Minutes approved by the BOD at the November Meeting.

 Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting


6030 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA

October 11, 2010


·         Dinner – 6:30 pm

·         Attendance: Greg York, Paris Jacobs, Riley Eaton, Manga Dalizu, Yuri Suguiyama, Bill Marlin, Bill Stephens, Jim Thompson, Brian Pawlowicz, Boots Hall, Miriam Lynch, CJ Fiala, Nick Campbell, Richard Xue, Linda Klopfenstein, Jim Garner, Ward Foley, Art Davis, John Ertter and Terri Marlin

·         Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Greg York

·         Approval of April 12, 2010 Meeting Minutes – Approved by E-vote and recorded on July 29, 2010

·         Approval of April 26, 2010 Meeting Minutes – Approved by E-vote and recorded on July 29, 2010

·         Approval of June 14, 2010 Meeting Minutes – Approved by e-vote and recorded on July 29, 2010

·         Approval of July 20, 2010 Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the July 20, 2010 Board of Director’s meeting, seconded and approved.

·         Introduction of Board Members - This is the first Board Meeting of the 2010-2011 season.

o   Nick Campbell (Potomac Marlins) was introduced as the Junior Athlete Representative with a term from 2010-2012.

o   Richard Xue (Curl Burke) was introduced as the Junior Athlete Representative filling the vacancy when Danielle Schulkin, with a term from 2010-2011.

o   It was announced that Senior Athlete Representative CJ Fiala (Machine Aquatics) was recently elected at the Eastern Zone Athlete Representative for the term of 2010-2012.

·         At-Large Members – There are three open At-Large (non-voting) Board positions open. Greg York appointed Linda Klopfenstein, Ward Foley and Art Davis as the At-Large Members for the 2010-2011 season. Motion to accept Linda Klopfenstein, Ward Foley and Art Davis as At-Large member of the PVS Board of Directors, seconded and approved.

·         Audit Committee – Greg has appointed John Hirschmann as the Chairman of the PVS Audit Committee, in addition he has asked Bob Vincent and Ed Dona to serve on the Audit Committee. Motion to accept Bob Vincent, Ed Dona and John Hirschmann as the Chair of the Audit Committee, seconded and approved.

·         Lifetime Member of USA Swimming presented to Boots Hall, Congratulations!

·         Athlete Travel Assistance Grants for Summer 2010 Senior and Junior Nationals –

o   Junior Nationals – There were 14 possible applicants, with 13 applications for travel assistance turned in. Of the 13, Linda suggests that 9 be approved. Two applications were not filed out correctly and two applicants also applied for a Senior National share. Linda believes the coach will resubmit application for all of the athletes and predicts that she will be able to approve two for Junior shares (up to $250) and that the other two will be accepted for Senior shares (up to $450). It was recommended that Linda be allowed to accept the final two applications once they have been resubmitted correctly. Motion to accept 9 travel assistance requests outright and 2 additional requests provisionally, with the understanding that in order for the assistance to be granted the respective coaches must resubmit all paperwork correctly to Linda no later than October 21, 2011. Each club will receive a full Junior Share of $250 per athlete for a total of $2750; seconded and approved.

o   Senior Nationals – There were 36 possible applicants and 34 requests for travel assistance. Nine applications were appeals; none of these applicants met the 4 event minimum between April 1, 2010 and the meet entry deadline. It was recommended to table the appeals until the November BoD meeting.

§  Motion to accept 21 travel assistance requests outright, the exact amount of each share to be determined after all requests are completed, seconded and approved.

§  Motion to accept 2 travel assistance requests provisionally with the understanding that in order for the assistance to be granted the respective coaches must resubmit all paperwork correctly to Linda no later than October 21, 2011; the exact amount of each share to be determined after all requests are completed, seconded and approved. (This motion is for the 2 “double dippers” that put in requests for both Juniors and Seniors).

§  Motion to accept 2 travel assistance request provisionally. The paper work has been corrected and emailed to Linda but has not been reevaluated prior to this meeting, the exact amount of each share to be determined after all requests are completed, seconded and approved.

§  Motion to deny 2 travel assistance request due to lack of information and the proper number of events; seconded and approved.

§  There were 7 appeals for travel assistance; these requests have been tabled until November. Linda will contact the appropriate coaches to get clarification and corrected paperwork.

§  The 7 appeals will be discussed by the Executive Competition Committee and they will give their decision in November.

