Minutes approved at the January 2010 Board Meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting

Overlee Community Center

6030 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA

December 14, 2009


·         Dinner

·         Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm

·         Attendance: Greg York, Jim Thompson, Bill Stephens, Yuri Suguiyama, Boots Hall, Bill Marlin, Riley Eaton, Danielle Schulkin, CJ Fiala, Tara Banks, Manga Dalizu, Arthur Lopez, John Hirschmann, Jim Garner, Brian Pawlowicz, Tim Husson, Miriam Lynch, John Ertter and Terri Marlin.

·         Approval of November 9, 2009 Meeting Minutes- Motion to approve the November Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes, seconded and approved.

·         Proposals for PVS Diversity Goals; During the recent Diversity Summit held at the USA-Swimming headquarters each LSC was asked to prepare both short term and long term goals. The three short term goals proposed for Potomac Valley Swimming are; Conduct Coaches Education Clinic, Conduct a Catch the Spirit Camp in DC and to reestablish a summer swim league in DC.

o        Short Term – 1 year

§         #1 - Conduct a Coaches Education Clinic in DC – Manga has put together a Coaches Clinic Agenda and has presented it to the board. Manga will work with Sean Link of DCRP along with the other Coaches Reps to set this up for the spring of 2010.

§         #2 - Conduct a Catch the Spirit Camp in DC – Terri, Greg and Paris along with the Athlete Reps will work on the Catch the Spirit Camp in March.

·         Greg has been in touch with Sean Link about this and PVS has volunteered to assist DCPR in running these programs.

·         A potential problem that has been identified is that DC has no plan or apparent ability to fund these programs. Members of the board are concerned that if we set up and run these clinics the kids will get excited and want to participate, however there is no place for these swimmers to be able to go and participate. Currently the DCPR Team is full and there is no space for additional swimmers due to the shortage of coaches rather than water.

·         We can not be responsible for individual swimming programs within our territory (including DCRP), however we are responsible for encouraging competitive swimming within PVS territory.

·         Riley met with Sean and other DC Aquatic Staff members regarding getting programs started. He found that many of those on the DC Aquatic staff do not have the knowledge needed to get these programs off the ground. We will have to start small and help them, but PVS should do it with a DC at our side so they can be trained as to how to run meets, run camps, coach swimmers etc.

·         Art Lopez, said that PVS needs to be ready and willing to help, but that DCPR will have to start to take responsibility for the overall success of their program.

·         Bill Stephens feels we need to be the one to plant the seeds and teach them how to get these programs started.

§         #3 Promote Re-Establishment of a Summer Swim League in DC – It was suggested that DCPR should start on a small scale, by first building a support group of parents and coaches to work towards providing meet officials, coaches and others needed to support the operations of a successful league.

o        Long Term – 5 years – See report submitted from Sue Anderson, USA Swimming

·         Proposals Regarding PVS Investments:

o        Bill Stephens provided a report regarding his recommendations on December 3. The Audit Committee was asked to review the proposal. Their report was provided to the Board on December 9.

o        Background was given regarding the investment history of PVS and USA Swimming.

o        See Investment Proposal present by Bill Stephen, PVS Finance Chair.

§         The question was raised, “How do we know moving our money to First Western would be better than keeping it where our money Dain Raucher?” Stephens responded by saying that although we have had good results with Dain Raucher, he feels we will have the potential to be more successful by switching to First Western because USA Swimming is now with First Western and he feels that will help us get additional support from the Investment company.

§         Greg asked the Audit Committee to comment on this proposal: See the Audit Committee Report

·         John Hirschmann., Audit Committee Chair, explained that there are actually two dimensions to this proposal 1. Should we move the account

 2. How much should we move to investment accounts from CD’s which is where our money currently is? He then continued to summarize the Audit Committee Report.

§         In order to make more money, it will require more risk. Is that something we want? The proposal on the table is to invest $500,000 into a First Western Account. The Audit Committee feels this is too much money to invest and it far exceeds what is currently permitted by the investment policy approved by the PVS Board in March 2007. The current level is about $100,000. They feel the first step is to set the Investment policy, then to decide on the amount of the money.

§         Stephens does agree that we may need to proceed in this in small steps. The first step possibly should be to decide whether or not we are going to follow USA Swimming and switch management of funds to First Western, however First Western has different minimums as to what they require for active management.

§         Whoever we go with they have to agree to follow the PVS Investment Policy.

