Age Group Report
October 15, 2001
Submitted by: Bob Walker

Age-Group Chair Report:

We have a "Catch the Spirit" camp on Oct. 28. The camp will be run at the Ashburn Village Sports Pavillion. This camp is designed for all boys and girls born in 1990-1992. The camp is accepting registration until October 22. More info gain be found at the PVS web site or by contacting Eric Moore from AVST.

Our Head Coach will be George Massey and Assistant Coach Evan Stiles. The remaining coaching staff will be selected at the finals sessions of the JO meet (2 12-under coaches) and SR. Champs (2 14-over coaches). All interested in applying for a zone coaching position can email the PVS office, contact their coaching rep (John Blaschke or Bill Marlin) or apply at the respective meet.

The 2001-2002 PVS Short Course Zone Meet will have an application that will be required for all interested swimmers. (The form will be posted on the PVS web Site and will be due early 2002). The 12-under swimmers will be the fastest two times swum in a USA sanctioned swim meet up-to-and-including JO's, March 8-10, 2002. (For those swimmers that have an application on file). The 13-over swimmers will take the fastest time swum up-to-and-including the Eastern Sectional Meet, March 14-17, 2002. The second swimmer will be the next fastest time as long as that swim equals or betters the 8th place preliminary seed time from last years Short Course Zone Meet. (For those swimmers that have an application on file)

Age-Group Swimming:
Our 2001-2002 swimming season has begun. Some intrasquad meets, the RMSC October Open and Harvest Moon Meet kicked off our season. Welcome back all swimmers. Good Luck in the coming year ahead! The Age-Group JO meet qualifing times are being finalized. The meet will be very similiar to last years very successful meet. It appears all times will remain the same or loosened slightly. These will be posted on the PVS web site once finalized.

CCM January meeting will be posted on the PVS web site.

All out of town and sanctioned meets should submit a copy of their results to the PVS office and commlink (.cl2 or .sd3 file) to the PVS Webmaster.