Minutes as approved at the July 12, 2011 BoD meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting

6030 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA

June 6, 2011



·         Dinner

·         Attendance – Voting Members: Greg York, Bill Marlin, Jim Thompson, Bill Stephens, Riley Eaton, Yuri Suguiyama, Manga Dalizu, Paris Jacobs, Richard Xue and Nick Campbell. Non-Voting Members: Linda Klopfenstein, John Ertter, John Hirschmann, Jim Garner, Tim Husson, Bob Vincent and Terri Marlin

·         Call to order – The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by General Chair, Greg York

·         General Chair Comments -

·         Approval of April 11, 2011 Meeting Minutes –

o   There was a change of wording made to the motion regarding the reserve fund. The change was made to the draft minutes and reposted several weeks ago. Nothing was changed this evening.

o    Motion to approve the minutes from the April 11, 2011 PVS Board of Director’s Meeting, seconded and approved.

·         HOD post Mortem – Special thanks to Bill Stephens, Bob Vincent and John Ertter for getting us through the Treasurer’s report and budget discussions at the recent House of Delegates meeting. The House voted to allow for a “floating budget,” which will allow the Board to move the money around as needed as long as the board does not overspend. The question was then raised as to why, then, do we have a budget?

o   HOD approves the budget, but the Board is the one who manages the budget and if some money needs to be moved from one line item to another then the board has the opportunity to do so. The goal is to manage the budget, not move the money and the House has the ability override any of the Board’s decisions.

§  There is a growing concern that if the Board has to continuously move money to the same places, then we may be facing a larger problem and should works towards finding a solution to correct the financial problem for that particular line time, before money continues to be moved year after year.  

§  It was noted that if the philosophy of making all the budget number “hard numbers” then there would be a number of times when the board’s hands would be tied and it would become difficult to continue to do business effectively. For example just after the 2011 House of Delegates Meeting, John Ertter received a letter from Fairfax County Park Authority informing PVS that all 2012 rental fees will be increased; therefore changing the budget line item for pool rental for a number of PVS meets. But because we have a more flexible budget we will be able to move additional money from one line item to the pool rentals without having to go back to the HOD for approval.

o   2012 should be a year in which PVS hosts a Swimposium; however there currently is no money in the budget to run one. It was recommended that we should wait another year. USA-Swimming will help us fund a Swimposium every third year and if we wait until FY2013 then we will be able to add their support and possibly add money to the PVS budget to pay for it.

o   How many teams were represented at the HOD meeting? Only 13 teams were represented at the 2011 HOD meeting. Given there are nearly 40 team in PVS it is too bad that a majority of the teams were not present. There are a number of coaches/team that have questions, comments and complaints that are brought up on the pool deck; however if these teams are not represented at the HOD meeting, their thoughts may not be heard. The PVS Board is looking for ideas to increase the team representation at the HOD.

·         Athlete Protection Committee –

o   At HOD there was a proposal brought forward to add an Athlete Protection Committee to the PVS Board of Directors. The information Art presented was taken directly from information he was given from USA Swimming and a presentation from Michigan Swimming. Many of these ideas should have probably been hammered out before presenting it at the HOD meeting. One question we need to answer is whether or not we want an athlete on the Athlete Protection Committee? Do we think it is a good idea? In asking our athletes, they feel it would be appropriate for an athlete to be on the committee. If USA Swimming makes it a requirement to form a formal committee then we may not have a choice.

§  If we are given a choice, do we feel we need there to be a Board member with an active committee? Or just a committee position that is appointed by the General Chair? If the Committee Chair becomes a board member with voting privileges then the committee would have some power. 

·         If the position is supposed to be for educational purposes then it doesn’t have to be an active member. But if they will be involved in investigations then we would want them to have more power. However if they are not going to be making policy then it is probably better to leave it as a non-voting member.

·         USA-Swimming is most likely going to decide at Convention in September on how best to establish this position within each LSC boards. The General Chair was hoping that PVS could decide how they wanted to proceed with this committee prior to going to convention.  

·         It is recommended that we form a committee now, and then see what USA-S decides at Convention and if they require we make it a formal committee with a voting chair then we go from there.

·         We can hold a special HOD meeting in the fall after we hear from USA Swimming in September.

