Meeting minutes will be approved at the April meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

March 17, 2014

Board of Director’s

Phone Conference



·         Attendance – Bill Marlin, Brad Bowser, Manga Dalizu, Tim Husson, Jim Garner, Greg York, Merari Chollette, Mike Rubin, Trey McKula, Murphy Freal, Art Davis and John Ertter

·         Call to Order – The meeting is called to order at 7:03 by GC Bill Marlin

·         A proof of Quorum has been established.

·         Approval of February Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the February Board Meeting, seconded and approved.

·         Approval of Chair Reports and February Financials – Motion to accept the submitted board reports and the financial reports for February, seconded and approved.

·         General Chair comments – See report submitted. Also see Diversity Report and Officials Report

·         Old Business – There is no old business to discuss

·         New Business –

o   Nominating Committee (Art Davis) – Need to offer a motion to name the committee members

§  Can voting members be a part of the nominating committee? 2 Board members and 2 executive member are allowed. As long as they are not running for any positions.

§  Motion to approve the nominating committee of Riley Eaton, Greg York and Manga Dalizu as the members of the committee, seconded and approved.

§  Admin vice chair and AG Chair terms are up and PVS is seeking new nominations. Both Operations (Tim) and Strategic Planning (Jim G) Chairs are able to run for a second term.

§  For the Board of Review we will bring forth 5 names, which is normal for this cycle. However, we are still unsure of whether or not the BoR will go to the Zone level. It is felt that we need to move forward as planned until we hear differently from the zone

o   Hospitality request to refund additional fund reimbursement for JO’s –

§  Machine is asking for additional funds to support the hospitality budget from the 14 & U JO Championship meet, due to the increased number of people being fed during the meet.

§  Motion to approve the additional funds that were needed to purchase food for hospitality during the JO meet, seconded, Withdrawn.

·         Currently we are not sure of the amount needed at this time, will get numbers from Paris once they are calculated.

·         Does anyone feel there needs to be a cap or just a blanket approval? We do have a budgeted per session amount that seems to work well at Open and Distance meets, but apparently it is not enough for these larger championship meets (JO’s, Jr & Sr Championships).

o   A couple of years ago we did approve a higher amount of $300 or $350 per session, need to verify this amount.

o   Tim Husson noted that the meet was over 6,000 splashes, and the number of coaches and officials were significantly higher than many other meets.

o   It would be nice to find out the amount going over, with receipts.

o   Ertter will send the board an email when he receives the total from Machine with the total package.

o   Let’s approve this in concept and then do a final approval by e-vote

o   Recommendation that we approve this in concept, but wait for receipts from Machine.

·         Round Table discussion topics

o   March Championship Meets –

§  18 & U – We had 55 officials at the meet. At best guess, this is probably a few more than last year. From everything we have heard the meet ran well. Art Davis, the meet referee, indicated that the entire meet ran well.

·         Kurt Thiel had issues with inadequate supervision during warm up.

o   Saturday seemed to be “play time” during the warm up/cool down sides of the pool. As a result, Art Davis, reminded everyone that coaches must be supervising their athletes at all times. Things were better on Sunday after the reminders.

·         Manga will remind all the coaches during the spring CCM.

§  Jr. Champs – We were as well officiated as well as any Jr. Champ meet we have had. There have been some trouble staffing this meet due to the conflicts with Mini Champs; however this year we were more than adequately staffed. The Officials Committee were very pleased.

§  Sr. Champs – Senior Champs was also very well staffed. There were 81 officials with 19 Officials who received their National Evaluations (all PVS Officials).

·         We have come to the conclusions that for any meets at GMU doing dual course, we will have to do warm up in the competition pool during the meet and not just relying on the warm up/cool down pool.

·         There were issues of not receiving the timeline information in a timely manner from the meet host. It is felt there needs to be a better procedure for the meet host to distribute the needed meet information, Estimated Timelines, Psych Sheets, etc to the board, so that the proper board members (competition chairs) are aware of what is going on and can get the proper information out to the public in a timely manner.

