Age-Group Swimming '01-'02
May 21, 2002
Submitted by: Bob Walker

With the end of another short course season, we again have a healthy age-group program in Potomac Valley. We were able to provide a variety of meets for all ability levels. Several of our swimmers set PVS records, traveled to meets across the US and around the world. Keep spreading the word throughout your summer leagues that USA swimming is a great place to get involved in.

Since our last HoD meeting we won summer long course zones in Buffalo, NY and finished 2nd at spring short course zones in Glouchester, NJ. Thank-you to Linda Crudup (PVS Zone Coordinator), George Massey (Head Coach for both meets) and the entire PVS assistant coaching staff, parents, officials and swimmers who make these meets a big success for our athletes. Please read the article on the short course zone meet on the PVS web home page (

Our summer '02 long course zone meet will be in Buffalo, NY and our spring '03 short course zone meet will be in Glouchester, NJ. If there are any interested PVS teams wishing to bid on any of the next three zones meets:

Summer '03
Spring '04
Summer '04
Bids and voting will occur at the USA swimming convention this falls. Zones are a great opportunity to see and/or compete against some of the finest swimmers in the NorthEast.

Zones have agreed to include the 200 stroke events for 11-12 year olds and the 400/500 free for the 10-unders, starting in spring of '03. We have agreed to provide these events in our PVS open meets starting this upcoming fall season and in our JO Champs for our local PVS swimmers. A committee has been formed to look into the proper placing of these events at meets for '02-'03. Any input would be appreciated.

Several PVS Camps have been available for our athletes. Please keep an eye on the PVS web page and/or talk to our local camp coordinator for PVS, Kerry Ellett ( This fall an overnight camp is being planned!

Two important committees have been set in place to review and suggest what PVS can do better to serve our athletes.

Dave Tonnesen is heading a committee to look into long course swimming. Please contact him if you have any suggestions. 14-under JO's was a success short course; do we want to see this meet in a long course form?

Bill Marlin is heading a committee to look into short course swimming. Please contact him if you have any suggestions.

Rod Montrie is our new PVS distance coordinator, if there are any suggestions in regards to distance swimming, please contact him.

As you appoint your new Age-Group Coordinator to PVS swimming tonight, I want to thank all of you for nominating me. I have enjoyed serving you these past two years.

Coach Bob Walker