·         Request for grant from Nadar Por Vida – Miriam Lynch presented the grant request from Arthur Lopez for $5000. Miriam suggests that we continue to support him and his program, because PVS has the money in our Diversity/Inclusion budget. Motion to support and grant Nadar Por Vida $5000, seconded and approved.

·         September 22, 2010 Competition Committee Meeting Reports and Proposals –

o   The following PVS LC schedule for PVS sponsored meets in 2011 was determined by the CCM and approved to recommend to the BoD

§  AG/SR 1 – June 12

§  LC Distance – June 18-19

§  AG/SR 2 – June 26

§  LC Junior and Senior Champs – July 14-17

§  LC Age Group Champs – July 21-24

§  Motion to accept the PVS LC sponsored meet schedule for 2011 as recommended by the CCM, seconded and approved.

o   May CCM and schedule approved by the CCM to recommend to the BoD.

§  Sept 1-Dec 31, 2010

§  Motion to accept the Club Meets for Sept 1-Dec 31, 2010 as recommended by the CCM, seconded and approved.

§  Jan 1-March 31, 2011

§  Motion to accept the Club Meets for Jan 1-March 31, 2011 as recommended by the CCM, seconded and approved.

§  April 1-Aug 31, 2011

§  Motion to accept the Club Meets for April 1-Aug 31, 2011 as recommended by the CCM, seconded and approved.

o   PVS and Club meet additions or alteration for the Jan 1-December 31, 2011 time period.

§  Jan 1-March 31, 2011

·         1/29-30 – CUBU Invite, CUBU, Georgetown Prep

·         2/18-20 – Black History, DCPR, Takoma

o   This meet is an Approved Meet and DCPR and USA Swimming have been made aware that it is the same weekend as PVS 18 & Under Champs, other PVS clubs sponsored meets, HS and collegiate championships. While PVS will make an effort to help, there may not be as many officials available as in the past.

·         2/12-13 – CUBU Qualifier, TBD


·         3/10-13 PVS Junior Champs move to run simultaneously with PVS Senior Champs.

o   The following motion was made at the 2010 Fall CCM; Motion to move Junior Champs to March 10-13 and run simultaneously with Senior Champs, seconded, and approved.

§  Motion to accept the proposed changes/additions to the PVS club meet schedule as recommended by the CCM for Jan 1-March 31, 2011 seconded and approved.

§  April 1- Aug 31, 2011

·         4/1-3 – OCCS SC Finale, Freedom Center

·         4/9-10 – Gator Mini Meet, AAC, Washington-Lee HS

o   This meet is pending pool rental agreement. If they are approved then they will move the Gator Mini meet from the February date to April.

·         5/13-15 – MACH LC Classic, Takoma

·         5/6-8 – RMSC LC Kick off, MLK

§  Motion to accept the proposed additions to the PVS club meet schedule as recommended by CCM for April 1- Aug 31, 2011, 2011 seconded and approved.

§  Sept 1-Dec 31, 2011

·         10/8-9 – MAKO, Fall Invite, GMU

·         10/8-9 – HACC, Harvest Moon, Herndon Community Center

·         10/29-30 - AAC – Fall Gator Mini Meet, Washington-Lee HS

·         10/22-23 - CUBU - CUBU Invite, Claude Moore

·         10/22-23 - MSSC – Fall Senior, Fairland

·         11/19-20 - FAST – Odd Ball Challenge, Fairland

·         11/20 - CUBU – Pilgrim Mini,

·         12/2-4 - MSSC – Christmas Champs, Fairland

·         12/2-4 - MACH – Turkey Claus, Takoma

·         12/8-11 - CUBU – Tom Dolan Invite, UMD

§  Motion to approve additions to the PVS Club meet schedule as recommended by CCM  for Sept 1-Dec 31, 2011, seconded and approved.

o   Head and Assistant Head Zone Coaches Elections – Elections were held for the Head and Assistant Head Coaches for the 2011 SC Age Group Zone meet.

§  Steve Menard, ACC, was elected as the Head Coach and Emily Felker, HACC was elected as the Assistant Head Coach.

§  Motion to accept Steve Menard an Emily Felker as the Head and Assistant Head Coach respectively for the 2011 SC Zone meet, seconded and approved.

o   Travel Reimbursement (Junior and Senior Nationals SC & Junior and Senior LC Nationals)– Linda would like to not allow “approved” meets and would like to make sure that double dipping not allowed. Motion to approve with changes made, seconded and approved.

