Board Minutes approved at the February 9, 2009 meeting


Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Directors Meeting

Overlee Community Center

Arlington , Virginia

January 12, 2009


Dinner – 6:30 PM


·         Recommendation #1: It is recommended that PVS stops renting meet boxes; traditionally PVS doesn’t do a great job with supplying “office supplies”. PVS will continue to supply the paper formats of the forms that have PVS logos on it, but not the stuff that can be bought at “Office Depot”. PVS would also no longer provide lap counters or watches—all teams would have to provide their own watches and lap counters for all meets.

o         A list of standard Meet Box supplies will be posted on the PVS website for all teams to review. Karl Hellmann agreed to prepare this list.

·          Motion: As of February 1, 2009 PVS will no longer rent/supply meet boxes to Clubs sponsoring meets. The motion was seconded and approved [PVS will continue to order and supply all DQ slips, reseed slips, deck entry forms, relay take off slips] PVS will also continue to support any club having transition problems.


·         Recommendation #2: It is recommended that PVS stop renting laptops and printers used with these laptops. Teams will be required to use their own laptops, software and printers. PVS will continue to provide cables necessary to connect laptops to the timing console and the printers associated with the timing consoles that PVS rents.

o        It was noted that this also means Clubs would need to acquire Hy-Tek Meet Manager software and also that PVS would need to provide guidance so it would be compatible with timing systems and scoreboards currently being used in PVS. There may also need to be a need to produce award labels, etc. It was agreed  that specific guidance as to what features of MM a club needs to acquire to properly support a PVS sanctioned meet would be provided. Information on the MM software will be posted on the PVS web site.

·         Motion: PVS will stop renting laptops and printer for the laptop and will not be providing meet management software for any Club meets effective February 1, 2009; the motion was seconded and approved.


·         Recommendation #4: It is recommended that PVS rental rates be revised to recover a greater percentage of the costs incurred and PVS will begin to include a formal contract for the use of its equipment. These new rental rates will reflect the amount of time equipment is rented for and what equipment is rented. An equipment rental schedule will be brought back to the board for a formal vote.


·         Recommendation #3: It is recommended that PVS looks at and assist teams into purchasing their own electronic timing equipment (timing console, starter, harness, button, pads). Therefore PVS will ultimately no longer rent equipment to clubs for Club Meets; however PVS will supply equipment for all PVS meets. This needs to go to the HoD due to the budget items and the number of clubs involved.


·         7. Storing and transporting equipment: The current transportation of equipment, particularily touch pads in private vehicles can cause damage, particularly if they cannot be placed properly in the vehicle. It was agreed we should purchase one trailer now and use it as a prototype to seeif more trailers should be purchased in the future. The Executive Director advised this could be funded within funds authorized as part  of the FY 2008-09 budget

o        Motion: PVS authorized the Executive Director expend up to $5000 to purchase a trailer of sufficient size, have it retro-fitted for transporting timing equipment and additional funds to purchase items; second and approved.


·         Note: No action was taken on Recommendatons # 5 & #6


·          Action Items from January 7, 2009 Competition Committee Meeting:      

o        1. B/BB Champs meet was proposed to be renamed and reformatted to the “PVS 18 & U Age Group Championships”; it will be a 2 sessions (13 & O, 12 & U) top end cuts will be the 14 & Under JO cuts and Jr. Champ cuts for 15 & O.  Motion: to accept the CCM recommendation made, seconded and approved.                       

o        CCM endorsed the recommendation to change the Outstanding Athlete from a two year age group to a single age groups from the age of 9 to 18 and Opne, but each athlete can only apply for one age group, with the exception of the Open age group in which “Open” can be the second age group, the qualification period will remain the same, September 1-August 31. A Motion was made to accept this as a single age group as stated above with the qualification period remaining the same Sept 1-Aug 31, the coach will have the option of  one age group the athlete can apply for. The accomplishments presented n the application must have been achieved in the specific age group for which recognition is sought and achieved during the qualification period.  This motion was seconded and approved.

o        2009 SC Assistant Zone coaches; 10 coaches applied and CCM conducted an election. The board is asked to approve the election of 6 assistant coaches; Motion to approve as CCM recommended, it was second and approved. The assistant coaches are: Denise Adams, ASA; Bruce Anderson, HACC; Bob Brofft, PM; Emily Felker, HACC; Nate Meadows, TIBU; Yuri Sugiuyama , CUBU

o        2009 LC head and Assistant Head: Motion to approve as CCM recommended, it was second and approved. The elected head coach is Mike Kraeuter, BWST, and the elected assistant head coach is Steve Menard, AAC.