§         Proposal to follow USA Swimming and move all current investments from Dain Raucher to First Western as long as First Western will follow all of the guideline set forth by the PVS Board of Directors and our current Investment Policy. The motion was seconded, 4 voted yes, 7 abstained.

·         The Chair determined it is best to pull this proposal until the January Board Meeting. Bill Stephens and John Ertter will contact First Western and ask them if they will agree to follow the PVS’s current Investment Policy and report back to the Board.

·         In general, both companies are good and respectable companies and really the only reason there is to move to First Western is to follow USA Swimming.

·         Bob Vincent does feel that there is some comfort/value in switching to First Western. Does PVS feel comfortable moving and should be the consideration and is an important factor.


·         PVS Vision Statement: Jim Thompson presented a revised vision statement (second half of the third page); A motion was made to accept the vision statement as presented, seconded and approved. [The vision statement is now posted at the bottom of the home page of the PVS web site.]

o        All of the Board thanked Jim Thompson for all of his hard work on the PVS Vision Statement. It is greatly appreciated.

·         LEAP Project Update – See report on what the remaining items are that are needed to complete the final 12 steps.

o        With the approval of the Vision Statement, it can now be reported as complete.

o        We are still waiting and working on the revision of the By Laws to reflect the changed adopted at the May 2009 HOD meeting.

o        HOD Minutes should be done in the next day or so

o        There are 4 items needed regarding registration since the annual registration renewal process will be over by the end of December, these items should be able to be completed in early January.

o        The P & P is still a work in progress which Art is undertaking.

·         Safety Coordinator Position Description; A proposed job description for this position was prepared by Jack Neill. John Ertter is currently acting as the interim safety chair, but feels that there are some of the items included in the job description that may be difficult and daunting for someone who may be interested in the position. He suggested it not be adopted in its current form.

·         Proposed Equipment Purchase (best guess total cost $15,350).  John Ertter presented to the Board a list of proposed items to purchase. It was suggested that an entire set of new timing equipment be purchased immediately. The proposed set includes:

o        10 pads – suggest 72” wide

o        3 system test units

o        20 buttons

o        Extra 1 line scoreboard – Not critical

o        10 lane prime and back up harness

o        2 chargers for Championship Starters

o        3 new PCs

o        10 radios

o        Repair 3 SYS VI timing consoles

o        Repair 3 Infiniti Starters

§         Greg feels that we need to go one step further and order 2 sets and then find out what works and what doesn’t work and what needs to be repaired and move forward from there.

§         Greg then proposed that PVS purchase 2 full sets of equipment. Motion seconded.

·         Tim Husson feels that we may not need 2 complete sets – while acquiring two full sets, will certainly help, however he thinks PVS will be better served by finding out what works and what doesn’t work first.

·         This proposed list may not be exactly what we need.

·         The question of “How long does it take to come in once it is ordered?” was raised. The board was informed that most of items will come in within days.

·         John Ertter read an email with a recommended list of items that need to be purchased and/or repaired from the equipment manager, Jake McGrail. It was then discussed as to what the absolute most necessary equipment list is.

·         Bill Marlins proposed a friendly amendment that we purchase the above list as presented by John Ertter minus the scoreboard and PCs and increasing the number of radios to 20. The motion was seconded and approved. [All items were ordered and delivered in early January, except for the radios. Tim Husson and Dave DiNardo researching radios first. ]

·         2008-2009 Financial Audit is complete – see final audit report and associated letters. The Financial Officers and Audit Committee Chair both indicated they are comfortable with the auditor’s report.

·         Old Business: No old business

·         New Business

o        Summary of the College Knowledge Event: The event was held on October 31, 2009 at Howard University. Approximately 120 people (swimmers and parents) attended. It was a great success and many people want to do it again next year. Howard University has offered the use of their facilities again, in addition to the Athletic Director and Assistant AD for Compliance. Greg has asked Miriam Lynch and Art Lopez to work together to put this together and make it bigger and better next year. This will not just be for the “Diversity population” in PVS, it will be for all of PVS.

o        Greg made a motion that with the assistance of Miriam Lynch and Art Lopez, PVS host another “College Knowledge Event” in 2010 with an increased budget. The motion was seconded and approved.

o        Art Lopez commented that at the Diversity Summit at USA Swimming PVS showed very well and was very much a leader within the country on all Diversity issues. John Ertter also commented that there are many things that we in PVS that falls under the Diversity umbrella that we do not even notice we do.

o        Budget: John Ertter is beginning to work on the annual budget. He is planning to start to redo and organize the chart of accounts in the budget in a more logical fashion.

o        Sunday January 3, all interested Board Members are “invited” to come to Lee District during the January Distance meet to help with the equipment inventory and check. Greg will have a van available to move all the equipment from the storage unit to Lee District.

o        John Ertter presented a report to the board regarding increasing the event fees for all PVS Sponsored meets (Opens, LC Age/Senior, Distance & Champ meets).

