Draft Minutes until approved at the March Board of Director’s meeting


Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting


6030 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA

February 14, 2011


·         Dinner

·         Attendance – Greg York, Bill Stephens, Riley Eaton, Manga Dalizu, Brian Pawlowicz, Yuri Suguiyama, Bill Marlin, Miriam Lynch, Boots Hall, CJ Fiala, Nick Campbell, Richard Xue, John Ertter, Art Davis, Jim Garner, Bob Vincent and Terri Marlin

·         Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 7:04, but the general chair, Greg York

·         Reminder about Board Member Reports – The General Chair, Greg York, reminded all Board members to send in their monthly reports in a timely manner so that all board members have the opportunity to read and react prior to the meeting.

·           Approval of January 17, 2011 Meeting MinutesMotion to approve the minutes from the January 17, 2011 BoD meeting, seconded and approved.

·         Update on Sexual Misconduct Task Force – Art Davis reported that he is chairing a task force which PVS has formed to take on issues regarding sexual misconduct with the goal to make sure all clubs and coaches were staying up to date on all issues. See report submitted

·         Background Screening Reimbursement Report (see Ex Director Report) – As of the meeting Ertter reported that 44 requests have been submitted for background screening reimbursement. The list of officials who have worked this year and the number of sessions they have worked has been given to Ertter for cross checking. The reimbursement requests seem to be coming in daily.

·         Proposal to Open New PVS Checking Account (see Ex Director Report)- The Controller John Ertter and Finance Chair, Bill Stephens met and discussed opening a separate checking account  with the sole purpose of writing reimbursement checks for back ground screening. 

o   Motion to allow John Ertter to open a checking account to be used solely for the purpose of writing reimbursement check for background screening, seconded and approved.

·         Black History Meet Support (see Ex Director Report) – In January we authorized $4500 and any additional money if necessary. Ertter has paid for 4 athletes for a total of $6000. PVS will be credited by DC Parks and Rec the full amount for future venue rental.

·         Proposal to Terminate Equipment Purchase Subsidy – Executive Director, John Ertter feels we need to rethink our rental equipment policy given that over the past year or two we have made a number of motions and policies regarding how we are handling the rental of PVS equipment and many of the proposals have not come to fruition. The equipment purchase subsidy has only been used by one club and Ertter believes that leaving the program open ended is a mistake and a potential financial liability. The issue was discussed and several suggestions were made;

o   The board creates an end point for the equipment subsidy program. At the end of each season we can revisit and decide to either extend or cancel the program.

o   Reconsider how and who we offer the program to. One of the difficulties of the program is how club can store and maintain the equipment. It would be incredibly difficult for a club to take advantage of the program if they do not have their own facility or storage facility.

o    This is a great program and great idea, but if the clubs and the facilities can work together on this it may work better.

o   A straw vote was taken and the program will remain open until the program is brought before the board again.

·         Appeal from Pete Morgan Regarding Denial of Travel Grants for 5 CUBU athletes who competed at SC Nationals – It was agreed that we have reopened this matter and will revote.

o   After reviewing the details of the appeal, Riley Eaton, Senior Chair, recommends that we approve the 5 athletes from CUBU.

o   Motion to approve travel assistance for 5 CUBU athletes who competed at the 2010 SC National, seconded and approved

·         Appeal of Denial of Travel Grant for SNOW Swimmer who competed at SC Nationals – There is a conflict in our minutes and website postings regarding the time frame in which an athlete had to complete their required events. Given this discrepancy Riley Easton, Senior Chair, recommends the approval the SNOW swimmer, because he had plenty of event given the original April to December time requirement.

o    Motion to approve travel assistance for the one SNOW athlete who competed at the 2010 SC Nationals, seconded and approved.

·         Reports

o   Executive Director – see report submitted

o   Athlete Representative – no report submitted

o   Administrative – see report submitted

o   Inclusion/Diversity – see report submitted

§  Proposal to fund an “All Star” team to attend the Black Heritage Swim Meet in Cary, NC. Miriam is asking that we approve $3500 from the Diversity Budget to apply towards travel expenses, outfitting, participating in a meet picnic. This will be open to all PVS athletes. Several teams have already indicated they are interested in participating. It was asked that a swimmer come back to the board to present a report.

