Meeting Minutes approved at the June BoD Meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Lee Graham Pool Community Center

7319 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA 22042

April 16, 2013

7:00 PM


·         Attendance – Riley Eaton, Bill Marlin, Jim Garner, Greg York, Scott Bryant, Emily Menard, Mike Rubin, Paris Jacobs, Tim Husson, Bob Vincent, Merari Chollette, Manga Dalizu and Brandon Fiala. Non-voting members in Attendance; Kurt Thiel, John Ertter, Brian Pawlowicz, Tom Ugast.

·         Call to Order – The April Board Meeting was called to Order at 7:00 pm by Admin Vice-Chair, Paris Jacobs.

·         General Chair Comments – Our main purpose of tonight’s meeting is to discuss budget items and endorse the FY Budget to be taken the House of Delegates meeting in May for a vote. As a reminder if you need to add anything to your reports, please do so. If you have not submitted your report, please send it to Terri.

·         Action Items

o   Proof of Quorum to Conduct Business – Paris Jacobs confirmed that there are enough voting board member in attendance to have a quorum.

o   Approval of March 18, 2013 Conference Call Board Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve the March BoD meeting minutes, seconded and approved.

o   June Distance Meet – At this time both the facility and the host for the June LC Distance meet are uncertain. For the past two years the June Distance meet has been held at Wilson in DC. A permit was sent in a year ago, but was never acted upon. A new permit was sent in last month and was told that Wilson is having a hard time closing their pool for a full weekend. DCPR has offered Takoma. The PVS Board has previously made the decision not to use Takoma Community Center until they are able to address our safety concerns adequately, at this time they have not. Ertter has also contacted Fairland to see if they are available, but there is another tentative renter on Saturday. Therefore we do not currently have a pool. One club has offered to run the meet, but has requested to move the start time on Saturday back by one hour.

§  Another option/thought was to add the distance events on the back end of the AG/SR 1 & 2 meet; however this brings up two primary concerns; 1. Number of swimmers and timelines. 2. Finding a host for this one session.

§  It was suggested to run the meet on Sunday June 22 and then on Saturday June 29.

·         Will coaches really want to split this meet and have to take up two weekends for this meet?

§  If time is a factor, then it is suggested to remove the 400 Free and 400 IM from the meet.

§  If there is ample opportunity to swim distance events in club meets then do we really need to run the Distance meet?

·         Some feel it is too late in the season to cancel the meet.

§  John Ertter will contact Fairland again to see what days are available for the LC Distance meet. He will inform the BoD of the options and a final decision will be made. [on 4/23 Ertter informed the board that Saturday June 22 will not be available, our options now are; June 22 & 29, both events on June 22 or cancel the meet all together.]

o   HoD Meeting Planning

§  Nominating Committee Report – Art Davis, PVS Nomination Chair, reported that he has a full committee, Mike Rubin and Barb Ship have both agreed to serve on the committee. Several people have indicated they are interested in various positions; however we still need at least 3 more for BoR, one must be an athlete. We will hold the nominations open until the beginning of the May. Then a full report will be made.  

§  Athlete Delegates – We will need athlete delegates to attend the HOD meeting.

o   2013-2014 Budget – PVS Executive Direction and Controller, John Ertter presented the proposed budget for 2013-2014 (also see proposed budget summary)

§  At the end of this year we are going to end up with roughly a $91,000 surplus. With the same programs, the same meets and the same facilities being used for next year (13-14) we project an $83,000 surplus. The only change being suggested is to increase the hospitality per session amount from $250 to $300.

·         The question was raised; how did we go from a $20,000 projected surplus to $91,000? Ertter explained that due to the 11% growth this past (post-Olympic) year, our increased surplus was primarily due to registrations.

§  There is concern that we will not see an 11% retention, so $83,000 for 2013-14 surplus may be lofty. In determining the budget, John Ertter looked at the patterns for the post-Olympic years and made his projections in line with those patterns.

