked into for next summer. Junior Champs gives the 13 and over athlete a concluding meet. The Age-Groupers are done early summer, unless they make the age group champ meet. A large population is lost, with no concluding meet. A junior champ meet for 15 and over and another meet for 14 and under could be a solution. Or having the Junior Champ meet, but also adding a no faster than 12 and under champ meet could be another solution.

Zones 2001:

Our coaching staff is set. Congratulations to Gabrial, Rob, John and Evan joining George and Brendan. Good Luck in Buffalo.

Respectfully submitted by

Bob Walker