§         The question was asked if he had taken into account increasing the “splash fee” instead. John Ertter commented that he has looked this as an option as well as several other options. John discussed two other primary sources of incomes (splash fee & registration fee) and indicated he felt raising entry fees would be preferable. PVS entry fees for sponsored meets have not been increased for several years while clubs have continued to raise their entry fees for Clubs sponsored meets.  The cost of running meets for clubs and PVS continues to rise due to pool rentals, equipment maintenance and other costs.

§         Bill Marlin commented that he would rather see the entry fees increase rather than a splash fee increase because he feels clubs are getting fewer and fewer services.

§         This will need to go to the House of Delegates for a vote and be made part of next year’s budget recommendation to the House. John Ertter hopes that the Board will support this and help get this out to the clubs that a event fee increase is potentially happening next year. He feels it is important for all Clubs to be told now, so they can build it into their own Club’s budget as they begin to prepare for the 2010-2011 season.

§         The purpose of this report is to get the information out on the table now. A straw vote was taken to see if the Board would be in approval of increasing event fees for all PVS meets by $1, all present board members were in favor.

o        Shark-Attack is a group of unattached athletes in Fairfax County and Woodbridge. They are looking to become a USA Swimming Team, but had been given incorrect information regarding how to go about becoming a registered USA Swimming Team. All swimmers are USA-Swimming registered and currently allowed to enter meets; however they all must be labeled as UNAT-PV for result purposes.

·         Reports

o        Athlete Reps- Greg previously asked the Athletes to come up with an “Athlete’s Vision Statement”. They have worked together and put something together, see attached. The athletes were commended for their efforts. There were asked to review it with other athletes for suggestions/endorsement, etc. If no further revisions are needed, it will be posted to the website. [It was posted to the athlete’s page in late December.]

§         The Athlete Reps were asked what meets they attended in December and for their feedback regarding the meets:

·         Danielle: went to Senior Nationals in Federal Way, Washington: she really liked the “new” starting blocks. The pool was great. She noticed that there were quite a few DQ’s especially in the IM on the back to breast turn.

·         CJ, participated in the Dolan meet. He felt it was well run; concessions were great, the swims are getting faster and faster.

·         Rick Curl had called Swimming World to come out and put the meet on Internet TV, which people really seemed to enjoy.

·         Tara also went to Dolan and thought it went well.

·         Greg stated that he noticed several “parent photographers” who were on deck. He was not sure if there are all registered or not, but feels we may need to come up with a policy regarding photographers on the deck.

o        Administrative – no report submitted

o        Webmaster Report – no formal report. USA Swimming is putting on a SWIMS training course in March and Tim would like to attend, but not sure it will work with his schedule will let us know in January. He would like to see a better procedure be put into place regarding getting equipment for running meets out to the pools and back again. The equipment at Takoma seemed to work better this past weekend at the Turkey Claus than it had in the past. Sean Link was present everyday at Takoma and provided great support during the weekend. Tim and Riley have worked on a process to computerize the Travel Assistance application process, but it is still not completed.

o        Finance/Accounting- no additional information

o        Operations Division – no report submitted

o        Senior Division – no report submitted

o        Age Group Division- see report submitted. For the upcoming IMX meet Bill has been given leeway to set the qualifying score to enter lower. Many of the other IMX meets that took place in November/December found they had to lower the standards in order to increase participation. It is felt that once this meet concept catches on the standard will be taken back up. Bill is looking at reducing the points to 1800.

o        Coaches Representatives –

§         Yuri: nothing to report. Felt the air quality at Takoma was better this year. Liked that at the Dolan meet parent were not allowed on the deck and that is was strictly enforced.

§         Manga: was at the Winter Classic and felt the meet went well, air quality was great

o        Officials – The participation of Officials was great at Dolan. There will be a few more clinics this winter and the Officials committee will discuss the staffing of the spring meets later.

o        Strategic Planning- nothing to report

·         Date for next BOD Meeting – January 18, 2010 at Overlee.

·         Adjourn