Minutes approved at the 2012 December Board of Director’s Meeting


Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting

Lee Graham Pool Community Center

7319 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA 22042

October 15, 2012

7:00 pm



·         Attendance: Riley Eaton, Bob Vincent, Paris Jacobs, Bill Marlin, Manga Dalizu, Scott Bryant, Emily Menard, Jim Garner, Mike Rubin, Tim Husson, Greg York, Brian Pawlowicz, Kurt Thiel, Miriam Lynch, John Ertter and Terri Marlin.

·         Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Riley Eaton at 7:00 pm

·         General Chair Comments – Riley Eaton:

o   Eaton expressed that in his first term as General Chair there were several tasks that he wanted to accomplish. While many things have been accomplished there are still things to do. One of the top priorities is to update the PVS Policies and Procedures.  Several sections have been updated, but we are still a long way from being caught up in making them all prudent and practical. There are still many things that are old and out dated that need to be changed. P & P should be the document that governs how we in PVS operate. A new plan is being formulated as to how update most efficiently.

o   We are finally making progress with our “equipment issue.” We would like to thank Brian Pawlowicz who played a significant role in establishing the new rental policies and made arrangements with Carrie Tupper and the University of Maryland to store and maintain all of the PVS equipment. Brian has resigned as Operation Chair and we would like to thank him for his service.

o   Swimposium was a great success. It was well attended and there were many great presenters. There were a lot of great meetings and everyone who attended seemed happy and felt that it went well.

o   PVS has been a hub of activity during the last 6 months. Several members of the PVS Board have spent a significant amount of time in various meetings with USA Swimming, trying to make sure they understand how PVS and the DC Metro area functions on a daily basis. After many meetings with USA Swimming, we feel they are finally starting to understand that PVS is different from many other LSCs in the country.

§  One individual who is on the lifetime banned list.

§  We have continued to be in the forefront of Safe Sport. We have a task force and a Safe Sport board member, which is ahead of the rest of USA Swimming.  Many other LSC’s are asking how we are doing what we are doing. Let’s keep up the good work.

·         Action Items

o   Motion to approve the June 13, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes and July 24, 2012 Conference call Board Meeting Minutes, seconded and approved.

o   Proposal to specify a minimum number of Marshals for PVS swim meets

§  USA Swimming Rules require Marshals to be in attendance at all swim meets, however they leave it up to the LSC’s to determine the number at each meet.

§  Motion that PVS Meet Hosts will provide marshals for all meets in accordance with USA-S rule 102.10.3. The number of marshals shall be determined by the Meet Director based on the ability of the marshals to cover the facility, but shall be no fewer than the following: 2 marshals per course for short course meets, 3 marshals per course for long course meets, seconded and approved.

·         Do marshals have to go through background screening? No, at this time in USA Swimming it is not required. While there are members that feel it would be prudent to have all marshals go through the background screening process, it was decided that at this time we need to focus on ensuring all meets have the required number of marshals first, then we will figure out the rest later.  

§  Amendment: If there is a separate warm up/cool down pool then 2 additional dedicated marshals shall be provided, seconded, approved.

§  The effective date would be January 1, 2013.

·         There was discussion as to what the possible penalties would be an/or how it will be enforced.

·         Motion to impose a financial fine of $100 per session for the inappropriate number of marshals on deck, seconded, defeated.

o   In order to monitor, Officials will include in their pass down/meet evaluation forms information regarding the use of marshal for each session

o   This is first and for most a safety issue.

o   The initial enforcement can be warm up will not start until there are the proper number of marshals on deck.

o   Arizona Swimming has a great on-line training that all marshals must complete prior to working on deck.

o   Proposals from September 23, 2012 Competition Committee Meeting: see report from Fall 2012 Competition Committee Meeting 

§  PVS Meets

·         Establish the 2013-2014 PVS Schedule –

o   October Open, October 18-20, 2013

o   November Open, November 8-10, 2013

o   January Distance, January 4-5, 2014

o   January Open, January 18-19, 2014

o   February Distance, February 9, 2014

o   18 & U Champs, February 21-23, 2014

o   SC Senior Champs, March 6-9, 2014

o   Junior Champs, March 6-9, 2014

o   14 & U JO’s, March 13-16, 2014

§  Motion to approve the 2013-2014 PVS Short course schedule as endorsed by the Competition Committee seconded and approved.

