Draft Minutes until approved at the February Board Meeting.


Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting

Lee-Graham Pool Community Center

7319 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA 22042

January 9, 2012



·         Attendance – Board Members; Riley Eaton, Paris Jacobs, Bill Marlin, Manga Dalizu, Bob Vincent, Brian Pawlowicz, Miriam Lynch, Mike Rubin, Jim Thompson, Emily Felker, Scott Bryant. Athlete Representatives; Brandon Fiala, Nick Campbell, John Kim. Non-Board Members; John Ertter, Linda Klopfenstein, Tim Husson, Kurt Thiel and Aaron Dean.

·         Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by General Chair, Riley Eaton at 7:10 pm. We will be going into Executive Session again this evening due to a disciplinary issue that must be addressed by the Executive BoD.

o   An equipment order was sent in at the end of December and we now have 60 new buttons and 3 new harnesses.

o   All Officials and Coaches and other Non-Athlete members should now have competed their APT. There are approximately 14% certified Officials and Coaches who were certified last year and have not renewed.

·         Action Items

o   Approval of December 13, 2011 Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve the Minutes from the December 13, 2011 Board of Director’s meeting, seconded and approved.

o   Action Items from the January 3, 2012 Competition Committee Meeting

§  Order of Events for Distance Session of Oct Open

·         Motion to approve the change to the order of the Distance Session of the PVS October Open to 12 & U 200 Back, 13 & O 200 Back, Open 1000 Free, 12 & U 500 Free, seconded, approved.

§  Club Meets

·         April 1-August 31, 2012

o   RMSC, Maryland States, KSAC, 6/1-3/12

·         September 1-December 31, 2012

o   MAKO, Fall Invite, GMU, 10/6-7/12

o   HACC, Harvest Moon, Herndon, 10/6-7/12

o   AAC, Fall Gator Mini, WL, 10/27-28/12

o   FAST, Odd Ball Challenge, Fairland, 11/17-18/12

o   CUBU, Pilgrim Mini Meet, Claude Moore, 11/18/12

o   MAKO, Holiday Invite, GMU, 12/1-2/12

o   CUBU, Tom Dolan Invite, UMD, 12/6-912

o   PM, Winter Classic, GMU, 12/6-9/12

·         Motion to approve the recommendation from CCM to accept the above listed club meets for April 1-August 31, 2012 and September 1-December 31, 2012, seconded and approved.

§  Assistant Zone Coaches for 2012 Spring SC Zones

·         Motion to accept the recommendations made by the CCM and approve Marye Carter-CUBU, Bruce Andersen-HACC, Scott Bryant-PM, Brittany Vocke-MACH, Tony Murray-FAST and Derek Young-AAC as 2012 SC Zone Assistant Coaches, seconded and approved.

·         Motion to accept the recommendation made by the CCM and approve Steve Menard-AAC as the 2012 LC Zone Head Coach and Scott Bryant-PM as the Assistant Head Coach, seconded and approved.

§  Junior and Senior Champ Finals Session – There has been quite a bit of discussion regarding the number of heats for the Junior Champs and Senior Champ meets.

·         Motion to accept the recommendation of the CCM to hold 2 heats for Junior Champs and 3 heats of Senior Champs at the 2012 Championship meets, seconded and approved.

o   According to the Meet Manager and Meet Referee, we should comfortably be able to move the start time of Finals up about 20 minutes, therefore only being at the pool about 10 minutes later than previously.

o   As a response to a question regarding Time Trials, the body was reminded that Time Trials will take place in between prelims and finals.

o   Nick Campbell, athlete representative, reported that he walked around and spoke to some athletes over the weekend to see what they preferred in terms of number of heats. Most of the athletes questioned were likely of the Junior Champ level. While they were fine with 3 heats for Senior Champ, they all agreed that 2 heats for Junior Champs was the most fair.

§  Changes to the 2012 14 & U JO Championships – The following recommendation from CCM are changes to the timing and format of the 2012 14 & U JO Championships. All CCM members are well aware that if the athlete count and/or splash count increase dramatically from the current predicted amounts that much of these changes will have to change back.

·          Motion to accept the recommendation of the CCM and move the Boy’s 500yd Freestyle from Friday to Sunday, seconded and approved.

·         Motion to accept the recommendation of the CCM and swim the top 8 seeds of the 10 & U Boys and 10 & U Girls 500yd Freestyle during the Sunday night Finals session, seconded and approved.

·         Motion to accept the recommendation of the CCM and move all 13-14 preliminary sessions 30 minutes earlier (WU 6:30-7:50am, Events 8:00am), seconded and approved.

