Minutes approved at the February Board of Director’s meeting


Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting


6030 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA

January 17, 2011



·         Attendance – Board Members: Greg York, Paris Jacobs, Brian Pawlowicz, Boots Hall, Jim Thompson, Bill Marlin, Manga Dalizu, Miriam Lynch, Nick Campbell, CJ Fiala and Richard Xue. Others in Attendance – Jim Garner, John Ertter, Bob Vincent, John Hirschmann, Jim Van Erden, Sumie Emory, Ward Foley and Terri Marlin.

·         Call to order – Greg calls the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

·         General Chair comments – Please try to keep the barrage of emails to a minimum. It is fine to have informal discussions, but not all board members need to see every email.

·         Approval of December 13, 2011 Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve the December 13 Board of Directors Minutes, seconded and approved.

·         Travel – Linda sent a report on Travel Assistance for SC Nationals, her recommendation was to approve 2 and deny 1 of SNOW’s request because one athlete did not participate in enough events in PVS. It was also recommended to deny all 5 requests from CUBU because the application was submitted 10 days late.

o    Motion to approve two travel and deny the other 6 and inform them to they can take it to Board of Review, seconded and approved. [An email was sent to the two clubs who were denied and were told to contact the Board of Review if they want to appeal.]

·         Competition Committee Meeting action items –

o   Scratch Rule – Motion that this body endorses the accurate intent to scratch rule; if a swimmer indicates intent to scratch and does not return, then that swimmer will be seeded into the event, if the swimmer then fails to swim in finals they are barred from the rest of the meet, seconded, approved, effective March 2011.

o   Change the order of Finals for PVS Championships meets to C, B, A (fastest heat swum last) : Motion, to change the order of finals at all PVS championships meets to C, B, A (fastest heat swum last), seconded and approved.

o   PVS Calendar January 1, 2012 to August 31, 2012.

§  January Distance – Jan 7-8

§  January Open – Jan 21-22

§  February Distance – Feb 12

§  18 & U Champs – Feb 17-19

§  Junior Champs – March 8-11

§  Senior Champs – March 8-11

§  14 & U JO’s – March 15-18

§  AG/SR 1 LC – June 10

§  LC Distance – June 17

§  AG/SR 2 LC – June 24

§  LC Junior Champs – July 12-15

§  LC Senior Champs – July 12-15

§  LC Age Group Champs – July 19-22

§   Motion to approve the PVS Competition Schedule for January 1, 2012 through August 31, 2012 as put forth by the Competition Committee, seconded and approved. (one no)

o   Club sponsored meets added for April 1, 2011-August 31, 2011.

§  MD States – June 3-5, 2011 – RMSC at MAC

§  MACH LC Classic – May 20-22 – MACH (date change) at Takoma

§   Motion to approve the addition/modification of the Club meets for April 1, 2011 through August 31, 2011, seconded and approved.

o   Club sponsored meets added for September 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011.

§  All Free – OCT 8-9 – PEAK at PGS & LC (either the 8th or 9th pending the Redskin schedule and therefore the availability of PGS&LC)

§  Senior Circuit #1 – Oct 22-23, or Nov 19-20 – PEAK at PGS & LC – date pending Redskin schedule)

§  Turkey Claus – Dec 2-4 – MACH at Takoma

§  Sport Fair  - Dec 8-11 – PM at GMU (pending pool contract)

§  Motion to approve the addition of the club meets for September 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011, seconded and approved.

o   Club sponsored meets for January 1 2012 – March 31, 2012.

§  Snowdude Mini Meet  - 1/21-22 – PM at Mt. Vernon

§  Munchkin Mania – 2/12 – FAST at Fairland

§  Super FISH Bowl  - 2/4-5 – FISH at  Spring Hill

§  14 & U JO Qualifier – 2/11-12 – PM at Cub Run

§  Motion to approve the club meets for January 1, 2012 through March 31, 2012, seconded and approved.

o   Short Course Zone assistant coaches –Motion to accept Bruce Anderson, Scott Bryant, David Hall, Tony Murray, Becca Brofft and Matt Pellitier as elected at the CCM as assistant coaches for the 2011 Short Course Eastern Zone Championships, seconded and approved.

o   Age Group/Senior Coach of the Year for PVS – A task force has been formed to create a better process for the selection of the PVS Age Group Coach of the Year. In addition it was suggested at the January CCM that PVS select a Senior Coach of the year. Rick Curl will report back to the CCM with a recommendation for the selection process.  The recipient would also receive an educational stipend.

§  Motion that we nominate a Senior Coach of the year through a nomination process with an educational stipend within the same time frame at AG, seconded, approved.

o   PVS Open meet changes –

§  Motion to eliminate the 50s of the strokes for the 13 & older age events and limit the number of entries to no more than 4 events per day (for a total of 8 events) for the October and November Open effective Fall of 2011, seconded and approved.

