Meeting minutes approved at the December BoD meeting


Potomac Valley Swimming

Lee Graham Pool Community Center

7319 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA 22042

January 14, 2013

7:00 pm



·         Attendance – Voting Members; Riley Eaton, Bill Marlin, Bob Vincent, Jim Garner, Emily Menard, Scott Bryant, Tim Husson, Mike Rubin, Manga Dalizu, Brandon Fiala and Paris Jacobs via Face Time. Non-voting members; John Ertter, Greg York and Kurt Thiel. Visitors; Tom Ugast.

·         Call to Order & General Chair Comments – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by General Chair, Riley Eaton.

·         Action Items

o   Proof of Quorum to Conduct Business – It was determined that 11 voting members were present to form a quorum.

o   Approval of December 19, 2012 Conference Call Board Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the December 19 Board Meeting, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to approve the YMCA Reston as a new club in PVS, seconded and approved.

§  There are concerns regarding the certification of the head coach; however they have 3 months to complete all requirements and we have been assured that they will all be approved. USA Swimming has approved so there is no reason not to approve them.

o   Approval of January 9, 2013 Competition Committee Meeting Proposals – Motion to approve the recommendations set for at the January Competition Committee Meeting on January 9, 2013; including club meet dates, zone coaching staff, cap Zone staff at 8 (2 head coaches and 6 assistant coaches), adding the 400 IM to 18 & Under Champs as stated, and discontinue to the distribution of awards for the 12 & Under at PVS Open meets effective June 1, seconded and approved.

o   Approval of the policy for balancing entries for PVS Open Meets –

§  This year a club owner expressed concern regarding the policy and asked the Board to look at this policy. Several members of the BoD agreed the policy should be looked at for possible revision. Last month the Admin Chair, Sr. Chair and Sanctioning officer met and came up with the proposed policy (see attached proposed policy).

§  Asking this go into effect as of June 1, 2013.

§  One PVS club asked for their fees to be reduced to the updated entries after their club/site was moved to a different facility for the November Open; however there have been other teams affected and moved for previous meets.

§  Several members feels the fee should be removed because they feel the club is already inconvenienced and through no fault of their own have had to move facilities.  

§  Amendment to remove the fee assessed for a change of entries.

·         The club owner who was most recently affected by this felt that we should go back to the time when this potential change was brought to the attention of the BoD.  

§  Motion to approve the amendment to remove the $25 fee, seconded and approved.

§  Motion to approve the policy or the balancing entries for the PVS Open meet as submitted, seconded and approved.

·         If the Board wants to look at past meets that have been moved in the past then we can, but because of the financial impact, it would have to be in Executive Session. The board will continue to look at this.   

o   Eastern Zone March 28-30, 2013 SC Championships: PVS Team Planning –

§  See report submitted by Executive Director John Ertter, to address the overage of the zone team trip budget.

§  Admin Chair commented that she feels the current Zone Team coordinator has too much latitude regarding the budget. When she was zone team coordinator, she was required to report to the BoD if knew that she was going to over budget, and had to receive permission to go over the budget. Outfitting seems to be the biggest culprit of busting the budget, but is already being addressed.

§   A member asked if there ever been thought about creating a tier system for fees based upon the number of events each swimmer swims. Yes, but because they are on the same team, receive the same outfitting, travel and stay with the entire team it is necessary they all pay the same amount.

§  Motion to eliminate the bathing suit from the package and move it to the optional list, seconded and approved.

·         We will need to meet with Aardvark to see what has already been ordered for this year and what our current Speedo contract says in regards to providing suits as part of the sponsorship package. The meeting should include, at least; John Ertter, Dave Greene, Bob York and possibly Paris Jacobs. John Ertter was asked to coordinate a meeting with the parties recommended.

§  Coach’s room – If possible they should double up. However there is a concern regarding safety; coach rooms are often spaced out to flank all the athlete rooms.

§  Coach apparel – Only new coaches to the staff will receive the coach package.  

§  Busses – There is a concern regarding the collection of fees. Over the past few years, fees for Zones were still being collected as they entered the bus. We can not allow athletes on the bus if they have not already paid. Granting the “hardship grants” should be left up to the General Chair, not the Zone Team Coordinator.

§  All coaches compensation fees will be paid after the meet concludes and the coordinators fee will be paid once all administrative and expenses are turned in in a timely manner.  

o   Athlete Fees –Because of the changes proposed in apparel and other cost reducing efforts it is recommended that we keep the fees at $525.

§  Motion to keep the fee at $525, seconded and approved.

·         Reports

o   Executive Director – see report submitted

§  For insufficient Official’s funds, there is still one team that has not yet paid and/or responded to the recent letter. Nine out of the ten teams have responded appropriately.

o   Athlete Representatives – no report submitted

o   Administrative – see report submitted

o   Inclusion/Diversity – see report submitted

o   Webmaster – see report submitted

o   Technical Committee – Numbers are being run regarding JO’s qualifier and there are a lot of qualifiers, numbers appear to be similar to last year.

o   Finance/Accounting –  see report submitted

o   Operations – see report submitted

o   Senior Swimming – see report submitted

o   Age Group Swimming – no report submitted

o   Coaches Representatives – no report submitted

o   Officials – see report submitted

o   Strategic Planning – no report submitted

o   Safety Committee – no report submitted

·         Round Table Talking Points

o   It has been requested to have the Northern Virginia District meets Observed – PVS Policies states that PVS will normally sanctioned the final two meets in the progression for Observation (in VA that is Regionals and States). USA Swimming rules state that any meet in the Championship progression can be observed.

§  Historically we did not observe dual meets, due to poor officiating. Now most VHSL District meets are officiated by USA S registered Officials. 

§  Motion to allow any HS meet in the Championship progression to be allowed to be sanctioned as Observed meets, seconded and approved.

·         Old Business – no old business presented.

·         New Business

o   One of our Referees made a request that we add to our meet announcements a statement that gives the marshals and/or meet directors the ability to keep the parents off the deck. Carol Burch from USA S Risk Management has been contacted and we will wait for information from her as to what is required and/or suggested as a policy.

·         Motion to Adjourn, seconded and approved. Next meeting Monday February 11.