Draft Minutes until approved at the January BOD meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting


6030 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA

December 13, 2010



·         Dinner – 6:30

·         Attendance – Greg York, Paris Jacobs, Riley Eaton, Bill Marlin, Boots Hall, Jim Thompson, Yuri Sugiyama, Miriam Lynch, Tim Husson, John Hirschmann, John Ertter, Jim Garner, Linda Klopfenstein, Bob Vincent, Terri Marlin

·         Call to Order, the meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by the General Chair, Greg York

·         Approval of November 15, 2010 Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve the Minutes from the meeting on November 15, 2010, seconded and approved.

·         Task Force/Child Protection – Greg met with Art Davis and David Deitch to discuss the role of the Child Protection Task Force. Art and David were asked to come up with policies for the LSC to follow in the event an incident is brought to the attention of the LSC. The task force will be in communication with USA-Swimming to ensure that the LSC policies are in line and appropriate. Art’s report is attached.

·         Investment Proposals

o    Bill Stephens reviewed the Treasurer’s report (attached). Bill has had discussions with Ward Foley and Mark Eldridge and both have agreed to continue discussions regarding the budget so there will be a general consensus when we reach the HOD in May. There is a concern that if we do not either raise our revenues or decrease our expenses that we will be facing a third year in a row of a yearend deficit.

o   Proposals – Bill Stephens and John Ertter met to put together several proposals to bring to the board (see proposal report). After some discussion about the proposals it was recommended that Bill, John, John Hirschmann and Bob Vincent continue to discuss these proposals and once a consensus is made bring them back to the board for a vote.

§  Jim Thompson asked if a “What If” analysis could be made based upon real numbers to give the board a more concrete example of the proposals. Both Bill and Ertter said they would work on this.

o   Investment Policy – Bill Stephens presented and went over his lined out draft of the new investment policy (see attached).

·         Background Screening –  USA Swimming just released the plan for the new background screening process. It was indicated that hte cost would be $39 for a Level 2 background check (officials) and $19 fora  Level 1 background check. Paris has reviewed and will be looking for the one person who can be the “go to person” and answer questions as they come along. She has asked USA-S if they have developed a FAQ page regarding the new process. She will continue to be in touch with USA-S to make sure we remain up to date and know what the next steps are.

o   The Officials Committee has been asked to produce a list of Officials (level 2) who work and give back to the LSC. PVS will be paying for the background screening for these officials.

o   Ertter expressed a concern regarding the newer up and coming Officials that if we do not offer to pay for their background screening some of them may decide not to become an official.

o   Motion to pay for the background screening for Officials approved by the Officials Committee, seconded and approved.

o   Keep in mind that the policies will continue to evolve over time and more information will be coming out from USA Swimming over the next few months.

·         PVS Credit Card - – It has been recommended that a PVS get a Credit Card to use to pay for LSC expenses, particularly for the use of paying for the background screening. John Ertter has looked into getting a credit card; however the LSC doesn’t currently have a credit history, therefore it will take time to establish credit and to be able to get a credit card. He will continue to look into it.

o   Motion to give John Ertter the authority to look into and apply for a PVS credit card to aid in paying for LSC business and report back to the board with his selection and then allow those board members with check writing ability to have access to the credit card if necessary, seconded and approved.

·         Reports

o   Executive Director – see report submitted

§  There is one team, previously reported, who has continued to bounce check for both athlete registration and meet entries. Ertter has asked for approval to handle this issue in a manner that he sees fit. However he will ensure that all athletes maintain the right to compete.

o   Athlete Representatives – no report submitted

o   Administrative – 

§  Approval of ABC Swim Team – USA Swimming has approved the appointment of this club and have no problem with them being part of PVS. However they do remain sensitive to the board issue with VSI.

·         Motion to accept ABC Swim Team as a new PVS team, seconded and approved.

§  A new transfer form is now available on line. Our P & P do not allow PVS to interject in financial disputes between clubs and families unless it has been ordered by the courts. The financial release has been removed from the form.

§  Registrar concerns-Sumie has indicated that there are two teams that continuously wait to register their swimmers until after meet entries are sent in and an exception report is created. Paris is concerned about this practice and will be writing the teams a letter urging them to register their swimmers in a more timely manner and to remind them that any swimmer not registered and practicing has no insurance and is putting their entire team at risk.

§  Travel Policies – USA Swimming has recently issued a new policy regarding the mandatory travel policy for clubs and LSCs. Each LSC must have a published travel policy by January 15. Paris recommends that PVS adopts the USA Swimming policy.

o   Inclusion/Diversity – see report submitted. There is a Diversity Committee meeting scheduled for Saturday December 18 at Takoma. The purpose is to reestablish a committee and plan for the upcoming year and how best to utilize funds.

o   Webmaster – no report submitted

o   Finance/Accounting – see above

o   Operations – no report submitted

o   Senior Swimming –

§  Age Group Champs – Riley and Manga have asked Jim Garner to produce a spreadsheet with the number of swimmers who are currently qualified for AG Champs this spring, so that we can proactively plan for the meet and try to avoid any last minute changes to the Meet Format.

§  Travel Assistance application submission – Riley and Linda have been working together to make the process of applying for travel assistance easier for coaches and to allow Linda to more easily make decisions on approval. The actual policy for who is eligible for travel assistance has not changed. See document submitted

o   Age Group Swimming – see above

o   Coaches Representatives –

§  IMX meet information was released today. It has been sent out to every LSC. At January CCM there may be a proposal from a coach to limit outside teams at our Open meets. Sessions times are getting long (4 hours) but feel that swim meets shouldn’t be compared to other sports such as soccer.

o   Officials – The Officials are thankful for the many officials from other LSC/teams who helped at the Dolan Invite this past weekend.

o   Strategic Planning – no report submitted

·         Date for next BOD Meeting – January 10, 2010 at Overlee

·         Motion to Adjourn, second and approved.