·         Motion to accept the recommendation of the CCM and move the 10 & U sessions 25 minutes earlier (WU 4:45-5:35 pm, Events 5:45 pm), seconded and approved

·         Motion to accept the recommendation of the CCM and swim all 800yd Freestyle Relays during the Friday 13-14 preliminary session, seconded, approved.

·         Motion to accept the recommendation of the CCM and change the order of the Thursday Distance session to start with the 1000/1650yd Freestyle, take a short warm up break and then do the 11-12 500yd Freestyle, second, approved.

§  UMD for March 2013 JO’s – Carrie Tupper was present at the Competition Committee Meeting and confirmed that UMD is available for the 2013 14 &U JO meet.

·         Motion to accept the recommendation of the CCM to secure the UMD for the 2013 14 & U JO Championships and to put into consideration raising the entry fees for all three 2013 Championship meets by $2, seconded and Tabled.

·         The board felt it was important to look at real numbers and all events and meets. Then take it back to the spring Competition Committee Meeting in May to discuss the actual financial impact of using UMD and what it will truly cost the teams/families.

o   The increased fees would remain in place as long as the meet remained at UMD. If the meet moves in the future, CCM can ask for a reduction or change in entry fees.

§  The use of Touch Pads at PVS meets – The motion to stop using touch pad at PVS Open and Distance meets was defeated at the January CCM.

·         There were numerous reasons stated at the CCM as to why the members felt it was important to continue to use touch pads for Open and Distance meets.

§  Distance Event Qualifying Times – Our Distance meets and Distance Session of the Open meets have gained significant popularity and more and more swimmers have been attending the distance sessions.  At the January Distance meet, we had more swimmers entered than ever before and a lower scratch rate than ever before. Once step to help reduce the number of swimmers, while maintaining the quality of the meet is to lower the time standards for the Distance meets and Distance sessions at PVS Open meets. Individual Clubs do not have to follow these guidelines.

·         Motion to accept the recommendation of the CCM to lower the Distance qualifying times for the 1000yd/800M to 14:00 and 1650yd/1500M Freestyle 23:00, seconded, approved

·         Motion to accept the recommendation of the CCM to lower the 13 & O entering the 1000yd/800M requiring a 500yd/400M time of 6:30 and a 1000yd/800M time of 13:30 to enter the 1650yd/1500M Freestyle, seconded, approved.

o   As of right now the 12 & U Qualifying times are remaining the same (7:20).

o   There were questions from Coaches over the weekend. They wanted to know why we were cutting back for the Distance meets. They recognize that the sessions were long, but the length doesn’t affect the swimmers, only the coaches and officials. Some coaches felt that the meet was fine as it was.

o   Approval of New PVS Club – Moon Aquatic Club – The Admin Chair recommends that Moon Aquatic Club be approved as a PVS Club. Their paperwork is in order and they have secured pool time with FCPA. There is a language barrier and some questions regarding registered vs non registered athletes, in addition to some concerns that they understand all of the safety measures that have to be in place.

§  We believe we now have an interpreter to work with this club at least with the paper work.

§  Since we do have a language barrier, how are we going to ensure that all safety procedures are being properly followed? According to the FCPA they are renting during guarded hours and they have been carrying a secondary insurance policy. It is recognized that there is a safety concern. It is recommended that the Safety Officer attend a practice session and observe the team; however their membership will not be determined on this visit.

§  Motion to follow the recommendation and approve Moon Aquatic Club as a USA Swimming/PVS team, with the recommendation that the PVS safety officer to observe and confirm that all safety regulations are being followed, seconded and approved.

§  If we add another club, what does this do to us in terms of numbers and pool space? We cannot deny them because their paperwork is in order. But we can look at the overall impact another team with more swimmers will have on the LSC as a whole.

o   Athlete Travel Grant Requests for 2011 Winter Nationals & 2011 Winter SC Junior Nationals.-

§  SC Winter Junior Nationals – One request was made for the 2011 SC Winter Junior Nationals. All requirements are in place. Motion to approved a full share for One swimmer at Winter Junior Nationals, seconded and approved.

§  SC Winter Nationals – There were 18 requests for Travel Grants for the 2011 SC Winter Nationals. After careful review and some additional fact finding it is recommended to approve all 18 athletes.

§  Motion to approve a full share of travel assistance for 18 athletes who attended 2011 SC Winter Junior Nationals, seconded and approved.

·         There was one long time PVS athlete who had not been registered for the 6 months prior, due to the fact that she is a college student and could not be registered last winter, then was studying abroad over the summer and didn’t have the opportunity to compete. She was registered on November of 11 and attended the meet in December. 