§  Club Meets

·         January 1 – March 31, 2013

o   MAKO - Winter Invite, GMU, January 5-6, 2013 (date change)

o   AAC - Senior Circuit #3, Washington Lee, January 12-13, 2013

o   MACH – Green & Orange Bowl, Madeira, January 12-13, 2013 (date change)

o   NCAP – Polar Pentathlon, Claude Moore, February 3, 2013 (date change)

o   OCCS – President’s Day Classic, WARF, February 9-10, 2013

o   FAST – Munchkin Mania, Fairland, February 10, 2013

o   PM, 14 & U JO Qualifier, Cub Run February 16-17, 2012 (date change)

o   AAC – Winter Gator Meet, Washington-Lee, February 23-24, 2013

o   SNOW – February Qualifier, Claude Moore, February 23-24, 2013

·          April 1 – August 31, 2013

o   YORK – March Madness, Oak Marr, April 12-13, 2013

o   SDS – Spring Sprints, South Run, April 20-21, 2013

o   MACH – LC Classic, Lee District, April 26-28, 2013

o   SNOW – SC Spring Classic, Claude Moore, May 3, 2013

o   SNOW – LC Spring Classic, Claude Moore, May 4-5, 2013

o   FISH – FISH Derby, GMU, May 4-5, 2013

o   MSSC – Early Bird LC, Fairland, May 4-5, 2013

o   MACH – May Mini Olympics, Madeira, May 11-12, 2013

o   PM – VA State LC Champs, Oak Marr, May 24-26, 2013

o   SNOW – LC Invite, Claude Moore, May 31 – June 2, 2013

o   FISH – June Invite, Fairland, June 8-9, 2013

§  Motion to approve the Club meets (and changes) for January 1, 2013 – March 31, 2013 and April 1, 2013-August 31, 2013, as endorsed by the Competition Committee Meeting, seconded and approved.

o   Eastern Zones ActionMotion to accept Emily Menard, HACC as Head Coach and Derek Young, AAC as Assistant Head Coach for the 2013 SC Spring Zone Meet, as voted on at the Competition Committee Meeting,  seconded and approved.

o   Establish the SC Zones Athlete Selection Process

§  It was recommended to the body that we elect the 2013 SC PVS Zone Team the same as it was in 2012 – i.e., based on the two fastest times for 13&Overs and the fastest 3 times for 12&Unders (limited to those swimmers eligible to represent PVS on the zone team and who apply to be on the team).  The selection period would start September 1, 2012 and end for 15-18 athletes at the conclusion of PVS Senior Champs (March 10, 20013) and for 14/Under athletes at the conclusion of PVS 14/Under Age Group JO Champs (March 17, 2013).  Times eligible for consideration would remain as in 2012. 

·         Relay lead-off split times do qualify for consideration (including those occurring later than the primary swim during meets occurring on the final weekend of the selection period)

·         Times from time trials do not qualify for consideration. 

§  Motion to select the 2013 PVS SC Zone team in the same manner as 2012, as outlined above, seconded and approved.

o   2012-13 PVS Travel Reimbursement criteria –

§  2012 Junior/Senior Nations – December 2012:

·         4 swims in PVS sanctioned meets from April 1, 2012 through the entry deadline, no requirement to swim the individual event in a PVS meet which is swum in Nationals for the meet where travel assistance is being requested. No Double Dipping.

·         Funding $250/swimmer for SC Jr Nationals with a total cap of $7,500.

o   Had to lower the total cap from$9000 to stay in line with the HOD approved budget.