§  The meet will be open to all swimmers regardless of ethnicity etc.

§  A formal vote was not necessary because the money requested is a portion of the previously approved Diversity/Inclusion budget. It was noted that the PVS Board fully supports the Black Heritage Swim Meet

o   Webmaster – see report submitted

o   Finance/Accounting – A financial planning committee has been formed, Bob Vincent, Ward Foley, Mark Eldridge, Ed Dona, Jim Garner and Bill Stephens. Finance Chair, Bill Stephens has sent out questions and has received some feedback, but not as much as he had hoped. Most of the feedback has been in regards to the income side of the budget, not the expense side.

§  One member has suggested that we get out of CD’s and invest with USA Swimming.

§  There was some discussion regarding the PVS Travel Subsidy policy and whether or not it was financially beneficial to the LSC to continue with the program as it now stands. One concern is that is a program in which the entire LSC contributes too, but only a small percentage of the LSC is able to take advantage of. There was a general feeling that there should be specific revenue raising strategy fund meets such as Junior and Senior Nationals. It was noted that there was no intention of changing the funding for the AG Zone meet. Some of the thoughts were;

·         Surcharge for senior meet

·         USA Swimming has development and fostered the environment that programs such as travel funding were created and it is felt by the Board of Directors that in PVS we need to continue with similar programs as well.

·         Increase  registration by “X” amount per athlete and ear mark this money for travel funding (the amount suggested was less than $1 per athlete)

§  Bill will continue to work on these ideas and try to have several proposals ready to vote on at the March meeting.

§  From USA Swimming; preferred policy regarding reserve funds, neither the treasure or CFO brought up anything so it went to the board meeting, there is now a Task Force formed on the reserve funds.

o   Operations –Brian reported that he has left a message for Jake regarding this upcoming weekend and will speak with him regarding what equipment will be delivered to each pool and make sure he has a plan for the weekend.

§  The 2 new scoreboards are still in Ertter’s garage. They will be ready for meet distribution as soon as they are marked and put into our inventory.

§  Met with GMU regarding Junior and Senior Champs and everything seems ready to go. GMU will close late May and reopen in August.

o   Senior Swimming – see report submitted

o   Age Group Swimming – see report submitted

§   Wants to remind everyone that it is hard to predict from year to year how the number of meet entries that will be submitted for each meet. We do our best to predict how best to structure meets, and while the plan sometimes works other times it doesn’t.

o   Coaches Representative –

§  YuriSee report submitted

·         What was the decision behind removing the 4th site of the January Open?

o   The decision to move from 4 sites to 3 sites was made due to financial reason, the expected reduced number of meet entries and the attempt to best balance all sites.

§  Bill – The IMX meet was a huge success. The number of entries doubled from the previous year. We had a great official’s crew thanks to the hard work of Scott Witkin. 11 out of 12 LSC’s participated in the meet, Maine was the only LSC that did not have a team participate. The Eastern Zone IMX meet was by far the largest IMX meet in the country.

o   Officials – see report submitted

o   Strategic Planning – no report submitted

·         Old Business – No old business

·         New Business

o   RMSC appeal for reimbursement – RMSC purchased equipment through the PVS program. A list of items was submitted to the Executive Director roughly a month prior to the purchase. Once purchased and receipts were submitted, the ex director indicated that one of the items (Quick Hubs) did not qualify for reimbursement. The reason given was this item was permanent structure, and one of the stipulations for reimbursement is that all items are transportable. RMSC indicated that this is not a permanent fixture and would like to appeal the denied funding.

o   The Executive Director called CTS and was told that this part is considered a facility part and is not intended to be moved from facility to facility. The purpose of this program was to allow equipment to be purchased and moved from facility to facility and be used by clubs at different facilities.

o   As the board discussed this matter it was commented that it is difficult to see all of the little nuances that a program of this may bring up.

§  Motion to allow the RMSC be reimbursement of the Quick Hub and all other , seconded and approved.

·         Date for next BOD Meeting will be March 21.

·         Motion Adjourn at 9:10, second and approved.