Minutes approved October 6, 2008





6:30 PM – Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Overlee Pool

Arlington, Virginia



ATTENDANCE: Board Members: Greg York, Art Davis, Riley Eaton, Bill Marlin, Dan Jacobs, Karl Hellmann, Jim Thompson, Virginia Ratcliff, Tara Banks. Non-Voting Board Members: John Ertter, Brian Pawlowicz, Linda Klopfenstein, Jim Garner, Tim Husson, Ward Foley, Terri Marlin


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Greg York, General Chair.


BOARD MEMBERS RESPONSIBILITY AND AUTHORITY: A reminder was given to be mindful of each board/committee member’s responsibilities. A commitment has been made to update the Policies and Procedures.


DIVERSITY/OUTREACH: A meeting is being set up the weekend of Sept. 13-14 where anyone interested is invited to discuss the Diversity/Outreach program and “elect” an Outreach Chair to the BoD.


APPROVAL OF JULY MINUTES: Official July minutes are not available;  A motion was made to call the minutes a “Record of meeting, compiled from official sources”. The motion passed unanimously. Policies and Procedures will be updated.


ATHLETE REPRESENTATIVES: Tara Banks, new Athlete Rep. replacing Austin Auger. A motion was made to add a second Athlete Rep to the Convention roster, it was seconded and unanimously approved for this year.


2008-2009 COMPETITION SCHEDULE: All members confirmed they are comfortable with the schedule as it is now posted. Pools have been confirmed for Spring Championships: Sr. Champs, GMU; Jr. Champs, MLK; AG Champs, either Fairland or PGS&LC (the other pool will get Jan Open). FCPS pools are confirmed for AG/SR 1 & 2, we have a verbal commitment from UMD for Summer JR/SR Champs and waiting for final word from Oak Marr on Summer AG Champs.


R4 PRESENTATION (Ward Foley): Ward Foley presented the R4 proposal for Convention. PVS board members will meet on this matter at Convention to make final determination on the PVS view.


SENIOR CHAIR REPORT:  It was recommended that the Senior Chair take the issue of inviting outside team to the PVS Championship meets back to CCM for discussion, the board will endorse what the CCM votes for.


EQUIPMENT MANAGER RESIGNATION: Don Smith has resigned at the PVS equipment manager effective Oct. 1, 2008. An acting replacement was offered and will be considered by the Operations Chair.


CONVENTION UPDATE: Registration has been paid, rooms reserved, individuals are responsible for making their own travel arrangements.



             The application deadline is September 9. The General Chair made a motion to increase the cap of available fund from $3750 to $7500 with a maximum of $250 per athlete. [E-vote: Sept 8; passed]


LC ZONE MEET UPDATE: Meet was a great success. Will look into pools for summers 09 and consider bidding for meet at Convention.


FBST REQUEST FOR ADDITIONAL HOSPITALITY REIMBURSMENT: The General Chair made a motion to approve the FBST request for additional hospitality reimbursement. [E-Vote: Sept 8; passed]


COACH’S CERTIFICATION: Discussion about the PVS role in coach’s certifications occurred. See BoD vote from November 14, 2007 BoD meeting. No additional action was taken.


ADMININSTRATIVE DIVISION: It was recommended that a certified letter be sent to all clubs who currently owe fines for insufficient certified officials. A new team, Streamline Swim Club, has sent in a completed application to join PVS. PVS has cleared the team, but is waiting approval from USA Swimming [USA Swimming approved the application 9/23/08].


WEBMASTER: Tim was thanked and praised for all of his efforts over the past few months. See Webmaster report. It was recommended that the Operations Chair look into purchasing a “Verizon Air Card” in order to do real time results at PVS Championship Meets.


FINANCIAL: No report submitted.


OPERATIONS: Welcome new Chair, Karl Hellmann. He will be looking into how the LSC run meets better.


AGE GROUP: No report submitted


COACHES REPS: 64 out of over 300 coaches voted during the 3 championship meets this summer. It was recommended that the Coaches Rep go to CCM to look into changing the dates of the voting to the Spring Championship Meets in order to encourage more participation at the polls.


OFFICIALS: No report submitted


STRATEGIC PLANNING: No report submitted


NEW BUSINESS: John and Bill will compare notes on the Paralympic swimming schedule and how it proceeds towards the Paralympic Nationals.


We have been asked to schedule BoD meetings as far ahead as possible in order to get the greatest number of members to attend. The second Monday of each month has been proposed.


The next Board of Directors Meeting will be on Monday Oct. 13 at Overlee at 7:00 [October BoD meeting was previously scheduled for Monday Oct 6 so the Oct meeting will remain on Monday Oct 6]


ADJORNMENT: By General Chair at 11:00pm