§  Motion to approve the travel reimbursement requirements for both the 2010 Junior and Senior Nationals and the 2011 LC Junior and Senior Nationals require a minimum of 4 swim in PVS sanctioned meets. The short course season will run from Sept 1, 2010 through March 31, 2011 and the long course season will run from April 1 through August 31, 2011. No club may submit a request for both meets for any single athlete (no double dipping), seconded and approved.

o   Outstanding Athlete – there have been concerns raised regarding the method of choosing the PVS Outstanding Athletes. The 4 Executive Competition Committee members will meet to work on making the selection process for the PVS Outstanding Athletes more of a quantitative process instead of a vote based upon nomination from coaches and/or parents as is the current practice.

·         Feedback & Next Step from PVS Sexual Misconduct Leadership Workshop – A big Thanks to John Ertter who organized the workshop and to Deborah Kelly for the presentation. Deborah has asked for feedback from the seminar; however John has only received limited feedback from attendees. Please send John Ertter a note with your thoughts on presentation.  The expectation is that those who attended will take this information back to the rest of their clubs. There were a number of positive comments made regarding the information presented and the general feeling that it was a great thing to do for the LSC and the hopes are the clubs who attended will go back to their clubs with the information. We achieved the goal and did our due diligence by making this information available to all PVS clubs and others who were interested. We do need to have a plan to continue to educate our club members in some way. A Task Force has been assembled who can continue to gather information and assist clubs with these matters.

o   Two of the key points presented were 1. Follow the code of Common sense. 2. No one has to follow the list of best practices, but if you do then you are going to put your business in the best possible light.

·         Sexual Misconduct Task Force Report – Art Davis has been asked to take the lead on this task force. He has come to the board to ask what the role of the Task Force is to be within Potomac Valley. Additional Task Force Members include PVS parents (some of whom are attorneys) and PVS coaches; Connie Bertram, Doug Greene, David Deitch, Marye Carter, Art Lopez.

o   The general consensus is for the Task Force to act as a “storehouse” of information and be a resource to clubs and coaches as needed. In addition the Task Force was asked to work as a liaison between PVS and USA Swimming.

·         Finance – The audit is currently underway, there doesn’t seem to be anything new or unusual to report.

o   Discussions of PVS Investment Policy –A revised draft has been submitted by Bill Stephen, work will continue on the policy and present it in November.

o   PVS Reserves Study – Ertter sent out a document to Board Members for review. Discussion on the study will take place at the November Board Meeting.

o    Officials Background Screening – Bill Stephens had anticipated that we would have had something concrete from USAS by now. But as of now, we have received limited information from USAS.  

§  There was discussion on how much of the newly required background screening fee PVS will pay for our Officials. While it is still unsure as to the total amount for each screening, the general feeling is that if we want to continue to run the number of meets we currently do and continue to provide the services to clubs that our Officials do, then we cannot afford not to offer to pay the entire screening fee. Discussion will continue once more information is released from USA Swimming.

o   Rental of University of Maryland for 2011 14 & U JO Meet – Currently we have GMU for SC Junior and Senior Champs and UMD for LC Junior and Senior Champs. We now have an opportunity to use UMD for 14 & Under JO’s during both the spring and summer. But the rental cost will increase and the second course the swimmers during the SC meet will have to start off of a single bulkhead. Currently this is a one year only deal, both of which are major concerns.

§  Multiple ideas and thoughts were expressed. It was determined that a several members of the board would continue to look into the feasibility/desirability of using UMD and will report back at the November Board Meeting with their recommendation, at which time a final decision will be made.

o   Eastern Zones 2011 LC Meet – No discussion at this time, moved to November agenda.

o   Credit Card Registration – There has been a request to begin looking into ways to use credit cards for PVS registration. Paris Jacobs, Sumie Emory and John Ertter will continue to find information regarding this practice and will report back in November.

·         October 10, 2010 Open Water Meet Report – Thanks to the Board, John Ertter, Terri and Sumie for registering athletes and sanctioning the meet so quickly. Other than the license delay, everything went very smoothly. There were a 70 total athletes (about 50-50, USA Swimming and Masters), which everyone felt was a great turn out, especially given the short notice. While PVS would like to continue to hold Open Water meets at National Harbor, they will not give any entity a long term contract.

·         Reports

o   Executive Director – see report submitted

o   Athlete Representatives – CJ was recently elected as the Eastern Zone Athlete Reps. These reps are not part of the AAC (Athletic Counsel); however he will be required to travel to Colorado Springs 2 times this year for Athletic Counsel meetings.