·         Club Excellence Program - USA Swimming has recognized several PVS teams in their Club Excellence Program; CUBU, RMSC and FISH, Gold Member; MACH Silver. The top 20 teams who apply are accepted as a Gold Standard Team, the next 100 are Silver. PVS is fortunate to have these four teams recognized by USA Swimming and awarded by the Club Excellence Program. Congratulations to these four teams.

·         Zone Team Pricing – John Ertter has been looking at the numbers regarding the 2012 Spring Zone meet. All expenses have been taken into account to determined a fair price to charge each swimmer and still keep within the budget set forth by HOD.

o   Motion to keep the price per athlete at $500 for the 2012 Spring Zone Meet, seconded

§  In looking at the data presented, there are questions as to why the apparel prices have gone up so much. This question will be discussed off line, with our Outfitter and Speedo, with whom which we have a contract.

§  There has been some discussion that the fee has been $500 for quite a few years and each year we seem to go over the set budget amount set forth by HOD. There are many factors, athlete count being the primary factor, as to whether or not the trip remains within the budget, yet we are often asked at HOD about the pricing and why we continue to go over budget.  

o   Friendly amendment to raise the fee to $525, seconded, approved.

o   Motion to set the fee for the 2012 SC Zone Team trip to $525 per swimmer, seconded and approved.

o   With an increase in fees, would the hardship grant be raised as well?

§  John Ertter stated that when athletes, parents or coaches have requested a “hardship grant” the controller and Finance Vice-Chair have been presented with specifics of the request. In each case they are looked upon individually and in no time have there been more than 3 grants requested in any one year. All “hardship” grant have been accepted in the past and there is no reason to think there will be any difference looking towards the future.

o   What are the causes for continually overspending on the Zone Trip

o   We would like to look at the expenses; there are three major expenses; travel, lodging/meals and outfitting

o   There are a few places where we could possibly look to cut spending in the budget. The AG Chair and Finance can look at these figures.  

o   $338/athlete is what PVS paid last year (2011 SC). Athlete count is a big factor, for example; bus rental, if/when we hit the numbers just right and fill all the buses we generally stay within the budget; however if we need an extra bus based upon the number of athletes attending the meet and it is only half full, then we tend to bust the budget. This will continue to happen, particularly in the summer unless we cap the numbers for summer LC Zone, which no one seems to be in favor of doing.

o   Apparel seems to be another expense that tends to take us over the top. For example, why are we spending four times the amount per T-shirt to have a four color shirt vs one color shirt? This will be looked at and discussed with the Zone Coordinators as well as the Outfitter. While it is important to have each athlete properly outfitted, we have to consider the budget as well.

o   Coach’s apparel is free as per our Speedo contract. So out of the $24,000 we need to understand what we are being charge for. There will be some off-line discussions about this.

·         Reports

o   Executive Director- see report submitted

§  2011 Tax return was filed today. The Draft of the tax return and Audit report have been presented. The Audit Committee is in the process of reviewing the report. There are members of the Audit Committee who would like to meet with the Auditors before signing off on the report.

o   Athlete Representatives – Nick Campbell, talked with the swimmers at the MAKO Winter Invite this past weekend regarding the number of heats at Junior Champ Finals, the swimmers stated they preferred 2 heats.

o   Administrative – see report submitted

§  The Officials Committee has recommended a change in the wording of the 4 hour provision in the meet announcement (see report). To clarify that it is for any session that includes a 12 & U event. Motion to change the wording in all meet announcements containing 12 & U events to “The Meet Director and the PVS Technical Committee reserve the right to limit events, heats, swimmers or adjust the format to conform with the 4-hour provision for sessions that include 12 & U events per Rule 205.3.1F.” seconded and approved.

o   Inclusion/Diversity – see report submitted

§  Anthony Ervin is coming to PVS, April 14, and we are looking for athletes to help with the clinic scheduled. If interested please contact the Diversity Chair.

o   Webmaster – see report submitted

o   Technical Committee – OME is ready to go for Senior Champs. We now have an accurate number of how many swimmers have qualified for JOs, something we have never had before. We will continue to monitor this number as the meet gets closer.

§  Distance meet summary - The entries up, scratches down and about 60 new JO cuts were made in the 1000/1650.

·         Girls 1000 – 200 entries, 28 scratches (14%), 17 new JO Cuts

·         Boys 1000 – 169 entries, 25 scratches (14.7%), 27 new JO Cuts

·         Girls 1650 – 118 entries, 19 scratches (16%), 10 new JO Cuts

·         Boys 1650 – 126 entries, 31 scratches (24.6%), 10 new JO Cuts

o   Finance/Accounting – see report submitted

§  An athlete is needed on the Audit Committee and will be needed on the Investment Committee, if any of our athlete reps are interested or any other athlete (at least 14 years old) is interested, please contact Bob Vincent.

o   Operations – The Operations Chair has been looking into hiring a Technician and has received several resumes from ITT; haven’t found a good candidate yet, but still working on it. There has been some discussion with Carrie Tupper, UMD Aquatics Director, regarding her interest in possibly housing and maintaining the PVS equipment for a fee less than what we have previously paid. She is awaiting the final decision regarding the fate of the UMD Swim Team, but assuming that there is no team next year, the talks will continue.   Our current equipment delivery person lives nearby, so it should work well. Most likely Carrie will not be able to start until sometime in June, so we will have to discuss the plan for equipment maintenance between now and then.

