Age Group Report
September 2001
Submitted by: Bob Walker

Age-Group Chair Report:

I was one of several that did not have a chance to attend this years convention. I have nothing to report from the convention, but I am all ears for any information that might be pertinent to PVS Age-group swimming.

I asked George Massey to make up a zone report for the CCM. (I would like a copy of the report attached to the age-group report.) George Massey and his staff did a wonderful job. Congratulations. For the Short Course Zones 2002, we have elected our Head Coach and Assistant Coach, upon BoD approval they are George Massey (Head Coach) and Evan Stiles (Assistant Coach).

Fall swim meets provide many opportunities for the Age-Groupers. They are allowed to swim 7 events in the Oct. Open and 10 events in the November Open. We have included 50's for older swimmers and the distance events for the younger swimmers.

I will get together with Dave Tonnesson from OCCS and take a look at last years JO meet. Make sure the cuts were OK, event order was OK and session length was OK. Make any adjustments as needed, so that we can get the qualifying times posted ASAP.