·         Funding $450/swimmer for SC Sr. Nationals with a total cap of $8,100

o   Amendment from Bob Walker: if we exceed the cap, the power is given to the PVS Board of Directors to find the money in the overall budget to cover all the approved athletes, seconded and approved.  [This amendment is for all four motions regarding PVS Travel Reimbursement.]

·         Motion to accept the travel reimbursement criteria for the 2012 Junior/Senior Nationals December 2012, seconded and approved.

§  2013 LC Senior National (June 2013) –

·         4 swims in PVS sanctioned meets after Jan 1, 2013 through entry due date, with no requirement to swim the individual event in a PVS sanctioned meet.

·         No Double Dipping

·         Funding set at $450 per athlete with a cap of $8,100

o   Lowered the total cap from $13,500 to stay in line with the HOD approved budget.

·         Motion to accept the travel reimbursement criteria for the 2013 LC Senior Nationals in June 2013, seconded and approved.

§  2013 US Open (July 2013) – This is World Championship Trials.

·         4 swims in PVS sanctioned meets after April 1, 2013 through entry due date, with no requirement to swim the individual event in a PVS sanctioned meet

·         No Double Dipping

·         Funding at $250 per athlete with a cap of $4,000

·         Motion to accept the travel reimbursement criteria for the 2013 US Open in July 2013, seconded and approved.

§  2013 LC Junior Nationals(August 2013)

·         4 swims in PVS sanctioned meets after April 1, 2013 through entry due date, with no requirement to swim the individual event in a PVS sanctioned meet

·         No Double Dipping

·         Funding at $250 per athlete with a cap of $7,500

·         Motion to accept the travel reimbursement criteria for 2013 LC Junior Nationals in August 2013, seconded and approved.

§  Open Water Nationals -

·         Motion to accept travel reimbursement for Open Water Nationals with funding of $250/athletes, seconded and approved.

o   Disability Awards - There was a motion from the floor at CCM to change the awarding of the Disability Award to a male and female each year, as long as they both fit the minimum requirement.

§  Motion to approve the addition of a second Disability Award so there will be one male and one female, seconded and approved.

o   PVS Senior Champs – The following motions were made at the Competition Committee meeting regarding the structure of PVS SC Senior Championships.

§  #1- for the SC Senior Championships to allow for a break prior to the start of the 1000free/1650 free on Sunday for 15 minutes; the pool will be open for warm up and cool down with lanes 1 & * reserved for pace, seconded and approved.

§  #2 -  for PVS SC and LC Senior Championships the 500/400 Freestyle and the 400 IM swim the fastest 4 heats of women (slow to fast – circle seed top 3 heats), then the fastest 4 heat of men, in the same manner, followed by the remaining heats alternating women and men swimming fast to slow, seconded and approved.

§  #3 -  to mirror the USA Swimming Scratch policy for both the LC and SC Senior Championships and make the scratch deadline on Thursday at 6:00 pm, then Friday and Saturday 30 minutes after the start of Finals, seconded and approved.

§  #4 -  to limit the involvement of outside teams only to those who also allow PVS into their meets, seconded, defeated.

§   #5 - if the meet sessions for SC Senior Champs are less than 4 hours and 15 minutes after the entry deadline with 15 sec interval, then the warm ups will open at 7:00 am and the prelim session will start at 9:00 am. Finals war up will begin at 4:30 pm with the meet starting at 6:00 pm. If the meet sessions are less than 5 hours, but more than 4 hours and 15 minutes with a 15 sec interval, then the warm ups will start at 6:30 and the events start at 8:30am, second, approved.

·         Motion to approve the above motions regarding PVS Senior Championships as indicated and as endorsed by the Competition Committee. Note that #4 (limiting outside teams) was defeated, seconded and approved.

·         Equipment Operations Proposals

o   Terms & conditions for rentals of PVS Equipment

§  University of Maryland will store all PVS equipment. Carrie Tupper, the UMD Aquatic’s Director, has been hired  to be the equipment manager. Currently Carrie and Tim Husson, PVS Operations Chair, are working to create an up to date inventory of all equipment. Carrie will be able to monitor the equipment going out and coming in to ensure its functionality.

