Minutes approved at the April Board Meeting


 Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting


6030 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA

March 21, 2011


·         Attendance - Board Members: Greg York, Paris Jacobs, Bill Stephens, Riley Eaton, Manga Dalizu, Bill Marlin, Yuri Suguiyama, Brian Pawlowicz, Miriam Lynch, Jim Thompson, Nick Campbell. Non-Board Members: Jack Neill, Ward Foley, John Ertter, Linda Klopfenstein, John Hirschmann, Terri Marlin

·         Call to order & General Chair Comments – The meeting was called to order by Greg York at 7:00 pm.

o   Elections were held for Coaches Representatives and Athlete Representatives during the PVS Junior/Senior Championships and PVS 14 & Under JO’s. The winners are as follows:

§  Coaches Representative:  Scott Bryant (PM)

§  Athlete Rep:  Brandon Fiala (MACH) and John Kim (CUBU)

o   Nominating Committee: Greg appointed Linda Klopfenstein, John Hirschman and Ward Foley to the 2011 PVS Nominating Committee. [Ward Foley withdrew his name from the nominating committee due to a conflict of interest, since he is up for re-election for Board of Review]. Elections for PVS Board positions will take place at the upcoming House of Delegates meeting schedule for May. As of the March Board Meeting the following people have submitted their names as interested in running for the various positions.

§  General Chair – Riley Eaton, Alex Sabad

§  Senior Chair –

§  Finance – Bob Vincent

§  Diversity/Inclusion – Miriam Lynch, Jorge Silva

§  Official’s Representative – elections will take place this summer.

o   Eastern Zone Meeting: The Eastern Zone Conference is schedules for Saturday May 14 in Ft. Lauderdale. The board members that are attending are asked to let John Ertter know their travel plans so hotel rooms can be secured.

o   PVS Championship Meets:  A special thanks to all Meet Directors, Officials and Volunteers who worked so hard at the PVS Junior/Senior Championship and 14 & Under JO’s. Both meets were a huge success thanks to the hard work of all those involved.

·         Approval of February 14, 2011 Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve the February Board Meeting Minutes, seconded and approved.

·         Club Application – A new team has been formed out of Fairland Aquatic Center, Patuxent Aquatic Club (PAC). They have submitted an application to PVS and USA Swimming. All paperwork appears to be in order.

o   Motion to approve Patuxent Aquatic Club as a new PVS club, seconded and approved (pending USA Swimming approval).

·         Policies and Procedures – The P & P packet was sent out late January for all board members to review. Paris has worked with Art on making all necessary corrections. Completion of the P&P is one of the final needed step to complete LEAP. Paris is going to finalize the document to be presented at HOD and has asked if any board member finds any of the wordings that is inconsistent with the policy to please bring it to her attention. Please remember these changes should be limited to making the wording consistent with formal actions by the BoD since December 2003.

o   Motion to allow the PVS Administrative Chair to make necessary wording changes as needed  assure consistency with prior BoD or HoD actions to Policies & Procedures, seconded and approved.

·         Background Screening Reimbursement Report – see report submitted. Out of the roughly 300 officials, about 90 reimbursement requests have been submitted and paid.

o   Motion to approve the reimbursement of the one official who was charged more than $39 due to living in certain NY counties, seconded and approved.

·         Planning for 2011-2012 Budget Development – Next month is the budget session. Bill Stephens commented that he has not received a lot of comments regarding his past reports . There is not much support for the reduction of registration fees or increasing splash fee; however there is some interest in adding a surcharge at Senior meets since there is a more direct link to who is using the money for travel assistance.  

o   John Ertter will try to get out a zero based budget. He plans to take out any of the programs that did not use money, with only a few exceptions. He will not fill the budget in with other programs that needs to be added or deleted, but he will have the board decide on these items.  The board needs to give the PVS Registrar some guidance as to what we want to do with the registration fee. USA Swimming is raising their registration fees to $48. It was noted in the past USA Swimming has agreed to delay getting this number from PVS until immediately after the HoD meeting. To submit the number now, precludes the House from considering a change as part of the annual budget process.

·         HOD Planning – The 2011 House of Delegates meeting will be held on Tuesday May 24. The location is to be determined. Every effort is being made to hold the meeting on the Maryland side of the river. The location will be announced as announced. [The meeting date was subsequently changed to Monday May 23 at River Falls. A Flash Mail was sent to all members on the email distribution list.]  

