Minutes approved at the Fall 2009 CCM

Potomac Valley Swimming

2009 Spring Competition Committee Meeting

May 13, 2009

Overlee Community Center


·         Dinner

·         Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm

·         Approval of January CCM Minutes- APPROVED

·         Reports:

o        General Chair/ Exec. Director:

§         Greg spoke about the EZ meeting. 

·         Mid-Atlantic will be hosting 2009 EZ LC Zones at Penn State. 400+ rooms have been secured by the Eastern Zone.

§          Greg requested that all clubs encourage an athlete to attend the PVS HOD meeting on May 20, 2009. 20% athlete representation must be had at the HOD meeting in order to avoid having to assign extra weight to the votes.

§         John E. reminded all the teams that there is a proposal, as part of the TY 2010 budget that the House will vote upon next week to subsidize teams who purchase meet equipment up to 40- 50%.  This amount would be paid back to the teams through splash fees.

o        Sr. Chair:

§         2009 PVS Junior Champs:  The restoration of this meet with regards to establishing its time standards was a difficult process. The standards were in line with where they wanted the meet to be.  About 600 athletes attended.  The time standards will be reviewed for Junior Champs, Senior Champ and the 18 & Under AG Champs, to allow for the best possible competition at all three meets.  Reilly feels this year was a good indicator of how good the competition will be next year.

§         The Eastern Zone Southern Sectionals were held in PVS this year.  Many LSC’s (teams) enjoy coming to the PVS area and the meet was very well received. Thank you to RMSC for doing a great job.

o        AG Chair: No report submitted. Riley commented on the EZ meeting with notes from Bill. Bill was unable to attend due to knee surgery earlier in the day.

o        Coaches Reps

§         Dan Jacobs and Manga Dalizu: See report submitted

·         8 & Unders- additional/ longer events for 8 & Unders. 

o         It was recommended that adding 8 & Unders into the open meets was not a reasonable solution given the size of the meets already.  It was agreed that we should look to add 1-3 more meets that are strategically placed in the competitive calendar to maximize the opportunities.  Manga presented a draft meet sheet of an idea to add a meet in February for 10 & Unders that would offer 100 & 200 events in all strokes, 400 IM and 500 Free.  Fairland Aquatic facility is available to run this meet.  It was questioned by coaches if there are enough advanced 8 & U swimmers to warrant this meet. 

o        40 NAG records this year in USA swimming the most ever in one year.

o        18 & Under Age Group Championship meet:  Thanks to FBST for a well run meet. This year the meet was very well received with over 6700 splashes, the most in PVS history. Coaches agreed that a meet at this level is needed and welcomed; however felt that it is important to review the inclusion of entries with “NT”. Any additional questions or comments about how to improve the meet for next year should be sent to Dan or Manga.

o        Dan also reminded the coaches that his term is up as PVS Coaches Rep and we will have elections for a new Coaches rep in the summer. 

§         Athlete Reps: No report submitted

·         Endorsement of 09-10 Club Meets: Sept 1 – Dec 31, 2009 (last call)

o        Oct 3-4; MSSC – All Free Meet; Fairland (revisit since Swimposium is on the 3rd) [After the meeting MSSC has agreed to alter their meet to a Sunday only format]

o        Oct 9-11; SNOW – SNOW Pumpkin Invite; Claude Moore

o        Oct 10-11; YORK – Halloween Mini Meet; Oak Marr

o        Oct 11; PEAK – All Free Meet; PGS&LC

o        Oct 16-18; RMSC – Kick Off Classic; MLK (they have offered to hold the meet Oct 9-11 so not to conflict with Oct Open if necessary)

o        [Oct 24-25: MSSC – Senior Meet: requested made after the meeting and after resolving their All Free meet]

o        [Oct 24-25; PEAK – Senior Circuit; meet was accidentally left of the schedule for voting purposes at the CCM, but the request was made before the deadline]

o        Oct 31- Nov. 1- AAC Fall Gator Mini, Wakefield (or Washington Lee if construction is completed)

o        Nov 7-8; RMSC – National Age Group Classic; GISC

o        Nov 14-15; RMSC – November Invite; MLK

o        Nov 15; YORK – Friendship Mini Meet; Providence

o        Nov. 22- CUBU- Pilgrim Pentathlon, Claude Moore

o        Dec. 3-6-  CUBU -Tom Dolan Meet (change from previous date that had been approved by the PVS Board), GMU

o        Dec 5-6- YORK – Reindeer Mini Meet, Providence

o        [Dec. 11-13- MSSC: Christmas Champs, Fairland – after the meeting they requested to move the meet from the 4-6]

o        Dec. 11-13- MACH- Turkey Claus, Takoma (change from previous date that had been approved by the PVS Board)

MOTION to approve the proposed schedule as Competition’s recommendation to the Board was made, seconded and passed.


MOTION to approve the proposed schedule as Competition’s recommendation to the Board was made, seconded and motion passed.




Distance Meet in June-