§  Motion that PVS will be responsible to for any travel expenses (flights) for CJ to travel to and from Colorado Spring twice a year to participate in the Athletic Counsel Meetings, seconded and approved.

o   Administrative –

§  Tollefson Swimming has submitted all information required to request PVS Club membership to the PVS Registrar. This was discussed in Dallas.

·          Motion to approve Tollefson Swimming as a PVS Club, seconded and approved.

§  While in Dallas the Compensation Committee met with the PVS Contractors that were present to discuss their evaluations. The Compensation Committee then made recommendations as to salary adjustments for each contractor.

·         Motion to approve of $9,000 total salary adjustment for PVS Contractors, seconded and approved.

§  Deck Changing – There have been several emails regarding the concerns of athletes deck changing at meets, especially given the current climate in USA Swimming. It was determined that a statement should be added to all MA. The primary enforcement and notification will have to come from the coaches, but should by it being in the MA it gives some “teeth” so that an official can enforce it. It was also noted that there will be learning curve associated with this new rule. All coaches will be informed and asked to talk to their athletes about this new rule.

·         Motion that all forms of deck changes be banned from the pool deck of PVS Sanctioned Meets. Swimmers found to be in violation of the USA Swimming Sportsmanship and subject to be removed from the remainder of the competition. Seconded and approved. This rule is effective immediately. [A statement regarding the deck changing policy has been added to all meet announcements starting with the October Open, in addition it has been sent out in Flash Mail.]

§  Notes from Sexual Misconduct Seminar, how much do we want to publish?

·         The board feels the notes in their entirety should be posted to the PVS website.

§  Swimposium – Regional Coaches Clinics are now being presented by USA Swimming. PVS was asked if we were planning to run a Swimposium in the fall of 2011 and if so would we be interested in running a regional coaches clinic in our area with assistance from USA Swimming. Because we are no longer in a rotation with VSI and MD Swimming, we can/will run a Swimposium every other year and receive funding from USA Swimming. It was asked if we are we budgeted for next year? If it is scheduled after August 31, 2011, then it will be in next year’s budget and would have to be presented to the HOD in the spring.

§  Sponsorship with Speedo – PVS have historically use TYR as a sponsoring outfitter for the LSC, but the product have historically only been used for Zone Team outfitting. Paris has been in contact with Speedo and feels they have stepped up to the plate and will be willing to give PVS a sponsorship deal that will include all PVS meets. TYR feels they were not given an equal opportunity to present a bid. It was recommended to table the discussion regarding the LSC Sponsorship and give Paris and Greg the opportunity to meet with both Speedo and TYR, they will come back in November with two contracts ready to be signed and at that time the BOD can decide whether or not we want to be sponsored, and if so which company we want to go with.

§  Meeting with PVS Registrar -

·         A club ABC Swim Club has again submitted an application to be a PVS team; however they train exclusively at Claude Moore, which is outside PVS territory. According to the USA Swimming they should be part of Virginia Swimming. If they want to be a PVS member then they will have to file an appeal with USA Swimming.

§  Open Water Single Registration – This a for non USA Swimming athletes who want to swim in a sanctioned Open Water event, but does not want to become a USA Swimming athlete member for the entire year. While we, the PVS Board, can approve it, final approval must come from HOD.

·         Motion to allow singular (one-time) registration for Open Water competition and add this to the PVS Policy & Procedures, seconded and approved.

o   Inclusion/Diversity – There Diversity Summit this past weekend and was highly successful. The summit was in conjunction with the PEAK All-Freestyle meet at PGS&LC. The intent was to educate and recruit parents of Diversity athletes as volunteers and/or Officials. They have expressed interest in running this event yearly.

o   Webmaster –

o   Operations – has talked to Jake about having a plan in place regarding equipment for the October Open.

o   Senior Swimming – no additional information submitted.

o   Age Group Swimming – no additional information submitted.

o   Coaches Representatives – see report submitted.

o   Officials – no additional information submitted.

o   Strategic Planning – no additional information submitted.

·         New Business – There is a new Travel Reimbursement form that is simpler and can be filled out on line and submitted directly to Linda.

·         Greg – Wet side/dry side. There have been discussions as to how many coaches, non-coaches on the board. We need to remember that when we come in here we need to vote as to what is best for PVS. We want the smartest people making decisions, and that we are all here for the best interest of the LSC.

·         Date for next BoD meeting – November 15, 2010

·         Adjourn, Motion to adjourn at 10:45 pm, seconded and approved.