·         As operations, Tim feels that there needs to be an addendum to go in the Meet Director’s handbook. This will be worked on and distributed when completed.

·         Bill added that he feels all Admin Officials/Referees also need to be brought up to speed on these procedures as to who makes the decisions regarding any changes to the meet and meet structure if/when the timelines warrant such changes.  

·         In the spring the CCM Chairs will discuss with the coaches for their recommendations as to how to structure Junior Champs. With the numbers rising and having the meet at GMU, our numbers need to be more limited and if we keep cutting down the cuts in Jr. Champs it is harder to get them to swim.

·         Many coaches are questioning the size and space. The use and needs for these meets will have to be discussed.

o   One suggestion is to try to do prelims for Junior Champs as a different pool and then just do finals with the Senior Champs. This might relieve the warm up/cool down pool and may keep from having to the cuts to be altered significantly.

o   Another suggestion is to go to CCM and ask the body if they want to continue running the 200 relays at Junior Champs. Right now we only do it for top 16 consideration. Is it still important enough to run them?

·         There is some issue with the fact that the 14 & U cuts are faster than the Junior Champs cuts. There was a lot of discussion regarding if we should have a stepping stone meet.

·         The Athlete Reps commented

o   Murphy felt that we should consider relocating, as there wasn’t a lot of deck space available, particularly for the smaller teams. Trey, agreed that warm up cool down in the competition pool between events is needed, as the warm up cool down pool was full.

o   Do they like it being in one meet or would you prefer to split meets. Trey commented that for the athletes who had cuts in both meets that it is nice to be able not to have to make a choice. Murphy seemed to favor splitting the meets.

§  JO’s – 111 officials worked at least 1 session of the 14 & U JO Champs. 20 Officials received evaluations. The 10 & U sessions were better staffed than any other meet in years. We had more than adequate staffing for all sessions. If these officials and swimmers are going to be around for a long time, then we will be in good shape. Tim Husson, Operations Chair, was pleased.

·         Manga commented that he felt the officiating ran extremely well. Thanks and great job.

·         There didn’t seem to be any over officiating. It was all very well balanced and even across the board.

·         When there are over 20 S & T and multiple chief judges, the lead officials make sure there is not any over officiating.

§  One comment regarding the scoring; for these larger meets, if we are only scoring 2 teams then maybe the C relay shouldn’t be in the final heat. It seems this would only affect NCAP and RMSC. There have been coaches who commented that it would have been nice for these other teams with relays that had the potential to score were at a disadvantage because they were not able to swim in the scoring heat. They are also looking at making the relay cuts more difficult, several coaches said they were able to enter quite a few relays, because the cuts are so simple.

·         Maybe there should be some checks and balances on ensure all the times are accurate.

§  In the past the relays used to be one at the beginning and one at the end. For the smaller teams many of the swimmers had to swim both and that was difficult on these teams.

o   April Board Meeting - Reminder that the April Board meeting is when/where the budget will be discussed. There will be some additional information sent to the board in the next few weeks. Since nothing has been added, changed, deleted, etc. it will be similar to in the past. It was then noted that there have been a few changes made and John Ertter will get with Bob Vincent on these budget item changes.

o   USA Swimming Officials Workshop will be May 17 & 18 in Pittsburgh. PVS can send one official and Tim has chosen John Kost from Potomac Marlins.

o   Greg will be going to BWI and Colorado for the Registration/Safe Sport Conference. Tim, Terri and Sumie will also be attending the Times/Registration Workshop at BWI in April.

o   Joe Rogers passed away last week. He was a long time past coach in PVS. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

o   April meeting: April 7 primarily dedicated to budget.

o   For HOD scheduled on Tuesday May 20. All items must be posted, as per our by-laws, at least 20 days prior. Please have your end of the year reports to Terri no later than Sunday April 27, so that it can all be posted to the PVS website on time.

o   The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.