§  As PVS continues to grow the amount of money needed to run the association will also increase; however the percentage of what we spend will remain the same. 

§  It was noted that the larger than expected surplus was due to a combination of growth, increase in meet by double digit percentages and many cost saving measures by various members of the board and throughout the association.  

§  Travel is always a big budget item. John looked at all the National level meets coming up this next year and believes that his projections are in line with what we have done in the past.

§  It was noted that insurance fees will be going up in the future, please keep that in mind as we move forward.

§  Motion to endorse the budget package as presented to the Board, seconded and approved.

§  Diversity/Inclusion Proposal – Merari Chollette, PVS Diversity/Inclusion Chair submitted a proposal for new Diversity programing which will increase the Diversity/Inclusion line item from $10,000 to $27,000.

·         Merari explained that $12,000 would go towards a grant program, so clubs can submit a proposal for an outreach program to increase diversity/inclusion. According to P & P, there is a grant program available, so by increasing the overall budget we will simply be following P & P. If clubs meet the criteria, to be determined, then we would have the money to support them.

o   There were concerns regarding the $12,000 being proposed for this grant program. Where did the $12000 come from? Merari did some research and looked at programs that we already do and other LSCs in the country.

o   It was noted that there are grant programs offered through USA Swimming and the most that can be applied for is $2-3,000 and most applicants do not even receive that much.

o   Given this is a new program, there is a concern that $12,000 is too much of an increase in one year.  

o   Motion that we accept the proposal from the Diversity/Inclusion chair to increase the Diversity/Inclusion budget from $10,000 to $27,000 as submitted, second, and defeated (1 yes vote).  

o   The Diversity/Inclusion Chair was given a few minutes to review her proposal and resubmit.

o   Motion to increase the Diversity/Inclusion budget from 10,000 to $12,500 for 2013-2014, seconded and approved.

·         Open Water/Safety – Kurt Thiel, Open Water Chair and Safety Chair submitted a proposal to increase the budget amount

o   Motion to add an Open Water line item for $10,000, seconded, 

o   We have the population, and now have the ability to hold OW meets in the Potomac (within DC), so Kurt proposes that we increase the Open Water budget so PVS can begin holding OW events within our own borders.

o   We have the use of National Harbor and can look into reopening Pohick Bay, so the potential is there to ultimately offer several events per year between May 1 and mid-October. With wetsuits the season could even be extended.

o   It was pointed out that we do not need to include $2000 for an Open Water Official to go to a clinic, there is already money in the Official’s Committee budget for Official’s clinics.

o   The question was asked; is OW something that we are going to do in this LSC? The general consensus is yes, this is an area of growth for this LSC and for our athletes.

§  Motion to amend the amount requested for the Open Water Budget from 10,000 to 8,000, seconded and approved.

·         Capital Budget – The number that goes into the capital budget is primarily for new equipment. Each year we put $25,000 in the budget; and we spend it when we need it. So far this year we have spent just over $2,500.

o   Operations indicated they plan to spend at least $12,000 before we close out this fiscal year.

o   The board agrees not to change the number.

·         Reports

o   Executive Director – see report submitted

o   Athlete Representatives – no report submitted

o   Administrative – see report submitted

o   Inclusion/Diversity – see report submitted

o   Webmaster – no report submitted

o   Technical Committee – no report submitted

o   Finance/Accounting – see report submitted

o   Operations – no report submitted

o   Senior Swimming – see report submitted

o   Age Group Swimming – no report submitted

o   Coaches Representatives – see report submitted

o   Officials – see report submitted

o   Strategic Planning – no report submitted

o   Safety Committee – see report submitted

·         Round Table Talking Points

o   Eastern Zone Meeting Attendees (Athlete), Rooming Assignment – Reminder for those who were invited and are attending the Eastern Zone meeting that you are responsible for making your own hotel arrangements and picking your own roommate. All registrations have been paid by PVS. There is currently no athlete registered or attending.

·         Old Business

§  Paris is currently working on updating P & P to present at HOD.

·         Other New Business

·         Adjourn