Minutes APPROVED at the December 8, 2008 BoD meeting


Potomac Valley Swimming

November 10, 2008

Overlee Community Center

Board of Director Meeting Minutes









o        Executive Director Report: John Ertter: see report submitted; audit about complete, way ahead this year, tax return will be done soon. John Hirschman was asked to please join the audit committee. Also see additional report

o        Administrative: Art Davis; see report

o        Webmaster Report: Tim Husson; see report submitted

§         Set up email list of the PVS coaches for Riley; seems to be working fine

o        Finance/Accounting:

§         Bill Stephens: update on Audit process; about 5 years PVS decided we needed an outside Audit agency. It is about a $10,000 bill each year. Each year the auditors call board members to clarify issues.

·         Risk Assessment; they are required to look at our operations where we have potential risk (not real risk); looking at revenue or spending issues. 1. Boundary issues (sending 1,000 athletes to VSI). Concern about; embezzlement, schemes to defraud the organization, cash reconciliation, bank account reconciliation…they will talk to everyone on the audit committee to discuss these issues. In the short term, we have controls as stringent and tight as possible. Ertter has been doing an excellent job keeping our books.

§         John Ertter

·         Doesn’t mind being challenged. Agree that the auditors are simply doing their jobs by looking over our shoulders.

o        Operations Division: Karl Hellmann: see report submitted

§         Fairland has wired shut the vents in the roof, the only way to get the air in the doors have to been open. This is due to the fact that a new ventilation system is being installed, according to Oliver (Fairland)

§         Bill M asked if we can get together with Lee District to help fix the lights.

o        Senior Division: Riley Eaton; see report submitted

§         RMSC has been officially awarded the Eastern Zone South Regional Spring Sectional; it will be at Germantown, the meet announcement will be out shortly

§         2009 is the first time in several years with a Sr. Champ and Jr Champ meet in the same year along with a Sectional meet, therefore the Sr. Champ cuts are being tightened

§         At Sr. Champ: the C final will be PVS only swimmers 

o        Age Group Division: Bill Marlin; see report submitted

§         LC Zones Summer; have approval from Naval Academy to use their pool, however we still need a second pool; If UMD comes through, that will be a better venue. Will continue to look for a pool for 2009 Summer LC Zones

o        Coaches Representatives                                                     

§         Dan Jacobs; not in attendance

§         Manga Dalizu: see submitted report

o        Officials                                                                                              

§         Jim VanErden; not in attendance

§         Boots Hall; see report submitted

·         Great clinics; many new participants.

·         Wants to make the Tom Dolan Invitational an N2 Qualifier Meet; too late to be an N3 meet [after the meeting approval for N3 for Stroke and Turns only was approved as was approval for N2 for all other positions]

·         Would like there to be more training for Chief Judges. Younger coaches also need to be trained in how a “National deck” runs (scratches, postitive check-in, etc).

o        Strategic Planning: Jim Thompson: No report submitted

·         Next BOD Meeting: December 8, 2008; 6:30 dinner, 7:00 pm meeting