§   PVS will no longer deliver equipment for club hosted meet. The host club can pick up equipment the day before and must be returned the day after.

§  All pads must be taken out in pad caddies. Clubs will have to rent a truck to transport the pad caddies. They will not fit in any SUV and the equipment manager will not allow them to leave UMD without being properly transported.

§   PVS will continue to provide equipment for PVS meets, still working on establishing the delivery process for these meets.

§  For clubs with their own equipment, they will be encourage to use their own equipment, even for PVS meets and then supplement with PVS equipment as needed.

§  A concern was raised for the pick-up and return of equipment for clubs with Meet Directors and/or staff with other full time jobs.

§  One possible solution is to hire someone to do the pick-up and return for your club.

o   Motion to approve Carrie Tupper to serve as PVS Equipment Manager and storage of equipment at the University of Maryland Epply Rec Center, seconded and approved.

o   Proposal to provide a PVS Meet Equipment purchase subsidy for Sea Devils Swimming, seconded and approved.

·         $7250 for buttons and CTS, 50% by PVS paid through splash fees.

o   Status of e-vote to approve Junior Nationals and US Open athlete travel grants – All travel grants for Junior Nationals and the US Open passed.

·         Athlete representatives- Athletes Reps are needed to serve on all standing PVS Committees. Please contact the General Chair or Administrator if you have an athlete interested on serving one of the committees; such as Officials Committee, Finance Committee, Audit Committee, etc.

·         Reports

o   Executive Director – see report submitted

o   Athlete Representatives – No report submitted

o   Administrative – see report submitted.

§  There was a discussion on how to proceed with the policy of fines for unregistered athletes in October meets. A letter will be sent to all teams who had an unregistered athlete participate in an October Meet, they will then be fined and required to pay 50% of the total due as per PVS Policy,(PVS policy states the fine is $100 per incident, as per this discussion, $50 per incident will be due for any infraction in the 2012 October meets only). PVS will continue to split this revenue and send 50% of the fees collected to the USA Swimming Foundation ($25 to PVS and $25 to the Foundation).

o   Inclusion/Diversity – no report submitted.

o   Webmaster – see report submitted

§  Records chair has updated all PVS records after all Long Course meets.

§  New PVS computers for Championship meet.

§  The radios have been turned over to the equipment manager and will now be housed at UMD with the rest of the PVS equipment.

o   Technical Committee – see report submitted

o   Finance/Accounting –  see report submitted

o   Operations – see report submitted

§  There was a concern regarding which pool cannot fit the long pads. The Operation Chair will map out all pool that cannot handle the long pads to ensure the correct pads are matched with the proper facilities.

o   Senior Swimming – no report submitted

o   Age Group Swimming – no report submitted

o   Coaches Representative – From Swimposium: coaches would have liked to have had a more concrete plan for their track, but otherwise enjoyed it.

o   Officials – see report submitted

o   Strategic Planning – no report submitted.

o   Safety Committee – no report submitted.

·         Round Table Talking Points

o   New Invoice Process for Registration Billing

§  John Ertter showed an example of a new invoice that will be sent out to teams from the PVS Registrar for Athlete Registration. The goal is streamline the invoice/payment process for all Club and Athlete registrations.

o   Officials Background Screening – second round

§  The Board will proceed with all background screening renewals as they did for the initial background screening. They will reimburse Officials the fee once they have worked the required number of sessions and submit a reimbursal request to the PVS Controller.

·         Old Business excluding action items

o   Nothing submitted

·         Other New Business

o   Just received a letter regarding Bullying and technological bullying from USA Swimming.

o   Clubs now have 90 days to establish their own policy or they can adopt the one from USA Swimming. There is a lot of information in this letter. All clubs will have to post their policy and make sure it is visible on their club’s website.

·         Next meeting: Monday November 12, location to be announced.

·         Motion to adjourn, seconded and approved.