·         Update on Black Heritage Swim Meet – Miriam Lynch informed the Board that information regarding the Black Heritage Swim Meet is now posted and on the website. There are currently 12 swimmers from various PVS teams registered for the Black Heritage Swim Meet who will join the PVS DCPR-DC Wave Team traveling to NC. See report submitted.

·         Reports

o   Executive Director - see report submitted

o   Athlete Representative- Nick reported that Senior Champs went well. Several athletes commented that they wanted an ABC final for Senior Champs. They seemed to think it was great to swim at one pool and to swim GMU. Warm up/Cool down pool was a little crowded. Entering the pool facility Friday morning getting credentials was a little crazy, but it was explained that this is primarily due to the facility requirements. Several ideas on how to make this process easier for next year was discussed.

o   Administrative – see report submitted

o   Inclusion/Diversity – see report submitted

§  The New England  LSC has been asking Miriam for help on establishing a new Diversity programs in their LSC.

§  A clinic will be held for the swimmers attending the Black Heritage meet with Florida A & M head coach.

§  They may schedule another team building event as well.

§  There has been increased interest to hold another College Knowledge in the fall, the first step will be to find a location.

§  Miriam was just added to the USA Diversity Committee. Congratulations!

o   Webmaster – Real-times results worked for all Championship meets.

o   Finance/Accounting – As noted in report, USA Swimming is coming up with a finance report, Bill will wait to report on this once some decisions are made in USA Swimming.

§  February finance report looks very good for this time of year.

o   Operations –  JR/SR champs everything went well. JO’s was missing a few items.

§  Brian did talk to Tim about creating an online form for ordering equipment. They will work on this.

§  Investigating a company to turn your PC into a timing console, this would be less expensive than CTS.  Brian will work with Tim to try this system out. It was noted that PVS did look into this company quite a few years ago. At the time there were some significant problems. Brian commented that the company did comment on these previous issues and have assured him that they have all been corrected.

§  Brian is working with Oak Marr about trying to fix their scoreboard and other equipment needed for their timing system.

§  Brian, Tim and Jake will be scheduling time to work at the equipment shed .

o   Senior Swimming – see report,  Coaches and swimmers liked the new Junior/Senior Meet concept. There were about 1200 athletes total between the two pools, just about the perfect number.

§  Concerns, this year the size was really perfect. The two sides were almost complete equal. Saturday morning was just a little bit big, but in general it was good. We will have to keep a very close eye on qualifying times in order to keep the numbers where they currently are. We did save some money by keeping both meets in one pool. We will have to make a few changes/updates to the meet announcements regarding total number of swims, and regulations about swimming relays in both pool, etc.

§  Programs – At Junior/Senior Champs they really didn’t make any money on programs. There is also a concern regarding the amount of paper is used during a swim meet. One thought to reduce the amount of paper used, is to offer meet programs on-line, Riley talked to several IT people about how this can best be accomplished. At NCSA’s he talked to other LSC’s about how they do this. One LSC posts every program on their website, and then charges a flat fee to the club once a predetermined number of programs are purchased. There are probably a number of ideas and Riley thinks we need to start looking at ways to not have to print and distribute programs.

o   Age Group Swimming – as reported.

§  The Zone coaches held a meeting to discuss trip details and are ready to go. All meet athlete applications are in and entries are being processed. Zone entries are a little light on the older (15-18) kids, but the younger kids look like a great team.

§   The JO meet went very great. Paris, Tim and Pam did a great job behind the scenes making sure the meet ran smoothly.  A special thank you to, Karen Fiala for another great job in hospitality and making sure all coaches and officials were able to eat throughout the meet.

o    Coaches Representative –

§  Yuri Suguiyama –see report submitted.

·          Thanks to Brian and Paris running the PVS Championship meet. The officials did a great job as well. There were several comments about making an ABC finals for Senior Champs and A final for Junior Champs. For JO’s, coaches liked the 5 minute breaks because it allowed the older athletes a little more time to rest between events. If the meet stays roughly the same size, we might want to consider pushing warm up back to 6:30 instead of 6:00am. It is a tight turnaround from finals the night before for many of the swimmers. Many coaches felt that the air quality was a better than in the past.

§  Bill Marlin– see report submitted.

o   Officials – see report submitted.

§   Jack Neill added that a significant number of officials who were evaluated between the two championship meets. Lead evaluator,  Pat Lunsford, was impressed by the professionalism of our officials that he observed at Junior/Senior Championships.

o   Strategic Planning – no report.

·         Date of Next BOD Meeting – April 11

·         Adjourn – Motion to adjourn at 8:14 pm