§  Motion that no teams from outside of LSC be allowed to attend any of the Open meets (Oct, Nov and Jan Open), seconded, approved. (effective fall 2011)

§   Motion that no teams from outside the LCS be allowed to attend the two LC meets, AG/SR 1 and 2, seconded, approved (effective June 2011).


·         Background Screening – Information is being released as quickly as it is coming out of USA Swimming. The bottom line is that the House from USA Swimming Convention voted on this and therefore PVS has to comply with it.

o   Motion to accept the recommendation from the Official’s Committee; Potomac Valley Swimming will cover the cost of Level 2 background checks for certified officials who work regularly in Potomac Valley. All active certified officials on our roster as of January 1, 2011 will have the Criminal Background fee covered by PVS.  New officials completing the certification process after this time will be initially responsible for the CBC fee. Once they have worked a minimum of 6 session at a PVS-sanctioned meet, they will become eligible to apply for reimbursement. The Certification Officer will provide the PVS Board and the PVS Controller the list of the eligible officials, seconded and approved

§  Motion to reimburse for the level 2 ($39) for what we know now. Then come back to the board in February with any additional fees that might assessed.  $39 as the set number and we will table the additional fee until February. Any one more than $39 can bring it back to the board to ask for the additional amount for an executive committee to review Seconded and approved.

·         Black History Meet Support – – The organizers are asking for about $4500 in support to fund 3 past elite athlete to come in and be present during the meet. They have already verbally agreed to reduce the pool rent in like amounts for PVS rental. USA Swimming representative will be coming into town in support of this meet as well.

o    Motion to approve up to $4500 with the flexibility to change the amount if needed up to the total of the pool rental, seconded and approved.

·         Scoreboards – One line mini scoreboards have received strong positive feedback. Ertter is asking for board approval to purchase 2 additional scoreboards.

o   Motion to approve the purchase of 2 additional one line scoreboards, seconded and approved.

·         Athlete Fee for Eastern Zone SC AG Champs –Ertter presented the expected costs for the 2011 Eastern Zone SC AG Champs. They are expected to be similar to last year since the same venue is being used this year. Motion to charge each athlete $500 for the Short Course Zone meet, seconded and approved.

·         Reports

o   Executive Director – See report submitted.

o   Athlete Representative – see report submitted. Athlete elections will be held during the 2011 Junior, Senior Champs and JO’s at which 13 and over athletes can vote. They will send information out to the teams through the coaches and the website. Any athlete interested in running for athlete representative should contact CJ Fiala by March 1. Athletes can submit bios and write-ins are accepted

o   Administrative – See above

o   Inclusion/Diversity – see report submitted.  Held the committee meeting in December. There is a new website for Diversity. National Diversity Select Camp time standards have been published. Please try to support the Black History Meet February 18-20.

o   Webmaster – see report submitted.

o   Finance/Accounting – See report submitted.

o   Operations – Spent some time with Jake at the Distance meet and will be meeting again to set up an equipment schedule for the next couple of months. January Open will be less of a problem now that it is at 3 sites (MLK has their own equipment).

§  Thanks to Jake for doing a great job setting up the equipment for the past several meets.

§  Thanks to Terri for posting such complete information regarding the January Distance meet.

o   Senior Swimming – no formal report submitted; however the CCM report was previously presented and acted upon.

o   Age Group Swimming – see report submitted.

§  New Comers Swimming Introduction meet proposal, to try to give new parents and new swimmers an introduction to swim meets. Parents would be encouraged to be on the deck working, observing, volunteering. Have the Official’s Clinic schedule available. Please send thoughts, ideas, etc to Manga. This meet would only be for new swimmers with no experience, so they can get a little experience before the meets begin.

o   Coaches Representatives – Bill sent out an email that Coach Representative’s elections will take place at the March Championship meets with a brief description as to what the position entails. Bill will also help with the Athlete elections.

o   Officials – see report submitted

o   Strategic Planning – no report submitted

·         New Business –

o   Bob Vincent was asked to help with our bounced check policies. Bob will continue to work with John Ertter and Greg on these policies. Bob was thanks for his assistance with these matters.

o   Jim Garner reported that he has just posted the Top Time Report on the PVS website. Thanks to Jim for helping

o   Eastern Zone meeting will be held in Ft. Lauderdale May 13-14, 2011.

o   We are getting close to working on the budget for presentation at the PVS HOD meeting. Everyone needs to start looking at the information presented by Ertter so we can prepare the budget. The financial reports from Ertter will start to look different and better reflect our actual assets. Once we get the final audit report, it is recommended that it goes on the website so everyone can see it.

o   Need a committee to start looking for new board member. We need ideas on people to run for the upcoming open positions.

·         Date for next BoD meeting February 14.

·         Motion to adjourn, seconded and approved