·         We were reminded that at the sexual misconduct workshop held last fall it was recommended that one should always attempt to put yourself in the best position you can. If we set up an Athlete Protection Committee then we look like we are doing something and are interested in keeping our athletes safe. We would need to get in touch with our lawyers to see what they recommend and if they would be willing to be on the committee as well. As we should have our own general counsel as a member of the committee who is at least is there as an advisor.

·         It was suggested to set up a committee now, then see what USA-S HOD proposes each LSC do. Then if we have to set it up as a voting board member we hold a special HOD meeting in the fall.

·         Spring 2011 CCM Actions – At the May meeting

o   September 1, 2011-December 31, 2011 (last chance)

§  Oct 8-9, RMSC Kick off Invite, MLK

§  Oct 8-9 MSSC, All Free Meet Fairland

§  Oct 21-23, SNOW, Pumpkin Invite, Claude Moore

§  Oct 22-23, YORK, Halloween Mini Meet, Maderia

§  Oct 29-30, SDS, Monster Mash Invite, South Run

§  Nov 4-6, RMSC, November Invite, MLK

§  Nov 12-13, RMSC, National Age Group, Germantown

§  Nov 12-13, DCPR, November Distance Meet, Takoma

§  Nov 13, YORK, Friendship Mini Meet, Maderia

§  Nov 18-20, SDS, Swim & Rock, Oak Marr

§  Nov 20, SDS, Go the Distance, Oak Marr

§  Dec  3-4, YORK, Reindeer Mini , Providence

§  Dec 3-4, MAKO, Holiday Invite, GMU

·         Motion to endorse the above meets as recommended by the Competition Committee to the Board for the time period of September 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011, seconded and approved.

o   It was noted that for the weekend of December 3-4, we are looking at having 4 “championship style” meets that weekend. There have been several concerns expressed by the Officials Committee about weekends like this and having enough officials willing and able to work all of the needed sessions. It is believed that we are good equipment wise as several of the facilities being used that weekend have their own equipment. Another question is regarding the Officials.

§  If we approve or disapprove one of these meets, will not make the officiating any better at the other meets.

§  In the last 3-4 years we have had several weekends where there are up to 6 or 7 meets each weekend, so 4 is not a huge number.

§  There is a thought process by some of the officials that clubs run meets “just to make” money, however clubs generally run meets to fill a need for their own athletes that fit their training schedule.

§  Every Monday Jack receives emails about how meets are run. The officials committee is now working on collecting real hard data. Right now the Board doesn’t feel that they should just deny a meet to a club just because there are too many meets on the schedule, but once the data is collected from the Officials, then we will have some accurate and up to date data to firmly stand behind the Board decisions.

o   January 1, 2012 – March 31, 2012

§  Jan 7-8, MAKO, Winter Invite, GMU

§  Jan 7-8, SDS, Polar Bear 14 & U Invite, South Run

§  Jan 14-15, MSSC, Winter Senior Meet, Fairland

§  Jan 29, RMSC, Frosty Pentathlon, Germantown

§  Feb 4, SNOW, February Qualifier, Claude Moore

§  Feb 18-19, RMSC, Gender Blender, MAC

§  Feb 19, YORK, Friendship Mini #2, Madeira

§  Mar 10-11, RMSC, Mini Champs, Olney

§  Mar 23-25, RMSC, Spring Finale, Germantown

§  Mar 23-25, MSSC, Spring Finale, Fairland

§  Mar 23-25, YORK, March Madness, Oak Marr

§  Mar31-Apr 1, MAKO, Spring Invite, GMU

·         Motion to as MLK as a fourth site to the PVS January Open as recommended by the Competition Committee and award RMSC as the meet host, seconded and approved.

·         Motion to endorse the above meets as recommended by the Competition Committee to the Board for the time period of January 1, 2012 through March 31, 2012, seconded and approved.

o   Just note that there are now four large meets now scheduled for the weekend of March 23-25 (the three listed above and Sectional at George Mason).

o   April 1, 2012 – August 31, 2012

§  Apr 28-29, SDS, Spring Sprint Plus Invite, South Run

§  May 4, SNOW, SC Spring Classic, Claude Moore

§  May 5-6, SNOW, LC Spring Classic, Claude Moore

§  May 4-6, RMSC, LC Spring Invitational, MAC

§  May 5-6, FISH, FISH LC Derby, GMU

§  Jun 1-3, SNOW, LC Spring Invite, Claude Moore

§  June 16-17, FISH, FISH June Invitational

·         Motion to endorse the above meets as recommended by the Competition Committee to the Board for the time period of April 1, 2012 through August 31, 2012, seconded and approved.

o   Zone staff for 2011 LC Zone meet

§  Motion to endorse the acceptance of Marye Carter, Nathan Meadows, Scott Bryant, Tony Murray, David Hall, Matt Pelletier and Becca Brofft as assistant coaches for the 2011 PVS LC Age Group Zone Team as recommended by the Competition Committee, seconded and approved.

