Draft minutes until approved at the May Competition Committee Meeting

Competition Committee Meeting

January 7, 2009

Overlee Community Center


Attendance: Bill Marlin, PVS; Greg York, PVS; Jim Garner, PVS; Dan Jacobs, PVS; Manga Dalizu, PVS; John Ertter, Executive Director; Emily Felker, HACC; Eric Adams, SNOW; Mark Faherty, CUBU; Shelley Geskar, YORK;  Virginia Ratcliff, PVS; CJ Fiala, PVS; Tim Kelly, CUBU; Aaron Dean, OCCS; Peter Karl, SDS; Paris Jacobs, MACH; Jorge Silva, TIBU; Nathan Meadows, TIBU; Steve Menard, AAC; Norm Wright, FISH: Mark Murray, FBST; Mike Kraeuter, BWST; Denise Adams, ASA, Chris Huott, MSSC; Pete Morgan, CUBU; Brian Pawlowicz, Terri Marlin, PVS


Call to Order: Bill called the meeting to order at 7:02 Pm


Approval of October 2008 CCM Minutes; a motion was made to accept the October 2008 Competition Committee Meeting Minutes as submitted. Motion was second and approved.


PVS Board Action Items:


PVS AG Coach of the Year Award Applications: due May 30, 2009 to Bill Marlin


Club Meet Bids for:



Clubs to bid to host 2009 LC Meets: It has been asked that any Club wishing to host a PVS Meet for the 09 long course season or the 09-10 short course season, submit bids to Bill Marlin or Terri Marlin no later that Saturday January 31, 2009. Final decisions will be made and announced after the February Board Meeting.


2009 LC Zone Team Head/Assistant Head Coach Elections:



2009 SC Zone Team Assistant Coaches Elections:


PVS Level 1 Camp: 4/25/09 at Fairland: Terri is planning a USA Swimming “Catch the Spirit Camp” – Level 1 for 10 & Under Novice swimmers. An application for coaches and swimmers will be produced.


Qualifying times for all SC meets are now posted to PVS website; the 18 & U AG Champ cuts are in the meet announcement. They will be put on the website shortly.


Coaches Reps


BoD reports


Old Business


New Business


Spring 09 Meeting: May 13, 2009, site tba

Adjourn, motion, approved