o        CCM voted to add two LC meets to the current schedule between 5/1-8/31

§         SNOW SC/LC Classic May 1-3, 2009

§         SNOW LC Invite June 6-7, 2009

§          Motion made to approve these two meets as recommended by the CCM, seconded and approved.

o        Motion to remove the restrictions previously placed upon FISH regarding the number of PVS team allowed to participate in their meets given how close they are on the schedule to PVS LC meets. This motion was made, seconded and approved.

o        The CCM approved the following SC Meets for 9/1/09-12/31/09;

§         MSSC: All Freestyle Meet, Oct 3-4

·        (Swimposium tentatively scheduled for the 3-4 of Oct; therefore this date may have to change. Meet host is looking into changing schedule)

§         HACC: Harvest Moon, Oct 10-11; Herndon Community Center

§         AAC: Fall Gator Mini, Oct 31-Nov 1; Wakefield HS (will possibly move up to 24-25-CCM approved this move  if necessary)

§         FAST: Fast Qualifier, Nov 21-22; Fairland

§         SDS: Swim & Rock 20-22; Oak Marr

§         CUBU: Pilgrim Pentathlon, Nov 22; Claude Moore

§         MSSC: Christmas Champs, Dec 4-6; Fairland

§         MACH: Turkey Claus Showdown, Dec 4-6; Takoma

§         CUBU: Tom Dolan Invite, Dec 10-13; TBD

§         PM: Winter Classic, Dec 10-13; GMU

§         Motion to approve these meets as presented was made, seconded and approved (1 opposed)

o        The CCM approved the following SC Meets for 1//1/10 – 4/30/10:

§         AAC: Senior Circuit, Jan 2-3; Audrey Moore

§         SDS: Polar Bear Mini, Jan 16-17; South Run

§         CUBU; Snowball mini, Jan 17; AU

§         FISH: Qualifier, Feb 6-7; GMU

§         AAC; Winter Gator, Feb 13-14; Wakefield HS (unless construction of the Washington-Lee HS pool is completed)

§         MACH; MACH-YORK Qualifier Feb 27-28; Oak Marr

§         Motion to approve these meets as presented was made seconded and approved.


.1 Term of Office

The term of office for the Officials Chair and Committee members shall be 2 years.

.2 Commencement of Term

Each person appointed as either the Officials Chair or Committee member shall assume office the date of their appointment.

.3 Consecutive Terms Limitation

The Officials Chair shall be limited to two (2) consecutive terms.  Committee members shall not be subject to term limitations.



o        Executive Director Report: See Report Submitted                                                                       

o        Administrative: see report submitted                                                                 

o        Webmaster Report: See Report Submitted; The Board has thanked Tim for all of his efforts

o        Finance/Accounting: see report submitted

o        Operations Division: see report submitted                                                                                   

o        Senior Division:  not in attendance.                                                                                

o        Age Group Division: Still looking into 09 Summer LC AG Zones waiting for GMU Fairfax and Freedom Center on their availability.                                                                         

o        Coaches Representatives: A task force has been formed to come up with recommendations on whether and if so how to give 8 & Under swimmers more opportunities to swim events that are offered at JOs, but are not part of the current mini meet program. Two options were considered: 1. allowing 8 & U athletes to participate in Open meets, however they would probably have to meet a specific time standards at a shorter distance. 2. Add some of these events to the Mini Meets 

§         Safety issues during warm up. There seems to be a discrepancy on how warm up is being officiated. Warm up Procedures reminders will be sent out.

o         Officials: See Report Submitted

o        Strategic Planning: See Report Submitted

o        Two teams from foreign countries (Sweden and Thailand) have requested to attend PVS Jr. and Sr. Champs this summer) Riley has been contacted and he will work with Brian on this.

o        PVS has received a request  from a parent in Fairfax County to support the cause “Save our Sport” in regards to the SLEEP2005 initiative and the push for HS and Jr High Schools start times to be later.                                                 

·         Next BOD Meeting, February 9, 2009

·         Adjourn at 10:26 pm