§  Manga has been in touch with Sumie to confirm that all proposed Zone coaches are up to date with all of their certifications and will still be certified at the time of the meet. He has also contacted all the nominated coaches and reminded those who will need to turn in certifications prior to Zone. Manga will continue to follow up with the coaches.

o   Coach of the Year – This was attempt to move the election earlier (April or May) so it can be presented at HOD and to take the club affiliation out and have the selection process be based on merit. Members of the Competition Committee have been asking to change the policy. The June 18 due date is for this year, then next year the due date will be moved earlier so that the winner can be announced at the Annual House of Delegates meeting in May.

§  Motion that the Age Group Coach of the Year be selected from applications received by June 18. The nomination form should list achievements of 14 & under athletes who train under the coach’s direct supervision listed as the coach sees fit. The Coach would be selected from nominees received as in previous years, seconded and approved.

o   Age Group Meet Records - Manga proposed to add meet records to the 14 & Under JO meet and the LC Age Group Champ meet. He will go back through the records on the PVS web site to determine the fastest times for each event.

§   Motion to add meet records to our Age Group Championships meets (SC and LC) as endorsed by the Competition Committee by going back through all the meets on the PVS website, then continue to maintain the records from that time forward, seconded and approved.

o   Warm up and start times for Prelims and Finals at PVS SC Senior/Junior Champs – It was proposed at CCM that the start time of Senior/Junior Champs meet be pushed back to 9:00 am so the athletes that swim in finals can get more sleep. There was also a proposal to push the start time of finals back to allow more time between prelims and finals. Upon discussing it, the board decided that if these changes were to be passed, then Policies & Procedures would have to change and we would be bound to the new start times.

o   Motion to move the start time of the PVS SC Junior/Senior Championships to 9:00 am, as long at the timelines allow for there to be sufficient time in between prelims and finals, seconded and denied (motion fails).

o    Motion to look at start time of the finals sessions and begin earlier based upon the meet manager’s recommendation, as long as there is sufficient time between prelims and finals, seconded and denied (motion fails).

§  While both motions failed, it was agreed that the Board should not legislate the starting times, but rather the Senior Chair will take both proposed motions as recommendations from Competition and will work with the meet director and meet referee to see if changing the start times of both prelims and finals will work.

o   Financial Policy Recommendations – USA Swimming just sent out several reports regarding LSC financial policies. The package included recommendations of examples or “best practices” instead of actual policies to follow. In reading over the recommendations, Bill Stephens feels we are right in line with USA Swimming in regards to our reserve policy, but feels that we need to work on our investment policy so we are more in line with USA-Swimming’s investment policy.

§  Greg has asked Bill Stephens, Bob Vincent and John Ertter to work together to come up with a better and more comprehensive investment policy and to bring it back to the board for a vote.

·         Reports

o   Athlete Representatives no report submitted

o   Operations – no report submitted

o   Administrative – no report submitted

o   Senior Swimming - see CCM

o   Age Group Swimming - see CCM

o   Coaches Representatives - no report submitted

o   Officials – no report submitted

o   Inclusion/Diversity – see report submitted. There is a coach’s clinic being offered next week with consultants from USA Swimming. All coaches are invited to attend. Tim will send out a notice to the coaches e-mail list.

o   Webmaster – no report submitted

o   Strategic Planning – no report submitted

o   Finance/Accounting – no report submitted

o   Executive Director – see report submitted; PVS has a CD at Eagle Bank that will mature on July 1, 2011. Ertter asked for guidance from the Board regarding how to reinvest the money?

§  Motion to allow the incoming and outgoing Finance VP work with John Ertter to decide the best action for the reinvestment of the CD at Eagle Bank. Once a decision is made, an email will be sent to the board for notification, seconded and approved.

o   Date for next BOD meeting:  Tuesday July 12 Location TBD, dinner at 7:00, meeting at 7:30

·         Adjourn