§  It was noted that our touch pad situation is not as good as we would like it heading into JOs. Currently we do not have 3 full sets of good working pads. At last count we had between 25-27 good pads.

·         Is there money in the budget to purchase about a dozen new 78 inch pads? Both the controlled and Operations Chair believe that we do.

·         It was asked, if anyone knew how MSSC was able to run a 12 lane course at their Christmas Champs? The longest harness we are aware of is 10 lanes. Out of curiosity this will be looked into.

o   Senior Swimming – see report submitted.

§  Going back to the discussion regarding Junior and Senior Championship Finals, there was a thought that the two meets continue to run as separate meets at Finals instead of combining the two meets into one pool for the Finals sessions. This topic will be tabled for now, but Senior Chair, would like to present it at CCM in the spring to get the coaches feedback.

·         Several commented that they didn’t think it would be a good idea, that we would lose the “Championship feel”  and warm up/cool down space that is important at a meet like this.

§  There were a few integrity issues with the falsifying entry times at the January Distance meet. Not all entry times have been verified at this time, but several were looked at due to the difference in their entry time and actual time. We will continue look into this, and if it is found they it was blatant, then several members of the board recommended the clubs be fined as per PVS policy.

o   Age Group Swimming – see report submitted.

§  There is a bigger issue; growth and numbers. What do we do to continue to go forward while we are growing so rapidly. This will be put together and presented with ideas (single AG Cuts, leveled Champs meets) and presented at a later time.

§  Thanks to Tim Husson and Jim Thompson for helping us gather data on JO qualifier numbers. This is a huge help in planning for the meet.

o   Coaches Representatives – General Chair, Riley Eaton, first wanted to offer the reps an apology for being singled out at the CCM, by several of the coaches in attendance. He also wanted this to serve as a reminder that as all board members sit around this table that you are representing PVS, not a specific club. If you want to say something or give your personal opinion, announce that you are “switching hats” and wearing your club’s hat. While working on the board you are working for the greater good of Potomac Valley Swimming.

§  Coaches Rep, Emily Felker, brought to the attention of the Officials and Board a concern from a coach at the distance meet, regarding a parent who was observed videotaping a race from behind the blocks. It is clearly stated in all meet announcements that this is not allowed.

·         Those in attendance of the board meeting felt that the “rule is the rule”. The board has asked the Officials Committee to follow up.

o   Officials – see report submitted.

o   Strategic Planning – Jim Thompson was thanked again of all of his recent number crunching!

·         Round Table Talking Points

o   Update on PVS Equipment Technician Position – withdraw due to early discussion

o   Update on Collection of Signed Ethical Behavior & Conflict of Interest Policy Certifications – Admin Vice-Chair and Controller took care of this off line.

o   Protocols for Purchasing New Meet Equipment – As the controller, John Ertter receives emails from the Equipment Delivery person regarding the various states of the equipment; however he is never given direct instructions to order anything new or given direction as to what needs to be done. He is asking how the Board wants him to operate in term of giving him permission/the go-ahead to purchase needed equipment or make other necessary decisions.

§  As General Chair, Riley feels that the Operations Chair should be the first line of communication with Ertter regarding all aspect of the status of the PVS equipment.

§  Operations Chair, commented that he doesn’t receive any communication from anyone regarding the equipment. It is highly recommended that the chain of communication between the meet directors, officials, equipment delivery person, the controller and the Operations Chari be “cleaned up” immediately.

§  At the officials Committee meeting, they are going to ask the meet referees to be more specific about what is wrong with the equipment when something fails at a meet. They will make sure all information is now sent to Brian Pawlowicz, Operations Chair, as well as the controller.

·         Old Business – No old business.

·         New Business –  As a reminder to all four teams hosting the PVS January Open, the board approved an even split of all meet entry fees for all four team for this meet. No money will be paid out until all teams have submitted their meet reports. Please be timely with your post meet reports.

·         Executive Board Session will meet in about 5 minutes.

·         February 6 will be our next Board meeting. The location is to be determined and posted shortly [the meeting will be held at Lee Graham]

·         Motion to adjourn, seconded and approved at 8:45 pm.