Minutes approved at the April BoD Meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting

Lee Graham Pool Community Center

7319 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA 22042

March 18, 2013

7:00 PM – Conference Call


·         Attendance – Riley Eaton, Paris Jacobs, Mike Rubin, Greg York, Tim Husson, Bob Vincent, Emily Menard, Manga Dalizu, Scott Bryant, Jim Garner, Bill Marlin, Merari Chollette, Art Davis and Kurt Thiel.

·         Call to order and General Chair Comments – Thank you everyone for joining us for tonight’s conference call.

·         Proof of Quorum to Conduct Business – Administrative Vice-Chair, Paris Jacobs determined there are enough voting PVS Board Members on line to form a quorum.

·         Approval of February 11, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes – Motion to approved the minutes from the February 11, 2013 Board Meeting, seconded and approved.

·         Club Meet Bids for PVS LC meets 2013 – Motion to approve the recommended meet hosts for the 2013 LC PVS meets from PVS Senior Chair Bill Marlin and PVS AG Chair Manga Dalizu, seconded and approved.

o   It was noted that currently there are no bids for the June LC Distance meet. PVS is now looking to move the meet from Wilson to Fairland due to the financial requirements to run a meet at Wilson. John Ertter will confirm with Fairland Aquatic Center their availability at which time we will move the meet. In the meantime a note will be sent to all clubs announcing the change of venue and a request for a meet host.   

·         HOD Meeting Planning

o   Nomination Committee – Motion to approve Art Davis as the Chair of the Nomination Committee, seconded and approved.

o   The Board positions up for election this year are: General Chair, Senior Chair, Finance Chair and the recently appointed Diversity Chair must be approved. All current individuals are able to rerun for their current positions.

o   Art Davis indicated that there are currently two on the ballot for General Chair, Riley Eaton (incumbent) and Bill Marlin and one possible for Senior Chair.

o   All written reports for the HOD will be due to the PVS Administrator no later than May 1, so they can be posted to the PVS website prior to the 20 day prior requirement.

·         2013-2014 Budget (see draft distributed to Executive Board, 3/14/13) –

o   We will use the current year (2012) budget as a model. At the time of this meeting there have been no comments, suggestions or changes requested for this year’s budget. Please send all comments and new ideas and motions to the controller, John Ertter and Finance Vice-Chair, Bob Vincent no later than April 1. So they can be reviewed and then discussed at the April 16 meeting.

o   In addition all BoD member reports for the April bod meeting will be due prior to the April meeting, so they can be reviewed by everyone prior to the meeting. At the April meeting we will primarily focus on the budget.

·         Eastern Zone Meeting Attendees – Riley is working on who he will be asking to attend the Eastern Zone meeting, an invitation will be sent out shortly.

·         Reports

o   Executive Director – see report submitted

o   Administrative – nothing to report

o   Inclusion/Diversity – see report submitted

§  The college knowledge event will be postponed until the fall. The Going for the Gold clinic at the PGS&LC will be held in April.

§  International Water Safety Day is coming up and maybe PVS can be more of a voice in this event. Something will be sent out shortly to all clubs with more information.

§  The Diversity Travel team planning is continuing there are currently 110 registrants. Riley and Merari met with the organizers and funds will pay for entry fees.

§  Met with Miriam regarding the EZ Diversity Clinic, if you have any questions please let her know.

o   Webmaster – cleaned up the Flash mail list to be used primarily by Terri, so we have a way to get information out to all the teams.

o   Technical Committee – nothing to report

o   Finance/Accounting – see report submitted

o   Operations – From an operational standpoint all PVS Championship meets went well. All equipment worked great for 18 & U Champs. At Sr. Champs 3 NAG records were broken and all paper work has submitted to the appropriate individuals at USA Swimming.

o   Senior Swimming – General Chair, Riley Eaton, commented that the concept to have JR and SR champs was so that the meets can run simultaneously at opposite sides of the pool. Given the numbers this year it appears we may have saturated this idea. We will need to seriously look at the format of this meet and/or move one of the meets.

§  Mike Rubin, the Sr. Champ Meet Referee, commented that with reasonable timelines they were able to open the competition pool for warm up cool down as needed; which made it work for this year.

§  It was generally agreed upon that we are going to have to look at the format of these two meets in the very near future.

§  Sr. Chair, Bill Marlin, commented that Sr. Champs was a great size, but Junior Champs was a little too big. We can trim the size a little or talk to CCM to see what they want to do.

§  OME continues to work well and Bill feels that we should continue to use it for the Jr./Sr. Champ meets.

§  Comments were made to possibly move 18 & U Champs and reformat so that the lower end from Junior Champs can be made to that meet.  

§  It was ask why 13-14 under kids can swim an event at Senior Champs and the same events at 14 & U JOs, but not Junior Champs/JO’s. This will be taken to CCM for comments and suggestions.

§  Next year we need to add into the Junior Champ MA that any athlete in Sr. champs cannot swim the same leg in a relay at Jr. Champs. This used to be in the meet announcements, but seems to have gotten lost over the years.

o   Age Group Swimming – see report submitted. Summary of JO’s. Everyone enjoyed being at UMD.  

o   Coaches Representatives –

§  Emily on Zones: want to suggest to have the zone deadline earlier so that there is more time to get all forms processed.

§  Emily will prepare a presentation on Zones

o   Officials – see report submitted

o   Strategic Planning – see report submitted, will discuss his report at a later date.

o   Safety Committee – no report submitted. There was an incident at JO’s this past weekend; it was handled so well by the employees at UMD that most in attendance didn’t even know anything was going on. However if we were at a different facility things might not have turned out so well. In short an individual was concerned about her grandchildren and called in a terrorist alert. Apparently the individual has a history of making false allegations. If there is more information to report Kurt Thiel will inform the Board at the next board meeting.

·         Round Table Talking Points

o   Kurt: Indoor Open Water Pool event. There is a possibility for PVS to piggy back on to an Open Water Pool event scheduled for April. How much does PVS want to be involved? We can simply e-blast the information out to all club, or we can get more formally involved by providing the event with a sanction. If we want it to be a sanctioned event it will cost us about $800 to help cover the rental.

§  This is a great opportunity for our athletes who have never had any OW experience. Events like this helps open doors and offer opportunities for our swimmers.

§  Bill Marlin is also working on an OW pool meet for next season. He is looking for a facility in Fairfax, but is unsure at this time when and where.

·         Old Business

o   Nothing Submitted

·         New Business

o   Paris Jacobs has the ballots from the Coach’s Reps elections at Champs. It was suggested that we look for a different way to hold these elections. We will add this to the agenda at the spring CCM.

o   So far PVS registration is nearing 11,000.

o   It was suggested that we start looking at the PVS Open meets and start thinking about if we want to continue to run them as they are or turn them over to the clubs. Again, this can be added to the agenda at CCM this spring.

·         Next Meeting: Tuesday April 16.

·         Adjourn. Motion to adjourn, second and approved.